Sage Francis plays Madison, MPLS, Chicago – FEB 2012

What better way for the midwest to spend their Valentine’s Day Weekend than with SAGE FRANCIS (accompanied by Kristoff Krane  & Metermaids!)  THESE SHOWS WILL SELL OUT, SO GET YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME!

CHICAGO UPDATE Dark Time Sunshine has been added to the bill!

Feb 16Madison, WI – HIGH NOON SALOON – Tickets at:


Feb 18Chicago, IL – BOTTOM LOUNGE- Tickets at:


If you are on Facebook, the events page for this tour is HERE. Please “attend” and share this event with friends. Thank you!


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andrea henderson says

Come closer?

I'm sure you get lots of these types of request, but....



abe gordon says

yeah, we're eagerly awaiting your arrival in New Mexico... with the same crew, would love to see Kristoff Krane and the Metermaids... And that's hollarin atchya boy!

ryukochan says

More dates please? Oklahoma City's not that far away ;)

Travis Strenge says

This event is going to help me cross one more thing off my bucket list! Lord knows world peace ain't gonna happen anytime soon, I gotta take what I can

Jordan says

I second the Ohio bid. Toledo just had a Coolio show. There were about 77 people there.

Eric says

Saw you twice in MI, but.. please consider Ohio!

Kathryn says

Sorry about that drunk bustard in Omaha, I understand why you wouldn't want to come back however I would much rather make the pilgrimage to Denver than Chicago...

dustin says

Another request for OKC. . .

andrea says

Come to Detroit...they need to film the police like nobody's business!

lee "Un.D-F1nD" cage says

you need to come out to pueblo, CO i would love to see you here in my home town!!! you are well respected by the underground hip hop community here. plus it would be nice to talk about your views on what's happening with the whole 2012 bullshit and what government is really trying to do to us.

MattC says

Yes I'm another that likes the idea of you visiting Ohio. That would be just greatness. Consider this Sage.

PeezerFOsheezeR says

How are you going to do a midwest tour and not hit Detroit

PeezerFOsheezeR says

btw ohio sucks go blue