I’m going Parasailin’ with Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin is upset about Common being invited to the White House. I’d like someone to ask her how she felt when George Bush invited Eazy-E. In fact, I’ll ask her myself as I have two shows coming up in Alaska! Click my 2011 show schedule for full details.

Also, for old time’s sake, download my “Strange Fame” song for free.

“Strange Fame” is off of my Sick of Wasting mixtape which you can get as an autographed CD by CLICKING HERE.

Also, I have some big show announcements about to be happen on THIS FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE or you can follow your boy on my twitter page.


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Jonathan says

Come back to Belgium, pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeeee

Cassidy Sims says

Saw you in Columbia, Missouri last year but missed you in Austin @ SXSW this year. You probably don't remember but myself and two awkward others got to meet you at our shitty hotel in Missouri that you were staying in as well. I can't express how [email protected]&king beautiful that moment was! You are tops. Thank you for taking the time to sit and talk with us.

Lou says

Glad to see your entertaining Juneau...we need it! Bring the best of your knowledge. I am buying all my friends tickets!