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Metermaids’ SFR debut “Rooftop Shake” Available Now on CD & MP3!

Metermaids’ SFR debut “Rooftop Shake” Available Now on CD & MP3!

 METERMAIDS, a Brooklyn-based duo consisting of emcees Sentence and Swell, often refer to themselves as “the Bad News Bears of hip-hop.” However, after teaming up with the X-Ecutioners DJ Rob Swift, receiving production from Grammy Award Winner 9th WONDER, and pulling in vocal contributions from indie-hop legends SAGE FRANCIS & BUCK 65, their “ROOFTOP SHAKE” LP is set to turn that self-deprecation on its head.

Click here to get your exclusive CD/Instrumental CD/Bonus Item package available now from SFRstore!

Stream before you buy! “Rooftop Shake” can now be heard in its entirety via the SFR Soundcloud:

ROOFTOP SHAKE by Metermaids by Strange Famous Records

“8MM” is the first official video from “Rooftop Shake”!

Aug 03

NEW! Copyright Criminals “Funky Drummer Edition” DVD+Vinyl LP Box Set!

NEW! Copyright Criminals “Funky Drummer Edition” DVD+Vinyl LP Box Set!

The Copyright Criminals documentary explores the impact that sampling and remixing has had on modern musicians, veteran performers, and anyone who has listened to contemporary pop hits in the past 20 years.

The film is a musical thrill ride, with an intricately layered soundtrack and visual montages that keep viewers moving in their seats. The Funky Drummer Edition includes the original documentary, plus featurettes spotlighting Public Enemy’s Chuck D, James Brown Band drummer Clyde Stubblefield, and Cee-Lo Green along with the amazing video remix skills of Eclectic Method and other additional content. Copyright Criminals showcases many of hip-hop music s founding figures like Public Enemy, De La Soul, and Digital Underground along with emerging hip-hop artists from record labels Definitive Jux, Rhymesayers, Ninja Tune, and more. It also provides an in-depth look at artists who have been sampled, such as Clyde Stubblefield funk legend George Clinton. As artists find ever more inventive ways to insert old influences into new material, this documentary asks a critical question, on behalf of an entire creative community: Can you own a sound?

Copyright Criminals: The Funky Drummer Edition Box Set is the premier package for anyone interested in the history and art of sampling. In addition to the expanded double-disc DVD edition of Copyright Criminals, the box set boasts 45 Copyright Criminals All-Stars trading cards, the Copyright Criminals movie poster, stickers, and a 12-inch vinyl record of Clyde Stubblefield s Ultimate Breaks and Beats, pressed exclusively for the box set.

 Click here to cop the Copyright Criminals Box Set!

Box Set Includes:

Clyde Stubblefield s Ultimate Breaks and Beats 12-Inch Vinyl Record
Copyright Criminals All Stars Trading Cards
Movie Poster

Double DVD Includes:

Copyright Criminals Documentary
The Art of Sampling With Cee-Lo Green (New Featurette)
The Funky Drummer in the Studio with Chuck D (New Featurette)
Eclectic Method Uncut Audio-Visual Remixes (15 Videos)
Fair Use Explained: Four Featurettes by the Center for Social Media
Extended Interviews with Chuck D, De La Soul, and Clyde Stubblefield
Music Player Featuring 15+ Songs from Copyright Criminals Soundtrack by El-P and RJD2
Clyde Stubblefield s Ultimate Breaks and Beats (Hi-Res WAV Files)
Copyright Criminals All Star Band Funky Drummer Remix Video
Copyright Criminals All Star Band Megamix Video

Interviewees: Public Enemy, De La Soul, George Clinton, Clyde Stubblefield, Eclectic Method, Mix Master Mike, Shock G, Pam the Funkstress, El-P, Mr. Len, Miho Hatori, DJ Spooky, Matt Black, Bobbito Garcia, Prefuse 73, Sage Francis, Prefuse 73, DJ Qbert, Eyedea & Abilities, Pete Rock, and Saul Williams.

Also available from SFRstore: the original “Copyright Criminals” DVD – only $24.99!

Jul 22

NEW! SFRstore Exclusive BUCK 65 Vinyl + Tour CDs!

NEW! SFRstore Exclusive BUCK 65 Vinyl + Tour CDs!

SFR has just received a ton of rare and exclusive Buck 65 music straight from the man himself. Tour CDs, rare Vinyl, and titles you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

Buck has just announced a series of shows in the US and Canada! Click here to see where he’ll be performing.

