Sage Francis live performance + interview on “Breaking the Set”

A few months ago I was contacted by Abby Martin to appear on her news show, “Breaking the Set” on RT. As this show is filmed in DC, we decided it would be best to swing through there on the day of my show in DC show which happened to be at the tail-end of my Copper Gone Tour. Unfortunately that also meant that my voice would be incredibly hoarse, but that’s no excuse to skip out on the G that is Miss Martin.

“Vonnegut Busy” + interview

“Dead Man’s Float” (this didn’t make it to air)

Also, as you may notice, I’m being backed up by B. Dolan and Lord Grunge. I asked Lord Grunge to act like he’s doing a lot of turntable trickery even though he’s just pressing play on a CDJ. He came through like a champ on that request.

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