Official Video for “BLUE”

“BLUE” is the second single off of my SICK TO D(EAT)H mixtape.
The video was released on January 6th (coincidentally enough, a date that is known as “Blue Monday.”)

Video directed & edited by Jay Brown. Treatment written by Sage Francis. Cinematography by Joe Radano & Jim Collins. After effects by Paul Mihailoff. Additional Footage by Todd Burgess. Actors in order of appearance: Sage Francis, dilly dilly, Isaiah Brown, Erik Moody and Mike Aberle. Music produced by Reanimator. Scratches by Buddy Peace.

Among many things, this song and video touch upon the subject of PTSD. The lyrics and visuals were inspired by the discussions I’ve had with many vets over years. There are many organizations and resources that are available to vets who are struggling with civilian life, but not everyone feels comfortable reaching out for help. Some people might not even know that they need help until it’s too late. Just so that the information is out there, for anyone who may need it, the Veterans Crisis Line can be reached at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or via text to 838255. The Crisis Line website:


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Virginia says

Sage, Sage, are simply amazing. This song, this hit home for me unlike anything ever has with respect towards PTSD which has crippled my dad - a Vietnam vet. This illness ruled my family, as it does many families, my entire life. Between this song, and "Thank You" (which I heard at your show last Spring in Portland, OR) you made me love you even more than I have for the past 10 years (who knew it was even possible!) Ok. Enough "I am not worthy" shit...penis! Muah! xoxo