Click on the links below for more details on rare Buck merch and to cop yours.


“Dang!” 7″ Vinyl (includes Stu Ray Remix!)

“20 Odd Years” Vinyl LP


“Heck” Tour CD

“I Dream Of Love: Buck 65 Live & In Private” Tour CD

“Porch” Tour CD

Check out the whole selection of Buck 65 merch and music available at SFRstore here.


Jun 12

Tons of FAKE FOUR Inc CDs Now Available for $9.99!

Tons of FAKE FOUR Inc CDs Now Available for $9.99!

SFR’s homies-to-the-immediate south, Fake Four Inc., have a vast catalog of releases that is as deep as it is wide, with records ranging from dusty underground alternative hip hop to acoustic and electronic-tinged indie pop and rock.

SFRstore has previously offered titles for sale from FF label boss Ceschi, old friends Sole and Awol One, and Oldominion-repping Dark Time Sunshine, but now we’re proud to add a virtual ton of new titles to our stock from many, many members of the Fake Four roster of artists.

Most CDs are as low as only $9.99!

Click here to check out the Fake Four Inc. titles available from SFRstore!

Fake Four titles now available on CD at SFRstore include:

Awol One & Factor – “Owl Hours”
Factor – “Chandelier”
Ceschi – “They Hate Francisco False”
Dark Time Sunshine – “Cornucopia”
Ron Contour & Factor – “Saffron”
M!C KING & Chum – “Flavor Ade”
Myka 9 – “1969”
Cars & Trains – “The Roots, The Leaves”
Blue Sky Black Death – “Third Party”
Common Grackle – “Great Depression”
Noah23 – “Fry Cook On Venus”
Electric President – “The Violent Blue”
Delby L – “Nine Skies”
Boy In Static – “Candy Cigarette”

Click here to peep our entire selection of $9.99 CDs, including classic hip hop from many of your favorite old school and indie rap artists!

May 31

New CESCHI 10″ Vinyl Picture Disc!

New CESCHI 10″ Vinyl Picture Disc!

2011 brings us the Shorted Circuits EP, a very special 10″ picture disc from Ceschi & DJ Scientist that contains 2 new tracks as well as a bunch of great unreleased remixes from “The One Man Band Broke Up” album.

While remixes by David Vangel and Phonatic can be found on the b-side of the vinyl, additional remixes by 2econd Class Citizen and The Raincoatman are available on the digital release that, alongside 3 bonus instrumentals, is provided via download code.

You can preview “Black & White & Red All Over” and get your free download of the track now:
Ceschi – Black And White And Red All Over (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Equinox Records

Check out the product page here for more info about the project, including the stories behind the songs and pictures of the beautifully designed picture disc!

May 19

SFR Exclusive! 2 SIGNED Nardwuar DVDs Available Now!

SFR Exclusive! 2 SIGNED Nardwuar DVDs Available Now!

SFR is proud to announce the EXCLUSIVE availability of autographed Nardwuar DVDs. To put it simply, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is the best music journalist of our time. If you haven’t stumbled upon his interviews via a nasty youtube trap just yet, let us assure you that he is a most interesting character who has accessed the most popular musicians (as well as obscure musicians) of the past two decades.

Each 2-Disc DVD comes autographed by Nardwuar!

Click here to check out Nardwuar’s “Welcome to the Castle” DVD

Click here to check out Nardwuar’s “Doot Doola Doot Doo… Doot Doo” DVD

The videos found below may not be contained on this DVD, but are embedded here to give an example of Nardwuar’s signature interview style.

May 17

NEW Sole & The Skyrider Band CD + Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!

NEW Sole & The Skyrider Band CD + Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!

Now available from SFRstore: pre-orders for the new album from Sole & The Skyrider Band!

CD pre-orders are available here

2xLP Vinyl pre-orders are available here

All pre-orders from SFRstore will include:
* Sole & Skyrider sticker
* Sole & Skyrider poster
* SFR sticker & goodie pack

Click here to get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the new song by Sole & Sage Francis from “Hello Cruel World”!

