“Don’t Think” – No Bird Sing feat. Sage Francis


I would personally like to welcome No Bird Sing to the Strange Famous family! They’re a special crew for sure. Their new album, Definition Sickness, drops worldwide on Nov 12, 2013 on SFR.

3 exclusive pre-sale package deals are available here: www.tinyurl.com/DefinitionSickness

Stand outs in the indie-rap haven of Minnesota, No Bird Sing combines the talents of emcee Joe Horton, drummer/producer Graham O’Brien, and guitarist/producer Robert Mulrennan. With “Definition Sickness”, the trio has maintained the integrity of their live-band roots while exploring a more produced sound that ranges from stark minimalism to lush expansiveness.

“”My gut is telling me [Don’t Think] is one of the best rap songs of 2013.” – URB


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Corey Hall says

Spices are the spice of life.

Waldo McFadyen says

Oh yeah!, the patiently waiting is over, the new drops only get better with time...and then touring with looptroop?! what?! This canadian is gonna watch his favorites together on the other side of the planet if i have to!