Have a Hell of a New Year

Here is a live version of “Hell of a Year” where I rap the song over a piano by Nathan Matthews. Every few years something happens that makes the lyrics of this song ring more true to me. This happened to be one of those years, so I’d like to dedicate this live version to 2012. My resolution for the new year will be to finally drop my first official album since the release of LI(F)E in 2010, and unleash the rest of the material I’ve been sitting on for the past few years via a new “Sick of” mixtape. Beyond that, I’ll be working with the SFR crew as we gear up to release a slew of new material from several of the artists on our roster. Our first release of 2013 will be “Working Man” by Prolyphic & Buddy Peace. Many more updates to come. The original version of “Hell of a Year” is on my HUMAN THE DEATH DANCE album.
Have a happy, healthy and successful new year, strange fam!
-Uncle Frank

Prolyphic and B. Dolan both got married in 2012. Not to each other unfortunately. Click the photo for more info.


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Nilotic says

I think Prolyphic and Dolan would made a great couple! Bernard may be a bottom bear. So when the artist goes pop, he may have sprung a leak. So bail it out. :)