The Strange Famous GODCAST (free download)

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The $500 GODCAST by Strange Famous Records
The “Strange Famous GODCAST” is a divine, 50-minute mix of songs, soundbites and demos that Sage Francis has collected over the past 10 years. This isn’t a “hiphop” mix per se; it’s more of an eclectic mix of genres and recordings from various eras of music, film and online gems. As the title of this mix suggests, the GODCAST has a religious theme throughout, but the main objective of this podcast is to share some great-yet-obscure tunes that Uncle Sage cherry picked out of his personal playlist for your listening pleasure.


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NameStar says

Incredible!...P.S. "Ispitsick" Is an idiot.

W2 says

Brilliant. Everyone knows him, Everyone loves him. I just stood up and gave you the slow clap with the slow head-nod. -W2

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[...] The $500 GODCAST (free download) [...]

Jumpship says

sage, you got down.

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[...] The $500 GODCAST (free download) [...]

Awilda Weltz says

Remarkably inviting blog blurb.