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SFR Playing Cards Now Available!

SFR Playing Cards Now Available!

SFR Playing Cards are here!

The Strange Famous crew is made up of a lot of card players, so we decided to press these up for ourselves. We figured we would print a few extra decks in case there are any members of the extended Strange Fam out there who are interested in upping the indie-hop cred of their home games with an official SFR deck.

Customers placing an order for this item will receive a regulation deck of 52 playing cards with the SFR logo printed on the back of each one.

***(The poker set and Sage figurine pictured on this page are not included in the purchase. But if you catch us on a good day, maybe you can play us for them.)

Mar 11



The seemingly insurmountable gap between t-shirt and hoodie has been bridged: introducing the SFR Crewneck!

Soft but not flimsy, these sweatshirts are built to keep the chill out.

Available in 2 styles!

Gold SFR Logo on chest with SFR ‘Raiders Script’ on right wrist:

Silver SFR ‘Raiders Script’ on chest with SFR Logo on right wrist:

Printed on Black Gildan Adult Heavy Blend Crew Neck Sweatshirts by ClassSick Custom in Pawtucket, RI.

– preshrunk 50% cotton/50% polyester
– set-in sleeves
– double-needle stitching throughout

Click here to see more pics and to cop yours!

Feb 24

Educated Consumers call it quits.

Educated Consumers call it quits.

The Educated Consumers have called it quits.

Educated Consumers is a Maryland-based duo consisting Seez Mics on vocals and Jay Bombbeat on the beats. If you’ve had your ear to the underground hip-hop scene for the past decade, then you’ve most likely heard their music. If you haven’t heard their music, then you’ve heard their name or you’ve seen the battles. However, if you’re just a casual fan of independent hip-hop, it’s possible their work has flown completely under your radar. As they like to put it, they are “the most slept on crew in indie-rap.” I’m not sure if that’s entirely true, but it’s true enough for them to decide that 10 years of trying to grind out a career with little to show for it is about all they can spare.

When I first learned of their break-up, I called up Seez Mics to see if everything was OK. It’s always off putting to hear news like this because you never know whether it means all the artists involved are hanging up their hats for good or not. It was good to hear Seez explain that it’s an amicable split and they both intend on pursuing music as solo artists or with other side-projects. Still, after being together for so long, through the highs and lows of our fickle sub-culture, and managing to release 5 full-length LP’s independently, you’d like to think that such a talented duo could have more to show for it. It’s an unfortunate story we should expect to hear many times over before this decade is through.

The Strange Famous crew has always considered E.C. as family. We appreciate their contributions to music and we hope that you do as well. If you haven’t heard their music or had a chance to support it, now is the last chance for you to get their CD’s which we have available here.

Once those CD’s are gone, they’re gone for good. We won’t be re-stocking this material and they won’t be pressing any more of it. Here’s to hoping that these guys continue making great music on their own and pushing the envelope in whatever capacity they choose to do so. Salute!

– Sage

To keep up with the post-EC adventures of Seez and Jay, visit them at the Educated Consumers website here and they’ll keep you updated. The next project we expect to surface from Seez Mics will be a new “Broken Clock” album. Stay tuned for more info that.

Feb 21

SADISTIK’s “Flowers For My Father” CD + SIGNED Poster Shipping Now!

SADISTIK’s “Flowers For My Father” CD + SIGNED Poster Shipping Now!

Now available at SFRstore: “Flowers For My Father”, the Fake Four Inc. debut of Seattle, WA emcee Sadistik! The album features performances and production from Cage, Ceschi, Blue Sky Black Death, Kno of Cunninlynguists, and many more!

The first 30 orders purchased from SFRstore will receive a free SIGNED 11×17 Sadistik poster!

Click here for more details and to order your copy!

From his earliest recordings, Sadistik has used the vocal booth to create emotive etchings of
thoughts that pound so furiously on his frontal lobe that they can’t help but make their way out
of his mouth. His 2008 debut The Balancing Act, produced by Emancipator, showcased a
hopeless romantic setting fires in a cold world through tracks such as “Ashes to Ashley” (featuring
Mac Lethal) and “Searching For Some Beautiful”. Two collaborative efforts would follow in the
form of The Art Of Dying, produced by Kid Called Computer, and 2011’s explosive Prey For
Paralysis record alongside Kristoff Krane and Graham O’Brien.

Click here to check out “The Balancing Act,” “Prey For Paralysis”, and more projects featuring Sadistik available from SFRstore!

