Unlocking the Truth

It’s amazing for me to see these kids who are my dynamic opposite be motivated by the same thing I was when I started rapping. Interesting to note…hip-hop is the norm these days which, according to everything I learned as a kid, makes it the thing to rebel against. Of course, when I say “hip-hop” I’m basically talking about the general public’s understanding of it…according to whatever is force fed to them via mainstream channels. These kids are me in 6th grade in some strange but familiar parallel universe. It’s bugging me out.


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Nick Acosta says

Good for them.

It will be interesting to watch them over the years. I know I flip flopped from the old school stuff like slick rick and the get fresh crew which transitioned to me listening to mainstream hip-hop of the 90's. I then decided I didn't like it and switched to stuff like Coheed And Cambria and At The Drive In. I even went on a hardcore kick at one time.

While I still hold memories of all that stuff, I dug a little deeper and stumbled on you by chance Sage, and from there, I have been going back in time to the birth of Hip Hop and back. Hip Hop as a culture has enlightened me more than anything else in life and for that, it has me forever.

My dad also doesn't mind throwing on some Planet Rock every now and then haha, and that is something we will be able to share forever.

Jared Baker says

It would've been nice to think on their level at their age. Hope they do great things!