On Hello Cruel World, Sole aka Tim Holland returns with the Skyrider Band for his first full length since the split with Anticon, and his
third album with the Skyrider Band. While much was made of Sole leaving the Anticon empire he helped create, there’s a refreshing, new found confidence and focus not seen since his now-classic albums Selling Live Water and Bottle of Humans. On Hello Cruel World sees Sole has assembled an army of the most exciting voices in indie culture to be apart of the new record, recruiting everyone from LILBTHEBASEDGOD, Xiu Xiu, Pictureplane, Sage Francis, Ceschi, and more, to create a pretty stunning tapestry that is a new high water mark in Sole’s creative output.

Perhaps even more interesting, listeners will notice that Sole has adopted the most deliberate flow of his career–abandoning the
freewheeling, hyper-timed assaults of his earlier work in favor of a biting clarity and all around accessibility. The record draws on the
wealth of his newly found freedom, tapping into the positivity and ethics of a DIY tradition he has always known and embraced throughout
his career – transforming his past cynicism into a call to arms and personal empowerment. The Skyrider Band itself has been similarly
transformed; trading in their dense soundscapes and organic touchstones for an impeccable attention to detail and more studio-centric

On Sole and the Skyrider Band’s last record, Plastique, Sole claimed, “I’ve been digging my grave since age 15.” Since then, he’s been hard at work converting his grave into trenches that span from California to Barcelona, and the bottom of the ocean to the moon. Hello Cruel World occupies these trenches, steadfastly refusing to be flushed into a niche.


#1 Napoleon (feat. Xiu Xiu)
#2 D.I.Y.
#3 Hello Cruel World
#4 Fire
#5 Bad Captain Swag (feat. Lil B & Pictureplane)
#6 We Will Not Be Moved (feat. Ceschi & Noah23)
#7 Possimism
#8 Home Ain’t Shit (written by Pedestrian)
#9 Formal Designation 134340
#10 Immortality
#11 Progress Trap (feat. Sage Francis)
#12 Vaya Con El Diablo (feat. Isaiah Toothtaker, Mestizo & Ceschi)
#13 Villon


Please read carefully! ALL pre orders will be held until the ship date.
ALL other items in your shopping cart will also be held until the ship
date. If you have items that you may want to receive sooner we suggest
placing a separate order for those items.

Orders will ship on or before the release date of Tuesday, July 19 (CD) or Tuesday, August 2, 2011 (Vinyl).

May 11

NEW Buck 65 “20 Odd Years” Vinyl LP Available at SFRstore!

NEW Buck 65 “20 Odd Years” Vinyl LP Available at SFRstore!

“20 Odd Years” is the latest album from SFR fam Buck 65!

This is an IMPORT ONLY album, released on Warner Canada, very difficult to find inside the US! SFRstore was able to get ahold of a very limited number of the Vinyl LP, so get yours now at a lower cost than it would be to mailorder from outside the country!

We are currently working to get the CD version of the album so we can make it available to our customers. Please stay tuned and watch this space for updates!

Buck’s SFR album Situation is also available on wax for only $9.99 here!

It’s been 20 years since Buck 65 (aka Richard Terfry) first entered the music industry, and in that time, he has become one of Canada’s most popular rappers. To celebrate his two decades in the business, the much-loved MC has released a new album, 20 Odd Years.

The 13-song set is heavy on guests, with some of the most notable contributors including Tragically Hip icon Gord Downie, Islands/Unicorns singer Nick Thorburn, Hannah Georgas, Jenn Grant, and Olivia Ruiz.

In a press release, Buck 65 said, “Recently, I came to realize that I’ve been getting weird on tape for 20 years. I decided to celebrate and invited a bunch of my fellow sub-normals to the party. We ate paste and pretended we knew what each other was talking about. It was uncomfortable a lot of the time, but lots of exciting music was frankensteined.”

As for what fans can expect from the album, it promises to offer Buck 65’s usual experimental blend of hip-hop, blues and folk. The Downie collaboration (“Whispers of the Waves”) is “a waltz for people to dance to alone,” while the track recorded with French pop singer Ruiz is “a song about vampires called ‘Tears of Your Heart.’ Neither of us has any memory of making it.” – Exclaim Magazine

01 Superstars Don’t Love
02 Gee Whiz
03 Whispers of the Waves
04 Paper Airplanes
05 Stop
06 Zombie Delight
07 Tears of Your Heart
08 Cold Steel Drum
09 Who by Fire
10 She Said Yes
11 BCC
12 Lights Out
13 Final Approach

Click here to order your vinyl copy of “20 Odd Years”!

May 03

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