Sage Francis Tour Schedule

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SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN are currently working on their Epic Beard Men album, so expect a lot of new music in 2018. For now, follow the bearded boys on FBTwitterInstagram.

Sage Francis and B. Dolan Euro shows in 2017:
Sep 29 – Borlange, Sweden @ Broken Dreams TICKETS
Sept 30 – Uppsala, Sweden – Ordsprak Festival TICKETS
Oct 1 – Oslo, Norway – Revolver TICKETS
Oct 2 – Wien, Austria – Forum Wien Arena TICKETS
Oct 4 – Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang TICKETS
Oct 11 * – Tampere, Finland @ Jack The Rooster TICKETS
Oct 12 * – Helsinki, Finland @ LeBonk TICKETS
Oct 14 * – Tallinn, Estonia @ Kohvik Sinilind TICKETS
Oct 15 – Munich, Germany – Feierwerk TICKETS
Oct 17 – Regensburg, Germany – Alte Mälzerei TICKETS
Oct 19 – Bristol, UK @ Fleece TICKETS
Oct 20 – London, UK @ Heaven TICKETS
Oct 21 – Preston, UK @ 53 Degrees TICKETS
Oct 22 – York, UK @ The Crescent (spoken word show) TICKETS

(The follow dates are solo Sage Francis shows):
Dec 30 – Denver, CO – Oriental Theater TICKETS
Dec 31 – Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater TICKETS

Here’s the FB banner and square image if you’d like to help spread the word.

“ID Thieves” is the latest video off of “Copper Gone”:






Shows That Happened in 2016:
1/8/16 Los Angeles, CA @ Dragonfly
2/27/16 Toronto, ON @ Bloor Cinema
3/4/16 Westerly, RI @ Knickerbocker
3/5/16 Hamden, CT @ The Space
3/11/16 Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar (Neon Reverb Festival)
3/12/16 Phoenix, AZ @ VIVA PHX Festival
3/24/16 Cambridge, MA @ OBERON
4/7/16 Iowa City, IA @ Blue Moose (Mission Creek Festival)
5/21/16 San Antonio, TX @ 502 Bar
6/27/16 Grenoble, France @ La Bobine
7/2/16 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany @ Fusion Festival
7/9/16 Kalispell, MT @ Raceway Park (Crown Summer Series)
Aug 5th-27th (20 shows) Edinburgh, Scotland at Stand in the Square
8/29/16 Manchester @ Deaf Institute
8/30/16 Leeds @ Brudenell Social Club
8/31/16 Bristol @ Start the Bus
9/1/16 London @ The Forge
9/2/16 London Live @ Bush Hall
9/3/16 Brighton, UK @ Together the People Festival
9/28/16 Copenhagen, Denmark @ Beta
9/29/16 Helsinki, Finland @ Kuudes Linja
9/30/16 Oulu, Finland @ Areena, Terminalli for Hoodfest
10/1/16 Uppsala, Sweden @ Ordsprak (music performance)
10/4/16 Trondheim, Norway @ Blaest
10/5/16 Oslo, Norway @ Revolver
10/20/16 Reykjavik, Iceland @ Húrra
10/22/16 Dublin, Ireland @ The Workmans Club (Lingo Festival)
11/05/16 Westerly, RI @ The Knickerbocker
11/10/16 Providence, RI @ The Met
12/1/16 Tampa Bay, FL @ Dunedin Brewery
12/2/16 Orlando, FL @ The Social
12/3/16 Jacksonville, FL @ 1904 Music Hall
12/27/16 South Lake Tahoe, CA @ Whiskey Dick’s
12/29/16 Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf
12/30/16 Denver, CO @ Oriental Theater


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fernando perez says

does the independent stick to their guns about their 21 + policy?

sage says

There's only one way to find out. And...bring guns just in case.

JeanCarlo Mendez says

Belly up I'm there! ... Man, It would be a dream come true to open up for the legend.

SAGE FRANCIS in Las Vegas, NV | Strange Famous Records says

[...] Sage Francis plays the Midwest & West Coast in 2012 [...]

Tony says

Yes!!! missed the bottom lounge show in 2010, made sure to be there this time! Got a crew driving from Marquette, MI and we cant wait!

