SFR screenprint poster, podcast download, and RSS feeds

We should have these SCREEN PRINTS available for sale by Friday for the RI show.

SFR Showcase screenprint poster

SFR Showcase screenprint poster

Pete from a crew called Ghost-Town designed these for us and asked if he could print some up. He has a poster print place across from our office. The posters they do are sick. So big ups to him for putting this together on the fly.

there will be 200 limited prints, signed and numbered by Pete. Whatever we don’t sell at the RI show and the SXSW show will go up for sale on the website.


1) RSS feeds are now operational so subscribe to the artist blogs.

2) Almost every SFR artist has written a blog now. The one that has caused the biggest stir is B. Dolan’s open letter to Justin Timberlake. I think it’s brilliant in ways that haven’t even been discussed yet. JT fans think otherwise, but they’re entitled to their own opinion. Also, fuck em.

3) Here’s a free download of a SFR podcast that hasn’t even been POSTED yet. I’m giving this for free right now just to see who is or isn’t checking these blogs out:

It’s available only for a limited time, but we will be making each podcast downloadable from time to time. Stay updated, foo!


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rebecca says

Thanks sooooo much for the podcast. I would like more of them! Its so refreshing to hear my favorite escape artist while Im at the gym. I mean, I know everyone else has some JT or Fall Out Boy or some crap. Thanks for making me feel special. Keep up the love.

shaunwiseuhearmme says

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shaunwiseuhearmme says

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aaamanda says

These posters are insane. They look even better in person, and they're HUGE. Pete did a great job.