“Little Houdini” – He (Almost) Got Away With It

Christopher Daniel Gay

Tonight the ID Discovery channel aired an episode on a show called “I (Almost) Got Away With It” about the guy who I wrote “Little Houdini” about. I wasn’t able to catch the episode but people on facebook and twitter messaged me about it in complete surprise that this was a true story. I’ll let you know if this episode pops up on Youtube unless you let me know first. ‘Til then, you can listen to me tell the story about Christopher Daniel Gay by clicking play below.

“Little Houdini” – Sage Francis

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dash says

love your take on his story. keep it real sage.

DS says

They posted the full show on itunes. The show is, I almost got away with it. The episode is named "Got a country legends tour bus".

willie says

the first time I heard "Little Houdini" I was like "I know this story!?"
Creative song, good story, wicked intense.

shine says

I know Chris and his family, He is for real.And I can see him doing that.I live very close to them.