A Sage Francis painting and a United miracle.

I just wrapped up 3 shows in the northwest. I was joined by the METERMAIDS and Sadistik in Seattle & Portland. We also had guest appearances by Oldominion homies, SLEEP and Onry Ozzborn. My last show was in Victoria, BC which is where I acquired the 36″x48″ canvas painting displayed below. 

A mysterious gentleman handed me this magnificent work of art (based on a photo taken of me in 2003) as soon as I stepped off stage at approximately 2 AM. I had to be at the airport by 4 AM so there was no time to ship it home or get it properly packaged. I reluctantly checked it in as “oversized luggage” with United Airlines despite their reputation for mishandling luggage. 17 hours, 3 flights & 2 countries later, this painting was the FIRST item to pop out on the conveyer belt…COMPLETELY IN TACT. Props, United. Props, props, props. As for this painting, I never got the artist’s name. If anyone knows who he is then please tell him how appreciative I am of what he entitled “The Hierophant.” Not only is he a great visual artist but he apparently has a hell of a vocabulary. And, yes, this beast looks fantastic in my living room.

UPDATE: Thanks to people reading this blog I was able to track down the name of the painter. His name is Brian James Hughes Coutts. A very talented & generous man right there.


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