Slow Down “Ghandi”

I often receive messages from US soldiers from over seas. Sometimes they tell me how they feel like they were tricked into the service. Mostly they tell me about how they can’t wait to get home. Some of my friends from school have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It always makes me wonder how they perceive my music or my message. Ever since 9/11 I’ve been on an anti-war crusade, and that reflects in my music. However, art is always left to interpretation and sometimes people interpret my lyrics in ways I never intended. That’s not “right” or “wrong”…that’s just how it goes.

That being said, I’m very careful about the type of energy I throw out into the ethersphere when it comes to my art. I know that ambiguity can work against me, but sometimes there just isn’t any plain way of saying something without it being a 30 page term paper that no one would ever read. For the record, my song “Slow Down Gandhi” is about fly-by-night activists who get caught up in political fervor every election year and then they fall by the wayside when the party is over. Those people annoy me to no end and it’s a big reason why meant so much to me. At the risk of being a broken record, the motto stands true…”You vote with your wallet every day.”

Recently I received these photos from a soldier in Iraq. I assume it was meant as some sort of homage to my song or the idea of my song, but I can only hope that the homage is for the intended purpose of the song.

Dear Barack…bring ’em home.


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Inedible Condiment says

I wonder if "slow down Ghandi you're killing 'em" gives some soldiers a vision of a righteous freedom-fighter doing such great works at such great speed that the world can't keep up, and so those who don't understand their greatness beg them to slow down.
Maybe not. To be fair it took me w few listens to understand that song (if I can claim to understand, which is subjective I suppose). Must be werid to have people quote you on the other side of the earth.

G-Tats says

Sage, never stop.

Simp says

I´ve been listening to "slow down ghandi fo about a hundred times and to me, the meaning of the song changes for wich mood I´m in..
But EVERY time it makes me wanna change something with my life for the better, politics or wich brand of food I buy.. I´m not from america and maybe not as good at the english lanuage to understand it, but it means a lot to me.

peace out..

joris says

weird pictures

Slow down Ghandi is an amazing song. Maybe it is your best song. It expresses all the anger and fear i have been feeling the last years.

(The West Memphis 3 lost paradise... never heard of them before i heard you're song...)

dj-profit says

Maybe this is put their to remind them of the fake ass politicians who themselves are "fly-by-night activists who get caught up in political fervor every election year". People like them are playing games with human life and have no real concepts of what it means to sit in the middle of Mr.Bush's personal war on Iraq. Maybe if more of the politicians we elect do come through on promises these cats would be home right now going to on of Mr.Francis' concerts!!!!!!!!

djsavure says

The govt. just deregulated AIR! I got it for cheap! Best quality air around! We got all the great Athletes and Musicians using our product!!! Why settle for the Earth's generic brand? Breathe the best...'HOTAIR'!!!!!!!!

albinored says

Wish I knew more about politics and religion...I hear people talking it up everyday yet tend to stay out of the conversation due to the embarassment of my ignorance. Maybe that should change.

albinored says

albinored says


Denver_Shaun says

I have always thought this song to be Sage Francis mocking me for my beliefs as we'll as him speaking for my friends with the line, "Slow down Ghandi you're killin em." As if Even I don't tire from hearing myself "preaching" my "paranoidal" views on politician's and the perverse punk shit they pull.
"Keep the girls from losing interest."...... I can only recall a handful of times I allowed my mouth to cockblock me..... and at this altitude, (one mile above) only the clinically crazy chicks get turned on by the rants of a "birther" barkin "Bush did it!"
As for Our "mother Fuckin brothers and sisters".... Too many of the pics I've seen are of confused soldiers carrying the flag draped caskets of the fallen, and I know these kids were maybe six that morning in September, when two planes took out three buildings..... And the other pair evaporated into thin air upon touching down. But, [b]Sage[/b]... if they have an ear to listen to your works, I think that our youth on the battlefields will be blessed with a bit of understanding seeded by the sincerely spit spoken speech of the seasoned veteran.....the warrior for the People,..... General Francois, Thank You for your service.