All the Sage Francis updates you may have missed.

Hello SFR peops!

I was slow to update this blog. Apologies! For more info on what I’ve posted below (plus more) please visit

Currently, the most important thing I want to bring to your attention is the fact that B. Dolan and I are about to tour the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Get all the dates and info on this tour at our FB events page by clicking here!

That being said, here are the other major Sage updates you may have missed in the past few months if you were unaware of that site…

1 – My music video for “Love the Lie” directed by Jim Foltice:

2 – My interview with the legendary NARDWUAR!

3 – My interview with where my comments on Underground Vs. Mainstream created a lengthy discussion at the SFR forum.

4 – My live acoustic performance on BBC radio

5 – The video for “Best of Times” directed by Kyle Harbaugh!

6 – Full audio break-down of my LI(F)E album

7 – My incredibly awkward interview with Russia Today (broadcast worldwide.)

Welp, that’s it for now. There are more interviews and more details available at
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Best wishes,
Uncle Frank


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maba says

great respect for you man.

malc says

was ment to be on the guest list at audio in brighton but unsuprisinly a friend once again let me drop. just wanted to say i think you are a lyrical geniuse and a god i can beleive in. thank u for sharin your unrivaled tallent.

Luke says

Caught you last night at The Fleece in Bristol. Excellent show Sage. Hope your headache cleared up.

David says

Saw you in Glasgow on sunday. Best gig i've ever been to. Hope it's not the last time you'd be touring round this way. Come back soon!

heebs says

Caught your show at the Forum. Never heard your name before, will never forget it, for sure. Wanted to shake your hand couldn't get through the five deep perimeter that surrounded you from the stage to the door. You have to come back, you just have to come back! I just got a taste of your crazy ass, I need more.