Ever been to Switzerland?

In 2005 I toured Europe with a group called Grand Buffet. Although they are my favourite group in the world to tour with, this was the most trying and difficult tour of my career. We were robbed a couple times, there was a hospital trip, had run-ins with the law, you name it. By the time we reached Switzerland for our final show, our morale was totally shot. Upon entering Swiss territory, the country looked like a ghost town. A very clean, sterile and affluent ghost town.

As we drove through the city of Zurich we noticed a ferris wheel and some other rides off in the distance. It was a carnival or town fair of some sort. The place was dead empty, but we had some time to kill before the show so we decided to storm the castle. “Storming the castle” is a game we came up with to keep ourselves entertained during these long trips through no-man’s-land Europe. What that game entailed was simply running around like a bunch of idiots while yelling at the top of our lungs to cause confusion or alarm for the people on the premises.

We pulled up to the carnival, hopped out of the van, “stormed the castle,” and returned back to our van completely out of breath. We looked at each one another like…”what the fuck did we just see?” It was clearly the best little carnival in the world. So we went back in disguised as civilized Americans. Thankfully they allowed us back in.

The rides were wonderfully dangerous. They were the kind of rides that would never be allowed at an American carnival. They were lawsuit- worthy. Even the games came with a risk of injury. Games like… shoot the can with an actual rifle. You know…I don’t know. It was a while ago and I can’t remember the specifics, but I remember every booth being manned by a beautiful woman. This is different than the toothless, ex-convict carnies we are used to in the States.

When we finished with the Shoot-Your-Eye-Out and Punch-The-Clown-in-the-Face games, we had to leave and find our way to our show. Upon entering the club, we saw that there was a huge print-out of my face that reached from the stage to the ceiling. It was glorious and totally obnoxious. The promoter told me that his idea was to have me run through it when it was time for me to start my set. Just… amazing. I looked at him like, “Yeah man… totally.”

What happened instead is that I stripped down to my underwear during Grand Buffet’s set and I jumped through my print-out face during Grand Buffet’s performance. Music wasn’t even playing when I decided to do it. In fact, Lord Grunge of GB was fighting with a crowd member when I decided to make my grand entrance. Since I was in disguise (with a baseball cap and wig,) no one recognized me. As far as the audience was concerned I was just some random, pseudo-naked, long-haired, half-naked guy contributing to an oddball performance from a beligerant rap group. It wasn’t wild though. The crowd went dead silent. I stumbled to the CD player, hit the play button and yelled, “LET’S GO!”

I helped Grand Buffet end their set by doing high leg kicks for 2 two minutes straight. When the song finished, Lord Grunge grabbed the CD player and slammed it into the ground. I have no idea how my own set went. I have no recollection of it at all. All I remember is walking on my hands when the show was finished, racing a woman down the dance floor. I won. This was the last show of my last European Tour, and Switzerland is fucking weird.


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Sam says

Haha, man that was quite entertaining to read. I couldn't help but think of the "Life is Easy" DVD when you mentioned the leg kicks.

JB says

Oh lawd, tons of sweet stuff to see and do in little Zurich and you went to the fairground... Neanderthal Americans indeed. The set was good, at least to the layman.

yannick says

hi sage
despite thebad inpresssion you had to zurich
Can you tell me if you come back in Switzerland? it was 5 years I wait a concert

sage says

I hope I get to play there again, yes.

redisent says

As someone who has lived in Switzerland I can attest to this. However, no one is weirder than the Romanish Swiss (the equivalent of Appalachian hillbillies, except with their own language). When I was in college I did a semester in Germany and there were a couple Romanish kids in my class. My friends and I used to ask them to hang out with us but they never would and we always wondered what they would do at night. One night I saw them outside the dorm windows playing leapfrog (yes, no irony straight up fucking LEAPFROG) in the streets...

post-the-past-first says

I attended your Glasgow (Scotland) date that year - it was the last show I ever went to (not just your shows) ...the year before you were meant to be performing with Prince Paul, Jemini (the gifted one) and Prince Po - but you were a no-show! (I quizzed you at the 2005 gig as to why? but won't post your reply here. hah) ...anyway, 2005, I think you had a throat infection/prob - so there was no smoking in the place... but the show was fire - you kilt* [sic] it - as did DiViNCi and Grand Buffet.

anyway - the previous show of yours I caught in Glasgow (October 2003) with Buck65 and Boom Bip was the most memorable - my brother tried to hack at your wig* with a Swiss Army Knife (the scissors bit) - yeah, he likes a drink...)

...anyway, I've never been to Switzerland, just to a few of your shows - n seen you get a Swiss-Chib pulled on you... thats the sort o thing Euros can't buy!


I've uploaded a bunch o pics my friend took from the 2003 show (cos I don't have any from 2005) - they are in the link below if anyone is interested... (some red eye, some blurry, backs of peoples heads, equipment, george bush dolls, fans with shaved heads, etc...) (15.7MB)