Apologies to Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand

Unfortunately, tonight’s show in Amsterdam will be the last on this tour for me.

I’ll be unable to join Sage Francis on the remainder of his tour dates this fall, and will be flying home tomorrow to be with my family.

In March of this year, right before I embarked on the most continuous touring schedule I’ve ever attempted, my father was diagnosed with a rare form of germ cell cancer in his lungs. For the past 6 months, he and my family have been undergoing a torturous regiment of chemotherapy, radiation, and various procedures. Nothing’s worked, and the cancer has since spread to his lymph nodes and brain. I received a phone call today from my mother and sister, who informed me that it’s time to come home and say goodbye.

My apologies to the Australian and Switzerland shows. Hopefully you’ll understand and take a rain check.

My thanks to Sage Francis, who’s been a constant friend and my fiercest support in all things. He’s made the opportunity to open for him available to me all year on both of these tours, understanding the risk that I might have to leave to deal with the home situation at any time. It’s meant the world to me to be part of Sage’s final touring year. I wish I could be there to see it through to the end with him… but all the journeys seem to be ending at once these days.

Thanks for understanding. See you on the next go around,



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mayra says

My thoughts and prayers to you and yours.

Denis says

Keep your head up B.

DJ Phear says

Much love to you and your family, B.

Reubin Williams says

Sorry to hear the news B.
Was looking forward to your show in Melbourne. We will still be here when your ready. Anytime. Peace.

brainphreak says

Hey B. Dolan. My heart goes out to you, I am glad to hear you will be able to be with him on his final days. That is the most important thing right now as only time will heal. Take care and tell your father thanks for all of us fans for him having his hand in your creation.

brainphreak - That dude from Santa Cruz who said he would be sure to download.. err buy your album when he got home. I now have the sunken ship and a nice poster up on the wall.

neil says

My deepest sympathy to you and your family Mr b I have just been through the same bad times with my best mate over 7 years and then at Christmas when my mum was diagnosed and gone within 3 months its a hard thing to watch and come to terms with I wish you all the best

J.Phatts says

Don't even apologize big homie, Family is more important than anything. You need to be with your pops right now. Nothing but Peace, Love and Hope for you and your family.

-Much Luv

K. Campbell says

Sorry to hear that. It is always hard to lose a loved one. I'm sure your fans will understand. Family is the most important thing. Without them most of us would not be of any in existence, physically or mentally. Good luck and much love.

jonboywhite says

You are a good son. You would have regretted not being there with your family. You are a rediculously smart guy and you said it yourself that your father instilled your ideology in you. He may pass brother, but he will live on through you and yours. As sad as this situation is I'm so happy that you get a chance to be there for the man that you love so dearly. An abrupt death leaves so many questions unanswered. The slow decline can be much worse but I have faith that you can make this into a beautiful, albeit horrific, moment in time. Your father has got to be a strong man to have molded such an incredible mind. No one knows exactly what your going through and this is your moment in the universe to hold his hand as he passes beyond this realm. Take note sir. This is a once in a life event for him and in that one second the earth will stop, all that is real will shine through and your love will make you strong enough to bid him farewell. Your an amazing person B. You have inspired me and countless others while maintaining integrity and honor and that is genuinly a rare gift. Tell Mr Dolan that we all thank him for giving us the chance to be enlightened by you, and vicariously through him. You have an incredible gift and I'm very lucky to have been introduced to you through sage. You are in my thoughts brother. Take care of yours and yourself! Love Love Love!

Chelle Denise says

Greetings B,

Don't spare a second thought about having to bail out of the Tour early! Everyone understands, and what's more, Everyone wants you to be with your Family right now. There are no words to make any of this suck any less. But know We are all sending You, Your Father & Your Fam, Thoughts of Peace, Healing & Love.

tight hugs


malcolm mackenzie says

mr B DOLAN my thoughts go out to u and ur loved 1's, i my self have never had a positive parental presants in my life so will never understand the termoil of emotions that u must be feelin. i wish you all the best for the hard times ahead. ur an amazin inspiration to so many people in this world, i can honestly say that when my numbers up if my sons and daughter aspire and acheive to reach ur level in life i would be the proudest father ever!! take care of u and urs!! ps i saw you and sage at audio in brighton and it was without a doubt the best live performance i have ever seen.. thank u!