The elusive beautiful that Sadistik sought on his debut album “The Balancing Act” is captured
sonically on Flowers For My Father and garnished with an array of styles he has experimented
with over the past few years. Here we have an emcee unafraid to expose the brooding that robs
him of sleep through songs diagramming self-destructive tendencies and the sad sweetness of
lovers lost. Such intrepid introspection has seldom been seen since Sage Francis, an artist with
whom Sadistik has collaborated, released Personal Journals over a decade ago. A child of the
backpack heyday, Sadistik learned from the best the scene had to offer, from the aforementioned
Sage and Mac Lethal to the late, great Eyedea. You can hear Eyedea’s indelible influence on
urgent confessionals such as “Melancholia” and the Cage-assisted “Russian Roulette”. That
which Eyedea left behind in this world resonates deeply within Sadistik, as he keeps his friend’s
message of hope and love in the face of adversity alive, and pays touching tribute on “Micheal”.

Flowers For My Father, which features guest shots from Astronautalis, Ceschi and Child Actor,
marks Sadistik’s first solo long player since The Balancing Act and charts his growth in spades.
The spoken word close of intro track “Petrichor” foreshadows the open book to come: “I want
nothing more than to tear every piece of my flesh off one by one to show you what’s been hiding

Evolving his style to a more synthesized rendition of a signature cinematic Seattle sound, the
new album displays a distinct juxtaposition of Sadistik’s complex, vulnerable writing with textured,
ambient production handled by the likes of Blue Sky Black Death and Kno of CunninLynguists.
The result is his most mature and revealing project to date, with lush soundscapes lifting
Sadistik’s verses from a vast darkness.

Shortly after the release of The Balancing Act, Sadistik’s father tragically passed. Never one
to shy away from heavy topics or keep his personal life personal, Sadistik wrote Flowers for his
late father, choosing to treat each song as an update of what has happened in his life since. This
is reflected in writing that delves into depression, heartbreak, optimism and the struggle to make
sense of the ever-shifting pieces in the world around him.


1. Petrichor [produced by Kid Called Computer]

2. Russian Roulette (feat. Cage & Yes Alexander) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

3. City In Amber (Feat. Lotte Kestner) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

4. Snow White [produced by Raised by Wolves]

5. The Beast [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]

6. Kill The King (Feat. Deacon the Villain) [produced by Kno]

7. Song For The End Of The World [produced by Raised by Wolves & Eric G.]

8. Palmreader (Feat. Child Actor) [produced by Eric G.]

9. Micheal [produced by Eric G.]

10. Seven Devils [produced by Andreikelos]

11. Exit Theme (Feat. Astronautalis & Lotte Kestner) [produced by Eric G.]

12. Melancholia [produced by Eric G.]

13. A Long Winter (feat. Ceschi) [produced by Blue Sky Black Death]


Feb 12

New LPs & 12″s added to our expanded Vinyl section!

New LPs & 12″s added to our expanded Vinyl section!

SFRstore has restocked and expanded our Vinyl section!

Titles from indie rap heavyweights like Atmosphere, El-P, Brother Ali, Eyedea & Abilities, Face Candy, Blueprint, P.O.S. of Doomtree, and more… including a few more of our insanely popular Aesop Rock “Skelethon” + 12″ Single Packs!

We’ve also reloaded our SFR-artist SIGNED Vinyl selection, and have new low prices on some old SFR favorites!

Check out all of our Vinyl offerings here.

Jan 16

NEW! Handcrafted, Limited Edition PERSONAL JOURNALS Signed Notebooks!

NEW! Handcrafted, Limited Edition PERSONAL JOURNALS Signed Notebooks!

Inkymole (the talent behind the spectacular handstyles gracing Sage’s “Human The Death Dance” LP) celebrates the anniversary of a period of immense change and creativity inspired by Sage Francis, with this brand new ‘Personal Journal’!

Click here to order yours!

Check out the video below for a look at all of the unique features of these limited-edition journals!

The release of these limited edition, hand-sewn notebooks marks the conclusion of Strange Famous Records’ year-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of Sage’s ‘Personal Journals’ LP, as well as the anniversary of Inkymole’s 2006 art show ‘If A Girl Writes off the World’ (which included two US incarnations in Manhattan and Rhode Island).

Journals will be SIGNED by Sage Francis!

These handcrafted, double-sided journals include one side for writing (Thoughts) and one for sketching (Ideas). Measuring 102mm x 146mm – fitting most pockets – each side is 7mm thick and interspersed with removable, perforated mailable postcards showing unseen artwork from the original show, 8 postcards in total. The covers are hand-embossed in gold or silver foil with a close-up section of Mole’s ‘Runaways’ illustration, and come in a range of colours, from silver to pearl white to iridescent pink.

