Epic Beard Men “2BAD” video

Epic Beard Men = Sage Francis and B. Dolan.
We rap. We have fun raps and we have angry raps.
2BAD is a fun and angry rap and it’s on me brudda’s “House of Bees Vol 2” album.

Reanimator on the beat. Buddy Peace on the cut. Video by Mason Johnson and Tyler Woodbury.
Epic Beard Men…4 EVA.

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Mirek May says

Please come back to Sacramento soon. Saw you spring 2011, can still picture the "scape". I brought a couple people who had never heard of you and my wife who wasn't sure. They are all fans now. Thank you for your hard work, I hope you reap the benefits.

Dougyfreshit says

The video accurately captues what my high school years felt like. I wish I had a red hammer and could put those wasted years back in a box. It is indeed a fun and angry rap!