Fletcher Funk says

Hey Sage, long-time fan here, been to your shows in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, and at Rock the Bells...

I accidentally bought tickets to the MN show when I meant to buy them for the Chicago show, anything you can do to help me out? Posted this on twitter too, just trying to do anything I can to try and get to your show but I can't afford the time and money to make it to MN! I contacted ticketweb as well but I doubt they'll help me out...



fletcher says

Got this sorted ^^ nm!

Laurel says

Hey there... Can you afford a stamp?

You could try your luck with the ol' wheel of karma ... and hook a sister up with a MIRACLE by mail!!

Sage Francis' show in mpls is sold out, homie. That ticket would be sooo CLUTCH!
I am looking for a miracle ticket but I can't afford to buy one, either... so that's not what this is all about.. I can send you some really cool handmade swag ... a cool ass kare package.. as a token of my appreciation :D I

Hey, but this is just a "why the hell not, it's worth a try!" for me i guess ! :) .. I hope you get your situation resolved and make it happen. Miracles are right where ya need 'em, when ya need 'em.
Hit up craigslist.
or, if ya wanna spin the wheel of karma.. <3<3
my email : [email protected]

anywho, take care. One Love. HOLLAH!

Noah Sweeney says

Vital Signs, Oliver Twisted, and Come Follow Me?

Ian Miller says

I saw you a few years back in Columbia,Mo when you had Buddy Wakefield open for you, and you covered "Broken Wings" XD you will make my night if you pull that rabbit out of your Hat. ;-)
Take care can't wait to see you there. :-)

chivas says

i have a show poster from the show at first ave from 2004, its the same date as the one in 2012 at the triple rock..anyway i could get the poster signed?

Dave says

Sage, you get hella love out here in Occupy Oakland. It's almost a shame you're playing SF on a Saturday night because we would love to have you join us for our weekly Fuck the Police March

Christina says

Come to Seattle sometime!

Brayden says

Any plans for a tour through British Columbia? Kamloops?

Sam Crimmins says

I signed up for the newsletter over a year ago and haven't received anything, nothing in the spam folders either. can you check if I'm in the system? I get all my other newsletters I'm signed up for but none from here.

miles says

looking forward to AZ shows..... whenever they may come.

Bob Lent says

I had to pinch muself to make sure im not dreaming. Hell ya not only is Uncle Sage coming to Cali but he is bringing the sickest NY Duo in the game the Metermaids!!! Thank you Strange Famous for coming back to the West this show is gonna be off the chain!!

“BAD THINGS” – Metermaids feat. Sage Francis | Strange Famous Records says

[...] Sage Francis plays Vegas & California. (Metermaids have been added!) [...]

Kayla Lunsford says

What...Do you hate Arizona or something? Going straight from Cali to TEXAS. Come on Sage!

Kayla Lunsford says

Understood. Thanks for the response either way....and you can play a show at my place any time.

jeremy smith says

On you Superbad parody it mentioned you coming to the gothic in denver colorado on may 24th, im not seeing it on your upcoming dates...what happened there? Your my hero and ide love to see u as I missed the mishwaka show last year and my friends got to meet you, I would love that opportunity, let me know, denver would give you a great show and I would bring a solid crowd!
Jeremy Smith says

Was wondering if you were interested in doing a radio interview? im thinking about doing a strange famous show i would love to get you on sometime , also any ontario canada show dates in the future son? :)
Slim Swayze

Kairsten Fay says

Come to Charlotte or Raleigh, NC. We could use a damn good underground hip-hop artist around these parts.

Tahn says

I'm visiting the USA from Australia right about when you're travelling to the UK.. my heart just skipped a beat, thinking DAMN!

I might be lucky though.. hope to see you Sage!

lyndsey kayjay says

can you please come to OHIO. dont make me beg , ok ill beg if i have to.

J-Barn says

Minnesota didn't send any show offers???

abe says

New Mexico Motherfucker

SwirlesY says

Come to Manchester, England!!

