GODCAST secrets revealed

Before the internet, most of us experienced times when we’d hear a song on the radio or on a mixtape and we’d have no idea what it was. We’d scramble around and ask other people if they know of a song that goes “Buhhh duh duh DEEE do DEEE.” Sometimes we were lucky enough to be pointed in the right direction. Other times we were doomed to never figure out the artist or song and that was that. And that really sucks. Although this wasn’t my original purpose, I like how I was able to recreate that scenario.

When the Strange Famous GODCAST was unleashed I said I would pay $500 to the first person who could figure out the track list by May 25th. I understand that there are music apps that can detect songs and anyone can do a simple google search of lyrics, so my goal was to make sure I used obscure audio files that couldn’t be figured out in those ways.  Surprisingly, the first submission came within a couple days after the Godcast’s release and that little bastid almost had me pegged. However, he (Jamie Voss) missed a couple of the required answers and by the time the deadline arrived only two other people (Jarrod Miller and Poisonfree) took a last-minute stab at the track list. With proper legwork, all three of these people figured out some incredibly obscure tracks so hats off to them for that. Below is a bulk of what the Godcast consists of along with some links for reference. SECRETS REVEALED:

(0:00-0:10) Treacherous 3 “Live Harlem World”
(0:10-1:29) Breakcore Kid
(0:18-0:22) Orson Welles “Gonk” outtake
(0:20-1:40) “Amy at the Club”
(1:30-1:40) JT – “Rock Your Body”
(1:41-2:30 / 4:26-5:22)  Sister Irene O’Connor – “Fire of Gods Love”
(2:30-4:26) Duncan Jewett – “Destination Dinosaur”
(5:22-7:40) “Marshmallow Man”*
(7:40-9:00) Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations”
(7:55-9:00) Quotes from the film “The Seventh Seal”
(9:00-12:10) Roberta Flack – “Compared To What”
(11:36-12:42) Reverend A. W. Nix – “Black Diamond Express To Hell”
(12:19-15:36) This is a Calexico demo that the music for my Slow Man song was based from.(15:36-17:34) Penpushers – “The Ugly Tree”
(17:35-21:40) D. R. Hooker – “Forge Your Own Chains”
(21:38-23:25) Taken from a Joe Frank radio broadcast
(23:07-27:00) Reverend Gary Davis – “Death Don’t Have No Mercy”
(27:00-30:21) Moshe – “Senseless (feat. Dilly Dilly)”
(30:15-34:54) Nina Simone – “Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter”
(31:06-33:00) Schoolly-D Latin Quarter Interview (1986, Dutch TV)
(34:54-37:17) Ray Barretto – “Teacher Of Love”
(37:17-41:00) Kwesi Davis – “Poached” mixed with the following:
(37:20-43:14) Joey Rainbeau – “Lullaby for a Dragon”
(43:15-45:50) Hildegard Knef – “From Here On It Got Rough”
(45:50-46:19) These are just some funny freestyle outtakes from a friend of mine named Odiseey (1994)
(46:19-49:34) Sage Francis – “Worry Not DEMO” – music by Tim Fite
(49:34-49:50) Lil Sage getting Grandma’s voice on the tape recorder

Some of those were obviously impossible for some people to figure out as they never appeared anywhere before being placed on this mix. I didn’t include those in the contest. However, one question remains…

*Who the fudge is the Marshmallow Man? Circa 2005 I downloaded “Marshmallow Man” off of the singer’s Myspace page. I stumbled upon it by chance. He didn’t have many plays and if I remember correctly, this was the only song that he had available. Many years later I still have this song in my playlist and now we’re all stuck with this infectious tune in our heads without knowing who the singer is.




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johnathan juarez says

dude this is awesome can i download this anywhere?

Benjamin says

You are on the page from which it can be downloaded. Click the arrow that is pointing DOWN on the player. Enjoy!

Bill Buckner says

Do another one soon!

Max Kinlund says

I am absolutely positive the Marshmallow Man song is by Jonathan Coulton... So fucking certain BUT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE I CAN FIND.
Help is needed.

Jacob Fish says

Excellent work! Is there anywhere to download all of the songs in their entirety from this complilation?