“WAR OF WORDCRAFT” video and a salute to 2011

“World of Warcraft” Vs. “The Best of Times”

What better way to end my year than by offering up a video for “War of Wordcraft,” which is a parody of my “Best of Times” song.


A couple months ago a guy with the auspicious name of Bloodysic sent me the lyrics to this parody. He said he wanted to rap over the “Best of Times” instrumental and create a video for his WoW friends. I told him to record the vocals and I would put it together as best I could with the instrumental. Despite how it sounds, it took a long time to fix up the sound of his vocals while trying to get everything on beat (or close to on beat.) What we ended up with isn’t half as bad as I was expecting. Or maybe it is considering how BloodySic fell off the grid after I showed him the end result. I then put out an APB for people who could put together a video that mimicked the original video as quickly as possible. A man named DesignByPete jumped in and saved the day. Hope you like this. It makes me laugh at least.

Good humor is going to help get me through this next year. For reasons I’m not at liberty to explain just yet, I will be in South Africa throughout the month of January and I hope to come home with a lot of great stories to share. Despite my permanent hiatus from touring, 2011 is looking like it’s going to be insanely busy. Tons of writing, recording, producing, and collaborating with friends to ensure that Strange Famous Records remains a force to be reckoned with in the independent music world. Expect new albums from almost every single artist on our roster (including the newly signed group, Metermaids!) 2010 can crawl back into whatever hellish cave it came from and die now.

Uncle Sage



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Nilotic says

Lmao. This is great! Never played WoW, but this was pretty funny.

Excited for 2011! The world ain't ready.

mayra says

"2010 can crawl back into whatever hellish cave it came from and die now" I couldnt had said it any better! Good luck in South Africa Sage!!!
Ek es lief vir jour!!!! haha

Hugo says

By the way, when Cataclysm happened, it truly was the end of the world... Hahaha! Best video to close 2010.

zach kupec says

Hahahahaha! Aww man I have a big WoW freak who would die over this video! I myself got more than one kick out of it. Aside from complements here goes well wishes to sage in south afrika. Best of luck in soul searching