TimeRiff412 says

Sage been a fan for years is there way upload
A demo cd to you my band and dj
Have been work on a cd for the passed
Year all live drum loops bass/ guitar
With scratching and sound samples
The over all outcome is trippy as hell

Mark says

There's a serious south-of-england-bias going on here...any idea when you're next in the UK after the september dates? I'd love to see you in Manchester or Liverpool or something

sage says

I was unable to book any other shows during this run. These shows were booked around the Bestival date. I am flying to the UK directly after Prolyphic's wedding and returning home just in time for B. Dolan's wedding. So there's no flexibility there. Sorry about that, y'all. I shall return at some point and more shows will be booked. To make sure you don't miss out on the eventual announcement, PLEASE sign up for the newsletter on the upper right side of this page. We only send 1 newsletter per month. Thanks!

Matt Casebier says

Any plans on playing in Tucson any time soon?

Matt Casebier says

I'll sign up for the newsletter, sorry for not seeing that before I asked!

Jessie Stick says

Any chance you will be making a Canadian Tour?? Maybe in Vancouver?? Saw you open for Rise Against a while ago and wasn't happy you only got a 1/2 hour set. But it was THE BEST 1/2 hour ever! Thanks! Longtime fan!

sage says

Hi Jessie,
I have played Canada a few times since that tour. I promote as much as I can, but the internet moves so fast most of the information disappears as fast as it shows up. To ensure you don't miss the next announcement, I highly recommend signing up for the newsletter on the homepage of this site. We only send 1 newsletter per month. Thanks!

sam peck says

How about a stop in NC? Come down and visit Greensboro, Chapel Hill, Asheville, or Charlotte?

dave Ernst says

never was into rap but i saw you at the last green festival with my son and dug what you rapped about good luck and i will catch you again.

Lazyrus says

Personal Journals is the most underrated album in Hip Hop in the last ten years, in my opinion. Congrats on it's continual effect on Hip Hop Heads.

sam says


Throc Morton says

And the tour will focus on "Personal Journals." This is going to be amazing! Can't wait until December.

Attack & Rebuild – Sage Francis & B. Dolan play Florida + NOLA this December! says

[...] Francis and B.Dolan will be going on the Epic Beard Men X-Mas Excursion right before your stockings get stuffed. Three cities, three [...]

Nilotic says

"I'm keeping tabs on everyone who said, "GAY." I will find you at this festival and perform extreme buttsex on your butt with my sex until you love me." - Uncle Sage

I laughed my fucking ass off at this shit! It's funny how a lot of music fans who think they're 'hardcore' (punk rockers, metal heads, goths), are so closed minded about hip-hop. It's sad. UNDERGROUND AND INDEPENDENT 4 ETERNITY! FTI!

vince says

yeah i agree with sam it could be crazy to see you in Montreal

Charlie says

Coming back to Perth for the 10 year anniversary tour? Love that album, would love to see it live.

leslie b says

Too bad on AZ promoters. What a bunch of chumpkins. I'll keep my fingers crossed and an eye on the newsletter. Travel onward, good tidings. LB

Matty says

The place I was was born on the day I was born! Looks like ill be in providence 5/25 for my dirty thirty! Thank you sir

Christopher says

No shows in North Carolina makes me a sad panda.

vincent says

If Sage Francis can't come to my town I will come to Sage Francis. Coming from Montreal to Providence 25/05 for the Strange Famous event. Can't wait for this day.

Justine says

Even Dessa making her way here! COME SEE US IN BUFFALO SAGE <3

Erich says

Wish i could make some more shows, but i saw you in New Orleans. Fucking awesome man, had a kick ass time, hope you come back while im still stationed down here!

Nathaniel Sipe says

Why isn't Lawrence, KS on your tour stops list? oh yeah it is full of hippies. oh wait that is why we need you there. Talib Kweli came through, or maybe he cancelled because of the snow. I dont know Im hardly there. Anyways. I gotta git down on the road. at least KC or St. Louis. COME ON

What Inspires Prolyphic « Music « says

[...] Prolyphic is an emcee from Providence, RI. He began writing lyrics at age 14, recording on a dual tape deck stereo. In 1999, he recorded a demo tape and shopped it around at Scribble Jam, catching the attention of Sage Francis, Sole, and Kevin Beacham. In 2003, Prolyphic released his first self-produced album, An Alarm Clock Set For 9:01. He then collaborated with Chicago emcee Robust on the project called Stick Figures. In 2005, Prolyphic signed to Strange Famous Records and recorded the 2008 album The Ugly Truth with producer Reanimator after an introduction from Sage Francis. In 2013, Prolyphic collaborated with London DJ/producer Buddy Peace on the album Working Man. Check out Prolyphic’s 2013 tour dates with Sage Francis here. [...]

