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olive green Strange Famous hoodie

2011 has been BEASTLY as far as shows go. It looks like I might be playing Alaska and maybe even Iceland before the end of the year. I leave for Ireland next week but for info on my upcoming shows in SACRAMENTO and RENO please click here. Below are two of my favorite show moments of the past month.

1) “Sage Vs. Eternia” at PAID DUES

Photo by Ty Watkins

This year’s Paid Dues festival in San Bernadino, CA was the biggest and most successful to date so I’d like to congratulate Murs & Guerilla Union on that. There were tens of thousands of fans in attendance, three separate stages, and a slew of incredible artists. As I was about to step on stage I bumped into one of my favorite up-and-coming emcees, Eternia. Her “At Last” album was one of my favorite releases of 2010. Since I missed her performance earlier in the day I asked her if she’d like to join me on stage for a song. Thankfully she obliged. This isn’t the best video footage in the world but here’s our performance of “Damage.”

2) “Tired Old Man Vs. The Cool Hip Heckler” in LAS VEGAS

"sweet justice"

In March I played 2 shows on the same day in Las Vegas. The first show was a pop-punk festival called The Extreme Thing. Despite how out of place I felt, this was an incredibly fun performance for me. The second show was an after party at The Palms. During the spoken word portion of my show I heard someone yelling “YOU SUCK!” from the back of the room. I was having such a good time at this show that it was easy for me to shrug off. No issue. I used this as an opportunity to channel Dude Lebowski and I said, “Well…that’s like…you’re OPINION, man.”

But the heckling persisted. Apparently, he was only at the show because he wanted to dance. “Fair enough,” I thought. Since I had a cordless microphone I made my way through the crowd during the final song and invited him to dance with me. Turns out he didn’t really want to dance. There was too much poop in his pants.

You may think it’s odd that this is one of my favorite show moments, but it’s so satisfying to confront people like this face-to-face. Real life > internet.


“Three Sheets to the Wind” LI(F)E DEMO

LI(F)E DEMO – “Three Sheets to the Wind”

As I promised on my twitter earlier today, here is the first in a long series of demos I hope to release from my LI(F)E album. Anyone who knows the album version of “Three Sheets” will notice that this demo version is much slower than they’re used to. Also the music is less aggressive. While most of the demos have more of a hiphop feel, this one is still on the indie-rock tip.


This was too cute to NOT share. Much love to Maya and her daddy for working this out. Maybe we can get them to record a new version every year to document her progress.

To cap off this blog, here is video footage of me performing “Crack Pipes” and “The Cure” from last year’s LI(F)E tour. I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Metaphors be with you,
Uncle Frank


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Shawn says

If you have time when you are in Sacramento, I want to invite you to check out my shop called Never Felt Better Vegan Shop. 2315 1/2 K st
It would be an honor if you could stop by!

any-rich says

He's very so cool...

Cheryl says

I was at both shows in Vegas. Seeing you call that guy out was one of the highlights of my night, that and you calling out the dipshit in front of me that was filming the whole thing.

Sally Kneitinger says

i was in the front of that show (small asian girl that knew almost every song hah) at the palms and man were you amazing!!! the best thing this year thats happen to me and ive been waiting since 2006. you played all the songs that mean a lot to me and especially fit the period of my life. i hope you come back to vegas again. it wouldve been awesome if dilly dilly was there for bridle! love her!