Breaking Badass

While standing at the merch booth at my show in Pasadena, I was griping to my friend Hugo about how I’d be missing the final episode of Breaking Bad due to my long flight home the following day. Moments later a cast member introduced herself to me and asked for pictures. Uhhhhhhh yeah. Cripes almighty. Much love to Emily Rios (AKA Andrea from BB.) Having her at my show killed any and all gripes I could possibly have. I damn near shit myself. She was going on and on about my music and all I could think was, “Oh my God, are you serious right now? Todd did you SO DIRTY in the second to last episode!” haha. Thanks to this surprise guest appearance at my show, I’m not even mad that Walt Jr’s crutches were not kicked out by the final episode even though that’s something I’ve been predicting (hoping for) for the past two seasons. Due to being so giddy, I forget to mention to her that I have a song with B. Dolan (remixed by Buddy Peace) called “Breaking 2Bad”.

All in all, ’twas a very good night. California is always so good to me. Thanks weirdos.


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Graham says

That's so awesome Sage! You're my friggin hero.

Laura Hunt says

Sage, I tried to log onto my account so I could join the forum but your site won't allow me to, I can't contact you either. I've posted comments before I hope you don't mind me trailing completely off topic but I'm not very techy with computers so I have no idea where else to comment. WHAT IS UP WITH FEMALE HIP-HOP ARTISTS? I listen to a lot of hip-hop help me out.I would love to hear some woman ripping up the scene. I also write and I just started to rap (not that good yet) lol I'm still a baby. Anyway point is... Female hip-hop artists; do they even exist?

Shlottie says

Keeping my eye on you. Next tour in America I'll be at every show. Ha ha for only you I'd be that crazy fan girl jumping the barricades ;p just don't stop doing what you're doing till I get my chance to finally meet you.