Jan 11

SFR Holiday Sale 2013 is over.

SFR Holiday Sale 2013 is over.

The SFRstore Holiday Sale 2013 ended on January 1, 2014. We’ll be back next year with more deals & surprises!

This year we’ve got more of our traditional package deals as well as specials and surprises in every department; from CDs to T-Shirts, Hoodies to Vinyl and more. ORDER NOW AND BEAT THE HOLIDAY RUSH!

While supplies last, all orders for SFR Holiday Packs will include a 4″x6″ full-color vinyl SFR “BE(LIE)VE” Holiday Sticker!

Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest SFR holiday specials and news –
We’ll be making exciting SFR announcements throughout the Holiday Sale!

“SICK TO D(EAT)H” is the latest installment in Sage Francis‘ long-running and legendary mixtape series!
Available now on SIGNED CD, Limited Edition Cassette, and MP3 Download!
Details about “Sick To D(EAT)H”, including tracklisting and FREE DOWNLOADS, can be found here.

Exclusive SFRstore package deals, including packages with t-shirt and hoodie options, are available here.

This release is only available at!

All info about “Sick To D(EAT)H” can be found here.

The final wave of Sage Francis “Personal Journals” Notebooks has arrived for the 2013 Holiday Sale!

The original release of these limited edition, hand-sewn notebooks marked the conclusion of Strange Famous Records’ year-long celebration of the 10th anniversary of Sage’s ‘Personal Journals’ LP. Artist and creator Inkymole has crafted one last batch, including journals in BRAND NEW COLORS including black, grey, scarlet, burgundy, navy blue, and 12 different shades of white!

SELECTED STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS CD TITLES $9.99 OR LESS!* Our lowest Holiday Sale prices ever!


Sage Francis’ “LIFE IS EASY” DVD now at our lowest price ever – only $11.99!

All CD & DVD purchases over $15 will come with a FREE SFR CD (ramdomly selected from the SFR catalog), SFR 1″ button, & an SFR sticker!

*please see individual product pages for actual price.

Check out all of our package deals here, including:

SAGE FRANCIS “Sick Of…Personal Journals” package deal – $34.99
1 SIGNED “Personal Journals” CD, 1 SIGNED “Sick Of Wasting” CD, 1 “Sick of Waging War” CD, 1 “Sick of Waiting Tables” CD, 1 Sage Francis “Sage Simpson” sticker, 1 Sage Francis 1″ Button

SFR 2013 NEW RELEASES package deal – $27.99
1 NO BIRD SING “Definition Sickness” CD, 1 DAN LE SAC VS SCROOBIUS PIP “Repent Replenish Repeat” CD, 1 PROLYPHIC & BUDDY PEACE “Working Man” CD, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

SFR CREW package deal – $29.99
1 SCROOBIUS PIP “Distraction Pieces” CD, 1 2MEX “My Fanbase Will Destroy You” CD, 1 BUCK 65 – “Situation” CD, 1 CURTIS PLUM “Call My Cellphone” CD, 1 REANIMATOR “Music To Slit Wrists By” CD, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

METERMAIDS package deal – $16.99
1 “Rooftop Shake” CD, 1 “Nightlife” CD, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

B. DOLAN package deal – $34.99
1 “The Failure” CD, 1 “Fallen House Sunken City” CD, 1 “House of Bees Vol 1” mix CD, 1 “House of Bees Vol 2” mix CD, 1 “Fallen House” Instrumentals CD, 1 SFR sticker, 1 B. Dolan 1″ Button

SLEEP Of Oldominion package deal – $17.99
1 “Hesitation Wounds” CD, 1 “Christopher” CD, 1 SIGNED Hesitation Wounds 11×17 poster, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

DOOMTREE package deal$29.99
1 CECIL OTTER “Rebel Yellow” CD, 1 DESSA “A Badly Broken Code” CD, 1 Lazerbeak “Lavabangers” CD, 1 Paper Tiger “Made Like Us” CD, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

Most T-Shirts are on sale now for $12.99 – 14.99 or less
! Plus…

The Holiday Sale T-Shirt Blow Out! Select T-Shirts (and select sizes of other shirts) on sale for AS LOW AS $6.99!


All SFR SNAPBACKS are now only $14.99!

All SFR KNIT HATS are now only $9.99!



Sage Francis, SFR, and One Party System Hoodies as low as $24.99!

THE SFR JACKET is on sale for the first time ever, with sizes as low as $39.99!


Our lowest price ever on the SFR BABY ONESIES! Only $8.99, and sets only $14.99!

