Record Store Day on April 18th

Apparently April 18th is “Record Store Day”
One of my favorite record stores, Twist & Shout in Denver, made me aware of this. They sent out a questionnaire and I feel like filling it out. So hurr it is.

1) Where did you buy your first record? What was it?

“The first album I bought with my own money was Run DMC’s ‘Raising Hell’ which remains to be one of my favorite hip-hop albums. I purchased it at a tape store in the Lincoln Mall. I can’t remember the name of it, but it isn’t a store that lasted very long. I remember they had a jukebox type thing that had a limited list of songs you could purchase and it would dispense a cassette tape with your mix. That was the original itunes. When I got home from the mall, I discovered my mom had gone and bought me Raising Hell already.  I was excited to have two copies of it.”

2 )What record have you wanted more than any other in your collecting career? Did you ever get it?

“Masta Ace had a song called ‘H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E’ as the b-side to a white-label 12″ back in the early 90’s. My friend Mig had it but I’ve never been able to get a copy of my own.”

3) What is it about records, or record stores that are different from downloading?

“Walking through aisles of artwork, flipping through classics and non-classics…letting your imagination and instinct run wild. Downloading can’t hold a candle to that experience.”

4) Any of the products for Record Store Day that you are particularly excited about?  Why?

“Not really, no. I’m not prepared. The ones I’m excited about come out in June. Until then, I can’t pretend I know of anything coming out before then. Don’t even let me know. Quiet now.”

Sleep Hesitation Wounds June 30th on SFR

Sleep "Hesitation Wounds" June 30th on SFR


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felix says

adopt me Sage :(

albinored says

Don't Sleep:

albinored says

Hesitation Wounds:

Soluneek says

Wow.... That cd cover looks insane... Excited about the new release in June Hesistation Wounds.....