2 new albums to get excited about: Scroobius Pip + Metermaids

METERMAIDS “Rooftop Shake” drops on Sept 6, 2011
SCROOBIUS PIP “Distraction Pieces” drops on Sept 19, 2011

As an indie label, we’re always busy at Strange Famous Records, but 2011 has been relatively quiet as far as official album releases go. All of that is about to change in a big way. Here’s a brief description of what you can expect from these artists:

1) Scroobius Pip “Distraction Pieces”

SFR fans may remember Scroobius Pip from the “Angles” album he did with Dan Le Sac a few years back. With the “Distraction Pieces” album, Pip has gone solo to pursue a more aggressive (dare we say punk-driven) approach. As risky as that may seem, the first video/single from his new album has turned a lot of heads. On the day of its release, “Introdiction” was the 4th most viewed video on youtube (and for good reason):

 Produced by Renholder, aka Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails / A Perfect Circle), the album features collaborations with me, B. Dolan, P.O.S. of Doomtree and many more. Pre-order package deal available here.

2) The Metermaids “Rooftop Shake”

The Metermaids consists of two emcees, Sentence and Swell. Their new album, Rooftop Shake, features yours truly on two songs (one of which features Buck 65!), production by 9th Wonder & M. Stine, and scratches by DJ Rob Swift. I first met Sentence in 2001 while touring with Atmosphere. He produced the first song that Slug and I ever did together (“Day Grows Old”) on my Sick of Waiting Tables mixtape. Ten years later, I’m helping release his group’s album. Even though one thing has nothing to do with the other, it still feels like we’ve all come full circle. The first single from the Metermaids Rooftop Shake album is a song called Graveyard Shift (prod. by 9th Wonder.) Listen to it here:
GRAVEYARD SHIFT – Metermaids (prod by 9th Wonder)


“Rooftop Shake”album package deals are available here.


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