LI(F)E album: artwork by the legendary Shepard Fairey

The new album Li(f)e by hip hop iconoclast Sage Francis is an impassioned and timely critique of cultural hypocrisy and organized religion. The record’s cover art has been created by renowned artist and illustrator Shepard Fairey who first gained notoriety with his “André the Giant” street art and later with his iconic Obama “Hope” poster. For the cover of Li(f)e Fairey has employed his distinctive agitprop style to create a suitably provocative image of an unwavering and winged Francis caught in the crosshairs as flames rise beneath him.


Musically Li(f)e is refreshingly unique. Francis’ biting and sardonic wordplay now further empowered by talented musicians including producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine) and Jim Becker and Tim Rutili of acclaimed Chicago outfit Califone.

Francis has also enlisted a roster of uniquely talented songwriters including ex Grandaddy frontman Jason Lytle, Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie, Tim Fite, members of Calexico, DeVotchKa, and Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse – each of whose compositions were then interpreted by Francis and the band. The result is a challenging and defiantly honest new album from an ever evolving artist.


Sage Francis will be performing songs from Li(f)e at the upcoming South By Southwest Festival on THURSDAY March 18 at The Independent, 501 Studios, 501 Brushy Street at 12:30 am.

Francis will then be embarking on a North American tour beginning with B. Dolan and Free Moral Agents starting this May.

Sage Francis Tour Dates:


SXSW @ The Independent on Thursday, March 18 at 12:30 a.m.

Cambridge, MA – Middle East – 5/12/10
Burlington, VT – Higher Ground – 5/13/10
Portland, ME – Port City Music Hall – 5/14/10
Ottawa, ON – Ritual Nightclub – 5/15/10
Toronto, ON – The Opera House – 5/16/10
Detroit, MI – Alvin’s – 5/18/10
Chicago, IL – The Bottom Lounge – 5/19/10
Milwaukee, WI – Turner Hall – 5/20/10
Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue – 5/21/10
Columbia, MO – The Blue Note – 5/22/10
Denver, CO – Gothic Theater – 5/24/10
Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge – 5/25/10
Missoula, MT – Badlander – 5/26/10
Edmonton, AB – The Starlite Room – 5/28/10
Calgary, AB – Distillery – 5/29/10
Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore Cabaret – 5/31/10
Seattle, WA – Showbox SoDo – 6/01/10
Portland, OR – Berbati’s Pan – 6/02/10
San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore – 6/04/10
Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst – 6/05/10
Los Angeles, CA – HENRY FONDA THEATRE – 6/06/10
Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up Tavern – 6/07/10
Pomana, CA – The Glass House – 6/09/10
Tempe, AZ – The Clubhouse – 6/10/10
Tucson, AZ – Club Congress – 6/11/10
Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater – 6/12/10
Dallas, TX – Granada Theatre – 6/14/10
Austin, TX – Mohawk – 6/15/10
Houston, TX – House of Blues – 6/16/10
Orlando, FL – Club at Firestone – 6/18/10
Atlanta, GA – The Loft – 6/19/10
Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle – 6/21/10
Washington, DC – Rock and Roll Hotel – 6/22/10
Baltimore, MD – The Ottobar – 6/23/10
Philadelphia, PA – Trocadero – 6/24/10
New York, NY – Webster Hall – 6/25/10

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Shane says


NiloticWords says

So fucking excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely be there when you come to Chicago! It's gonna be epic!

mason french says

I will see you in Pomona, sir.

Kham says

the wings on your ears makes you look like a goat.
do you have any covers that dont have you on them?

Gorno says

WTF!!! No date in Saskatchewan? Give Regina and Saskatoon a chance!

McWayne says

If I drove down to Carrboro and hit the shows back up to NYC would that make me a stalker? Uh, just asking... you know.

Also, can't thank you enough for NOT touring with what I think may have been the vilest collection of d-bag wannabe punk bands ever but will thank you for making fun of them.

DriveByBodyPierce says

Sage - Pittsburgh needs you here. Seriously, we're in trouble. Don't hold Asher Roth against us - we laughed him off. Ask him.

We can pay you in sleeping bags lined with CASH. Deal?

Theriac says

Yo, I'll see you in Otown my friend. It's been awhile since you've been down to florida. the last time I saw you was in Orlando with Against Me! We love you down here, and you should think about coming to St. Petersburg. You've got a lot of fans here and theres some cool venues right on the water. Keep doing what you do man cause you're great at it., and B Dolan too. This is gonna be a great show. See ya 6/18

Milly Vanilly says

Juggalos will see you at the ottobar!!!

Matt Skirving says

I am so excited to find out that your Chicago show is on my birthday! I cannot wait, what a wonderful suprise!!!

Bob says

What about Pittsburgh PA? You gonna make a stop here?

Colin says

So the first time you come to Santa Cruz, it has to be on the same day as my graduation. Ah, it's no fair. How about you come as the guest speaker instead. There will be a huge crowd, and you can rock that shit. That will definitely make the years I spent studying worth it, ha.

