Portland and Seattle…we’re storming your castle.

The METERMAIDS (freshly signed to SFR) have been added to my Portland and Seattle shows this September! Not only that, but Seattle’s own Sadistik will be opening for us in both cities. I will be headlining and performing a 90 minute set which will consist of songs from my entire catalog. Old and new. Full details posted below:

Sage Francis w/ the METERMAIDS Sadistik
$18 advance / $23 day of show
Click here for tickets!

SEATTLE, WA on Sept 22 at NEUMOS
Sage Francis w/ the METERMAIDS & Sadistik
$18 advance / $20 day of show
Click here for tickets!

For a list of ALL upcoming SFR shows click here.


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rob says

you'll already be over here. if logistics are a problem, i have a dj nospinzone you can borrow.

sage says

What do you mean I'll already be over there?

Shelby says

Frustrating that there's an age limit, fuck. I wanted to see you so bad man, hope you come to the west coast of Canada soon, preferably on the mainland. Too difficult to get over to Victoria or I would be there in a heartbeat. Much love Sage, much love.

» Blog Archive » Download: @Metermaids- Billy Mitchell Presents @SleighBells says

[...] To support the album, Metermaids will also be taking their show on the road this fall. They will be opening up for a portion of Sage Francis’ tour in Portland, Oregon on September 21st and Seattle, Washington, on September 22nd. For more details on both shows, check here. [...]

NathalieWith1H says

My ticket says "all ages"...Is it not all ages? Doesn't matter to me but I've seen a lot of posts from kids saying they can't go because of the age restriction.

Ryan says

The amazing guy you brought up on stage with you in Portland, who was in a black shirt and red tie. Who is he? I want to hear more of what that man has to say. He blew me away. Great show by the way. I loved that the venue was so small. I had a clear view the entire time and really liked the set...I just wish you would do Sun Vs. Moon live sometime. Oh and I like nature more than graffiti too! We should hike to Bagby sometime. The hot springs are wonderful!