New Sage Blog! First Post

Watch out blogosphere….I’m coming with daily updates, video links to stupid shit, and whatever else I bloggin’ feel like. I will give updates on SFR stuff as well as non-SFR stuff. Just stuff in general type stuff pretty much. Just bloggin’ in it up. Bloggin’ with the homeboys.

For right now, how about you enjoy the features of this new website. Read about the new artists, check out the podcast, download the free music or purchase something if you want us to live and for us not to die. Actually, we’re currently transferring store items from the old website into this new website, so not everything is up and available just yet. If you purchased something before the switch was made DON’T WORRY…we got it all under control. Orders will be going out as usual.

There’s a “comment section” on my blog so you can post suggestions on what you’d like to see on the website. Until then, it’s time for daddy to go sleepy. I’ll be back to blog something new and fresh later on.

Blog out,

Sage Francis


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Storm Davis says

Not my blog, not my problem.

Kenyon says

The world's not ready!

Kristin says

I'm listening Sage...

Sage Rules says

Sea Legs is fire!

Mondo says

Come to LOs Angeles with P.O.S. or i will find you and drag you to perform for us.You dont have it under control stop trying to control everything just come to L.A. Thank you.

P.S. Eat your Veggies

prolyphic says

Steady Bloggin

Curtis says


MANDOe! of Grafwurks says

It's your bloggin' world - we're just in it.

Blog on homie, blog on.

8bit Cynics says

I know I'm behind a few years, but I've just discovered this blogging sensation. And for some strange reason, I've become an addict. Some might relate. Looking forward to yours.

Marcy says

I just wanted to say the website is lookin good. Keep up the good work guys. And I agree with the comment from mondo. You should come to LA. That would be awsome

CrashYourself says

Daddy thinks that referring to yourself as "Daddy" is something you should never do. Not if you like having friends. Or custody of children.

I can honestly say that any new content - significantly - improves my workday.

Oh lordy yes, Daddy likes jokes.

jermy says

Sign DILLY DILLY already!!!