Laramie says

I know, your style and ideas haven't quite caught on with the simple minded people in Oklahoma but is your tour gonna bring you anywhere near OKC or surrounding states? I got to see you in Dallas on the Li(f)e tour and am having Sage withdrawls.

Taylor says

Damn man when is the sage going to roll through phoenix we need a good show!

Cat says

There are many people in the Vermont area that wouldn't mind a little tour up here! Doesn't even have to necessarily be in Vermont, as we are all accustomed to three hour drives to get mostly anywhere. East coast be(a)st coast!

lovely miss mandy says

We all know that your superhuman, so please play every venue in the world simultaneously, including Worcester again!
Yours always,

RJohnson says

Too many people listen to MGK here in ohio, please come play in Columbus, shit il drive 2 hours idc!!

dirge says

now why would you go all the way to Australia and not tour New Zealand as well

Spatzenhirn says

An Australian tour, hey? It's about time! (I've been waiting since 2005).

Sinjinn says

Are the LoopTroopers the main act of your Aus shows or is it an equal split?

col says

shame about no NZ shows, but hey man you tried so kudos for that.
I'm sure there'll be a next time, problem is I'm 51 now so don't leave
it too long aye, these old joints are on their last legs as it is !!

Simon says

Is there any chance you will invade New Zealand in 2014? who do I need to contact here to accommodate you in this little country? your 2010 show was great even though B.Dolan couldnt be there.

Jp says

You're the man, that is all.

Virginia says

So, in other words people just need to sign up for the newsletter, huh? Lol People don't always get a clue I guess. Congratulations to Prolyphic and B. Dolan on their upcoming nuptials! I'm hoping you can make it back to the Pacific northwest again soon. I was spoiled to see you twice in a year, so I just hope to see you again within 5 years! I'm going to go sign up for that newsletter....oh wait I already have. Much love:)

Matthew Galgocy says

Come play a show in Denver man please! Saw you in Boulder at the Fox last time you came through. That show was amazingly epic!
Gotta Love the LI(F)E...

jason d says

How the ticket sales looking for the show in MT on 6/11/14 i am going to drive for 6 hours to get their want to make sure i can get in. been a fan for 15 plus years and bought all of your art in hard copys
Your words changed my life for the better

Fran the Man says

Kicking off Europe in Sligo, Ireland.
B played there, then Scroob Pip, Then Dan Le Sac and now Sage Francis. All thanks to the little bald man they call Chris.

To quote Sage himself "PENIS!"

Stephanie says

Sage, if possible please come to florida. My husband and I saw you in Orlando for the Lyfe tour. We love to see you again.

Nicholas Stenkamp says

I live in florida, and now I am crying. :-(

julia says

this made one finnish fan so happy!

Stevie W Pee says

Man! I wish you were making it to Michigan. Maybe next time!

Last 15 shows of 2015: NY, Ontario, VT, Maine & Midwest | Dring Drong says

[…] Last 15 shows of 2015: NY, Ontario, VT, Maine & Midwest Ticket links + info on all upcoming Sage Francis tour dates… Fancy Fran and the South African Fam (2015) As I embark upon the last leg of what has turned into an eighteen month tour, I realize I’ve only shared scraps of what I’ve experienced this past year. During the big moments I feel inspired to share each story in total detail, but by the time I settle down I’m either too exhausted or [...] METERMAIDS – “Profiteers” METERMAIDS will be joining SAGE FRANCIS & B. DOLAN on their upcoming road trip, with performances in Portland, ME & Burlington, VT! Details & all dates here. […]

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[…] via SAGE FRANCIS TOUR DATES 2015 | Strange Famous Records. […]

Barrett Harris says

Much Love From Richmond, Virginia. Would love a tour date in the Virginia area. Keep up the good work.