US Soldier Tells Me He’s Been Living “The Worst Kind of Lie”

A man in the US Army sent me this photo of his LI(F)E tattoo just as the Iraq War was declared officially over. As this war was predicated on false information, I didn’t have to ask what he meant when he said, “I wanted to send you this because I’ve been living the worst kind of lie.”

Our brothers and sisters fight wars over seas and they’re told that it’s to preserve our freedom, but then they come home to see things like the National Defense Authorization Act have passed, stripping Americans of MORE civil liberties. The madness continues and Li(f)e goes on for now.

Please get home safe, sir.
-Uncle Frank

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cpl jaime pilcher says

ive been a SF fan since anticon , and i too serve in the army. In korea, kuwait , iraq and now afganistan. Ive spent 5 out of last 6 years away from my family in some shithole on the other side of the world. What Im saying is this ...get the fuck over it. If you thought you were going over their to preserve freedom then thats your fault for not observing the things around you ....We are fed lies by this machine on a second by second basis, so i think its insanity if you assumed this would be any diffrent. I went over there and am over here for the same reason...that no matter who you are or what you think you contribute to the cause... a piece of your soul must be sold because at the end of the day , we all have mortage to pay

publish, post or discard as you please

justan otherslave says

we are all enslaved to money...your freedoms been bought, just another slave taught(brainwashed) what to say,workin our life away..

wrote a hippypunkraprock song for valentines...rise up

this world is such a cruel place
greed,need...fuel the rat race
gettin sick of this life i know
lets change to-morr-ow

think about all the kids
make a better place for them to live
stop the selfishness and learn to grow
lets change to-morr-ow

you and me need to see
how to live together in unity
be a bigger person than you are
lets change for better

justan otherslave says

money and the power.....
asshole soulless people have it all already
our ancestors (good people) got overun years ago
suprised while they were chillin out fishin
lookin for the next place to have sex
jumped by a jealous asshole
there is no getting it back without a lot of ammo
death, and hate , the world is to far gone