Two ways to fill your chimney socks with Strange Famous goodness on the cheap:

*Stocking Stuffer Pack #1 – $9.99
1 SFR “BE(LIE)VE” Holiday Sticker / 1 Sage Francis “Sage Simpson” Sticker / 1 B. Dolan “Beard Man” Sticker / 1 SFR Logo Sticker / 1 Prolyphic & Reanimator “Beer Bottle” Die-Cut Sticker / 1 SFR Logo 1″ Button / Sage Francis “Sage Frenchkiss” 1″ Button / 1 Sage Francis “Sick of… Zombie” 1″ Button / 1 SFR “Headless Horseman” Poster / 1 Buck 65 “Situation” 11×17 poster / Prolyphic & Reanimator “Working Man” Poster / 1 No Bird Sing Poster / B. Dolan “Fallen House” 11×17 Poster – [this package will be shipped in a sturdy mailing tube – no folded posters!]

*Stocking Stuffer Pack #2 – $14.99
1 Reanimator “Music To Slit Wrists By” CD / 1 Buck 65 “Situation” CD / 1 SFR “BE(LIE)VE” Holiday Sticker / 1 Sage Francis “Sage Simpson” Sticker / 1 B. Dolan “Beard Man” Sticker / 1 SFR Logo Sticker / 1 Prolyphic & Reanimator “Beer Bottle” Die-Cut Sticker / 1 SFR Logo 1″ Button / Sage Francis “Sage Frenchkiss” 1″ Button / 1 Sage Francis “Sick of… Zombie” 1″ Button / 1 SFR “Headless Horseman” Poster / 1 Buck 65 “Situation” 11×17 poster / Prolyphic & Reanimator “Working Man” Poster / 1 No Bird Sing Poster / B. Dolan “Fallen House” 11×17 Poster – [this package will be shipped in a padded mailing envelope with folded posters]

The SFR 1″ Button Set – $3.99
Celebrate the holidays with these SFR logo buttons, all freaked to blend with your traditional seasonal attire!
Includes: 1 SFR “Sage Claus” 1″ Button, 1 SFR “Blue Snowflake” 1″ Button, 1 SFR Red Logo 1″ Button, 1 SFR Green Logo 1″ Button,
1 additional button of SFR’s choice

Great sale prices on many of our most popular Vinyl LPs! Most of the SFR vinyl albums have been AUTOGRAPHED BY THE ARTISTS to add a personal touch for this holiday sale.

Check our vinyl page here to browse the signed and limited edition vinyl!

Our most popular vinyl package ever is back: The Ultimate SFR Vinyl Package! 6 Vinyls for only $39.99!

SFR SLIPMATS are here! Available in White with Black print.
Check them out here.


– Any Vinyl purchase over $10 will come with a FREE SFR VINYL of our choice!*
*excluding purchase of the SFR Ultimate Vinyl Pack


Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest SFR holiday specials and news!

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section here if you have inquiries regarding shipping practices & turnaround times.

HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the heavier-than-usual volume of holiday season mail deliveries, we CANNOT GUARANTEE delivery of Holiday Sale orders before the Christmas holiday. We will do everything in our power to ship orders as early as possible. We recommend placing International orders before December 1 and Domestic orders before December 10 for best chance of delivery.


Nov 28

SFR SNAPBACKS Series 1+2 Back In Stock!

SFR SNAPBACKS Series 1+2 Back In Stock!

The first Strange Famous Snapback Cap was one of our most popular items ever, so we’ve moved outside of our all-black-clothing comfort zone to bring you the SFR Snapback: Series 2 line, featuring our original styles in striking new colors, plus a brand new design!

Hats still feature a one-size-fits-most snapback closure and fresh under-brim graphics!

To see all styles and place an order, click here. As of January 2, 2013, we have restocked on most styles, and more restock is on the way!

The SAGE FRANCIS “Escape Artist” Snapback – BRAND NEW STYLE!



The SFR GOLD-ON-PURPLE Logo Snapback

For additional details and photos of each style, and to order yours, click here.

Oct 24

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Subscribe to the SFR mailing list Hot Items

From the mind of B. Dolan, The MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN Hat is meant to express solidarity with those opposing racism, homophobia, and fascism worldwide.  Anywhere they rear their head, we will combat them.  It's that simple.

BRAND NEW STYLE FOR 2016, available in Men's & Women's fits! The One Party System T-Shirt is inspired by lyrics from the Sage Francis classic "Slow Down Gandhi".

Because you demanded it: brand new FLEXFIT HATS! Click here to see them all.

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