Neil says

Its hard to know what to say, but thankyou for taking the time to even write this at this hard time for yourself. you are an amazement and go above and beyond to your fans. take care of yourself b, sympathy goes out to you and family and wishing you all the strength for your family and yourself at this time,


Bob norman says

B Dolan, my prayers and thoughts are with you. I'm sure this is a very trying time for you and your family. I'm sure he already knows this, but your father has an extremely talented son. One who's skills are something that any father should be proud of. Keep your head up B.

amanda says

Good luck with the travels home, B. I'll definitely be thinking about you and your family.


Kadyelle says

So sorry B, it was going to be my deepest honour to be supporting you and Sage but I had no idea about your terrible situation, losing a loved one. Looks like you and Sage have been dealt a fair bit of grief this year. Hoping you both are surrounded with much love in your time of sorrow. See you again another time I hope xoxo


jason says

So sorry to hear about your father, my friend. I lost my father to cancer just 3 years ago. Its hard. All my best to you and your family. Stay strong.

crazy says

b i'm really sorry to hear this. hugs to you and yours.

3hree P.m. says

What an awful thing to have to experience, my thoughts and prayers go out to u and your family. Keep your head up B. We all love you.

Rach says

No words can even begin to help tackle what you and your family are going through now, but know that people you've touched and taught around the globe are thinking about you and your family. Watching you and Sage in London three weeks back was a huge inspiration to me - thank you; you are a credit to your father and family.
Take care B. My love, best wishes and positive thoughts to you and yours hugs

Russell Jones says

Seeing you perform at Scala London and the show you put on was incredible, it takes guts and courage to continue your professionalism through difficult times.

Love to you and your family.


The guy that offered you a drink after the gig.

Cella says

We are all there with you man, we don't just consume your art, we care about you. Blessings to your father.

Be strong, and on certain occasions, be weak.

le chevalier says

Thanks alot for your energy and smiles in paris. All the best for those times

maria bjork says

Sometimes you just have to be somewhere. Glad you made it to sweden

Blutus says

Trying times, in which the situation of living spirals out of control, spawn the most recognizable, significant, and memorable moments in life. I am sure it is with great sadness you leave the road, and it is with great sadness your fans will learn to accept your absence. Your actions will be respected.
When you come back from this, it will be a rebirth for your eyes. Everything will be different and you will be stronger for it. With such a personal struggle ahead of you, I do not accept your apology because it is not necessary; instead, I give you my greatest thanks for the challenge and inspiration your talents provide.
I feel that much better about expounding you and Sage to the world, knowing how strong your values and how genuinely human you guys truly are.

A heartfelt condolence for you and yours.

When you are ready for the scene again, we'll all be here, with open ears and hearts, ready to listen.

Rachel says

I'm so sorry.

Bazaar says

I saw you in Paris, two weeks ago. Thank you for the amazing show.

Now you are like the little Houdini of Sage's song: when a loved one is on the death list, it's time to go home, no matter what. But you are going back home with the love and support of people from all around the world.

apple bones says

first of all my thoughts and prayers , go out , to your dad , your family and yourslf b , , when your father passes i hope its painless . your fans are with you 100% , i was one of the lucky ones that actually got to see not one but two of my idols in london , i lost my dad to cancer so i know what your going through , once your dad does pass i hope god gets evel knievel to meet him at the pearly gates , i will be thinking of you everyday bro and hope one day i get to meet you again and shake your hand and tell you sorry in person , for now though just treasure every minute , day , month you have left with your dad . sage is a legend and i bet your happy you have a great friend like him to see you through the bad times , god bless you sir

Ted says

Of course we'll miss hosting you here in Western Australia, but my deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. My prayers are with you.

Aaron says

Really sorry to hear you're not continuing on the tour. I was lucky to see you in Amsterdam on Friday and it was one of the best shows I've been to, despite Sage seeming a bit tired :).

Best of luck to you and the family.

lilo says


Sleep says

I'm very sorry to hear this B.! My most sincere apologies! Keep your head up big bro!

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drivebybodypierce says

Good decision to be with your dad, although he probably don't expect you to (if he's like mine). Actions, not words, are how fathers and sons communicate. Even if you never told him before, he knows you love him.

Thoughts and prayers with you and yours, B...

Waat says

Deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Mike says

I'm really sorry to hear about your situation. You're doing the right thing by going home. It's best to know that you did the right thing rather than regret a decision forever. Keep your head up. Time will heal. We'll all be ready for some more B. Dolan whenever you are.

Thoughts and prayers to you, B

matt says


Tahlia says

Peace and love B.!! Thanks for Amsterdam... truely fantastic.

Odin says

So sorry B much love n hugs