B. Dolan “EARTHMOVERS” video and photos

B. Dolan and I flew out to Kansas City from February 19-22 to film the video for his “Earthmovers” song (www.FallenHouse.com for more info on that album!)

I was prepared for high quality work from the director, Kyle Harbaugh, but the kind of things he worked out for “Earthmovers” is beyond anything we could have reasonably expected. From site locations to costume design, dance squad to film crew, we were blown away at each turn. I definitely look forward to doing more work with Mr. Harbaugh, Hunuman Brown-Eagle, and the rest of the folks…the next video will be  for my upcoming Li(f)e album. But mainly I’m excited to seeing the final result of this video.

Without giving too much away, here are some photos we took on one of the locations. Feel free to string together your own story until we release the actual video (early March.) Download the free MP3 at www.FallenHouse.com

This would make the bloopers reel if the pic didn't speak for itself

guess which one is me...

Earthmovers…they rule.

Expect the video in early March. “Fallen House Sunken City” albums are being mailed to our customers RIGHT NOW.  T-shirts are available right now! One t-shirt is the album cover, another t-shirt is the Earthmovers design.

If you’re coming to our show at Jerky’s (Providence, RI) on Feb 27th expect some new things from everyone involved. In fact, I’ll be performing material from my upcoming album and I go on first so get there early.


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Carlos says


NiloticWords says

SIIIIIIICK! Can't wait to see the video!

Earth DVSK says

The new cd's gonna be sick!can't wait.....

ruw says

what's this about a new album from sage?!?