Sage Francis “makes it up” to Portland and Seattle

The Metermaids and Sadistik have been added to both shows! Details below…

Portland and Seattle...this kiss is for you.

In 2010 I was in the middle of my LI(F)E Tour when I received word of my father’s passing. Due to this horrible news, I cut my Seattle show short and canceled the Portland show in order to fly home and attend the funeral services. Since that time I haven’t heard the end of it from people in these territories, so a little more than a year later I’m coming through on a promise to do the make-up shows.

Sage Francis w/ the METERMAIDS Sadistik
$18 advance / $23 day of show
Click here for tickets!

SEATTLE, WA on Sept 22 at NEUMOS
Sage Francis w/ the METERMAIDS & Sadistik
$18 advance / $20 day of show
Click here for tickets!

For those who were unable to catch my Colorado shows last weekend with the Metermaids and B. Dolan, you missed some incredible performances. One of the shows had us performing in front of a rolling river. We upstaged the shit out of that beautiful river. The full list of my upcoming shows can be found here, but to ensure you don’t miss any updates please sign up for the newsletter on the homepage of

Sage Francis and the Metermaids performing "Bad Things" off their upcoming Rooftop Shake LP


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Lindzay Haxby says

I'm not gonna give anyone hell when it somes to family, so you needed to cancel a show in portland, I live in oregon, not angry not bitchy glad you got to be there for your family

sage says

Thanks Lindzay. Not everyone was as understanding but most were. I intend on putting on an extra long performance just to make up for the prior cancelation.

Shawn Murray says

This is incredible news. Sage, you're a real trooper for coming back to Portland for all your fans here. Can't wait to see ya for a fourth (and hopefully not a last) time. If I bring a Godzilla action figure, will you autograph it for me please?

Aphyr St. James says

Hey Sage its Aphyr, Kind of Cosmic Productions... just wonderin how long your going to be here?

Rachael Nelson says

So if we bought tix to the show at Berbati's, do we have to buy tix to the show at Roseland?

Rachael Nelson says

TicketsWest said I could use my ticket for the June 2, 2010 show at Berbati's for the show at Roseland on September 21st, 2011.

Benjamin says

I don't know who TicketsWest is, but when the June 2nd show was cancelled last year, all of the people who bought tickets were refunded their money. There was no plan to re-schedule the Berbati show. So, long answer long, I don't really think the Roseland is going to honor tickets from another club that are over a year old.

Rachael Nelson says

Well, I guess I will just buy tickets again to the same show I already paid for. I'm made of money so that's okay.

I guess the whole reason I called TicketsWest was to find out if I had to buy another ticket.

In this age of information, it's amazing to me how difficult it is to actually get some fucking information.

Rachael Nelson says

Got my ticket for the Roseland show.
TicketsWest is going to see if they can refund my Berbati's ticket.
I'm okay with it if they don't.
Can't wait to see Sage again. That's really all that matters.