I'm very excited for the album. Can't wait!

knox says

I agree with Gorno, Saskatchewan has a great hip-hop scene and it is disappointing that you have decided to skip us by. I think Sage owes Saskatoon a visit after his mediocre 4 song show with the brutal Rise Against.

sage says

Hey Knox,
I put on a half hour set during one of the most nightmarish tours of my life. It was not fun, it was not easy. I don't owe Saskatchewan sheeeeeyit. :-*

Sam says

Can't wait to see you guys again. I am thinking about bringing some CD's for you to sign, I've got 3 signed and it would be cool to get the rest signed, would that be a little much if I brought you 3 more CD's to sign?

stephen says

Why no RI date?

Jaclyn says

I've been waiting for this moment all my life. Thank you. See you in Ottawa, TO, Vancouver, and Seattle... oh I'm coming to them all... Just look for the lone girl near the front of the stage whose eyes are soft with awe and gratitude.

B. Dolan- we'll meet again!

Matt says

Bought my tickets this morning, can't wait to finally see you on stage! Gonna be an incredible show at the Gothic! I for one am very glad to see Denver on the tour list!


You also forgot BOISE, ID! There is too much of a fan base to skip us out here. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSE, muchlove

Jay says

Thank you for coming to Detroit, you see at the show!

NiloticWords says

Heyo, does anyone know when tickets go on sale for the Chicago show? I've been checking ticketmaster and but nothing is available yet. I need to get them!!!!!

Ponpon says

What about Montreal? It's so near to Ottawa, it be nice to see you again. Your last stop was with Rise Against and your set was way too short! Barely an half hour and the band (Thursday I think) right after was not so good. . .

Anyway, I just can't wait for that album!

Brennan Barber says

So glad to see Carrboro shows. How is it we get so lucky every year.

wvhickfuck says

i'm going to miss ottobar show. fucking dagger. but I'm traveling through the west in early june, might catch the show in Portland. Sage Francis, Bill Hicks, Hagbard Celine and Alex Jones are the same person sent here from Fernando Poo to destroy Christian Science reptilian porn. bastard(s).

robert says

hell yea!!! ill be there in pomona!! cant wait to see u burn a mic! stay up dog!

Nathaniel says

I don't like my chances but still, I'm gonna keep doggin' you 'till you do!

Come to Aus!


Nathaniel says

Australia, that is. :/

Craig Mooney says

Really looking forward to the album. Disappointed that there's no news of you coming to Scotland yet though. Make it so.

dbehan says

Sage! I can't wait to see you in Denver! I'll be the one...or one of the ones in the front row with dreads and a beard, haha. I hope everything goes really well for you on the tour man, you deserve it. One Love!

Chri$toph says


just a thought......

Matt says

Been 2 1/2 years since I last saw ya on tour with Against Me in STL (shaking your hand and the subsequent autograph is still one of the greatest moments of my life), and I can't wait to make the drive to Columbia this time around. I do have one question though, ticketmaster only lists you (and not the live band and B Dolan) on its page but the Blue Note website does say the whole crew will be there, so I just wanted to make sure everyone will be there in Columbia. Thanks as always for everything (the tour, the album... well just everything).

madyson murphy says

yeah fricking rights! i have been waiting to see you live since 1999 when i first started the love affair with your music!!!! i just moved out to eastern canada so see you in toronto! big ups on the new albumn.

nagem says

is the show in la 21+?

sage says

Not totally sure what the age limit or any other details are. You'd have to check with the Henry Fonda Theater. Sorry about that.

nagem says


Javier says

No dates in Montreal ? Whats that all about ? Ottawa but not Montreal ? Hummm... I've been to 3 Sage shows in Mtl and they we're all a success (i think)... Anyhow i'll try to go to the Ottawa show but i'm pretty sure a Montreal show would have been better... sorry OT people !

charles says

mark linkous wrote for this album? wow. oughta be a rollercoaster.

baker says

No room to add a second show this time in Denver.. ;-)

Zan says

Hell yeah coming to NC

Ashley says

finally santa cruz!! two days after my birthday. couldn't ask for a better present.

AC says

Sage Kills!!!
If u havent watched the freestyle vid in austin
u r missin out

AC says


Sean says

Get yourself to England. Dolan made it here, and he wore a cape! No excuses sir.

Jabel(Saskatchewan) says

Where do i check if there are age limits for the Alberta shows?
You don't like saskatoon?:O why not give yorkton saskatchewan a show :P

Jabel(Saskatchewan) says

just jokes not alot of people appreciate good hip hop in yorkton.

sage says

Please check with the club about age limits. I don't have that specific info just yet. Also, I hope the towns or cities that we aren't playing don't take it personally. As you may notice we have two months worth of touring tightly packed together. Get your tickets ahead of time because we fully expect these shows to sell out!

VeganPhreak says

Sage,You spend enough time with a pen and paper creating such amazing lyrics,just take 5 more mins of your time,to put some squigles and doodles all over the cover...ANYTHING but showing us how you approve of such a naive admitted propagandist...I OWN Every one of your records store bought,But i will NEVER give Shepard Fairey a single penny,And more and more of my fav artists are headed down the same blind cliche path...BRING BACK THE ART!!!

Sage says

To the guy above, you're out of your fucking mind. In more ways than one. Take a hike, buddy.

Shawn C says

you should look into coming to windsor ontario canada, been hoping for a show near by, passport at the border thing screws me! anyway just puttin it out there.