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We Brought Knives is the newest album from Brooklyn group Metermaids, dropped December 2 on Strange Famous Records.

The record is the culmination of a trio of lifetimes of hip hop experience colliding with nearly a decade of time served as underground rap’s illest-equipped would-be gunslingers.

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Check out “PROFITEER”, the first video from We Brought Knives!

Metermaids have always found a way to blend humor with the confessional, narrative with the personal, and the human with the electronic. Years of trial-and-error mixed with swipes of modest success have refined this formula, and the result is “We Brought Knives”, the group’s most streamlined effort to date. “We may have been spending those years bringing knives to gunfights,” reflects rapper Swell, referring to their string of previous near-misses. “But rest assured that, at this point, those knives are mad sharp, son.”

Producer M. Stine lays out his masterpiece: dense, melodic production set atop rhythms that hit with the punch of the rowdiest hip hop around, subtly layered with enough detail to reward even the most discerning listener. Emcees Sentence and Swell, renowned for the incredible chemistry present in their traditional back-and-forth delivery, attain a new level of remarkable synergy in their rhymes. This is no gimmick – this is the choreography of a mind-meld between two guys who have spent enough years locked in tour vans and recording studios together that they can finish each other’s thoughts.

“Eight years is enough time to build up the desire in a group to construct a defining statement,” says Sentence, explaining the intent behind the group’s cohesive and fresh sound. “Because, you know, who knows what the next eight years could bring.”

“We Brought Knives” also features legendary SFR label boss Sage Francis, (fresh off of his blockbuster “Copper Gone” record), as well as Strange Famous cohorts Prolyphic and Buddy Peace.

The sonic aesthetic of Metermaids has evolved beyond a series of sounds made by two rappers and a producer, and now emerges as a collection of fully-formed hip hop compositions forged by a unit that has spent the better part of a decade growing into a band of brothers. “We Brought Knives” truly is a family affair, and is without a doubt the best record of Metermaids’ career.

“IYAM” is the second video from We Brought Knives

For those unfamiliar with the history of the group: In the spring of 2007, Metermaids began in earnest, as emcees Sentence and Swell, backed by producer M. Stine, in the middle of a DIY national tour. The tour was not a success. But a lot has changed in the last seven years.

The official tally runs: two full length records, four mixtapes, well over 100,000 downloads, press coverage in international publications, three national tours, one East Coast tour with rap legends The L.O.X., two cliched let-downs from major labels, one showcase for Damon Dash, two marriages, two kids, and hundreds of electrifying live shows with their Strange Famous crew mates thrown in along the way for good measure.

Metermaids’ SFR debut “Rooftop Shake” (featuring Sage Francis, Buck 65, DJ Rob Swift of X-ecutioners, and Grammy-winning producer 9th Wonder) is available from SFRstore here.

Watch Metermaids speak to TheBeeShine about the making of “We Brought Knives”:

“We Brought Knives” dropped December 2, 2014 on Strange Famous Records!

01 The Legend Of Mal Hombre
02 House On Fire
03 I’m Alive So Everything I Own Is My Lucky Everything feat. Sage Francis & Prolyphic / cuts by Buddy Peace
04 Profiteer
05 Advice I Know You Won’t Follow
07 The Contenda
08 Est. 1938
09 Ghost Bikes
10 God And Country
11 Bushmaster .223
12 Clarence Clemons

Nov 03

B. Dolan’s HOUSE OF BEES VOL 3 is Out Now + Atmosphere Tour!

B. Dolan’s HOUSE OF BEES VOL 3 is Out Now + Atmosphere Tour!

The highly anticipated return of B. DOLAN and BUDDY PEACE is upon us, as the duo release the final installment of their HOUSE OF BEES mixtape series. Volume 3 has some big shoes to fill–last time out they birthed the hashtag #FilmThePolice and brought us bangers like “King Bee” and “Which Side Are You On?”–but they’ve enlisted an eclectic mix of guest vocalists, comedians, spoken word poets and emcees to help bring the series to it’s dramatic, head-nodding conclusion… All of this to clear the way and build hype for the 2015 release of “Kill the Wolf”, the 4-years-in-the-making follow-up to Dolan’s “Fallen House, Sunken City”.

HOUSE OF BEES 3 is now available for pre-order in digital, CD, and cassette formats, along w/ a new t-shirt and some exciting packages here.

Every order of HOUSE OF BEES 3 includes the mastered, 54 minute mixtape, the incredible embossed CD wallet by ZeroFriends illustrator Robert Bowen SIGNED by B. DOLAN, along with a 1″ round KING BEE button and a sticker! Orders include an instant MP3 Download version of the album delivered to your inbox!

B. Dolan is touring with ATMOSPHERE starting in April! All dates & ticket links here.


    1. Caretaker ft. Dan Le Sac
    2. Natural Born Trouble ft. Neil Hamburger
    3. Hon3y from a B33
    4. The Devil is Alive
    5. Radio Stockholm Freestyle
    6. Soldier Boy ft. Scroobius Pip (You Better Run RMX)
    7. Seat at the Table ft. Worldwide
    8. Madge Tries to Record a Drop
    9. State Trooper ft. WarrenPeace
    10. The History of Atlantis
    11. You Can’t Win ft. Sage Francis (Epic B-Boy RMX)
    12. Coda
    13. The Devil & Jack McCarthy
    14. King Bee (Live in Liverpool)
Mar 10

Prolyphic & Buddy Peace “WORKING MAN” out now!

Prolyphic & Buddy Peace “WORKING MAN” out now!

“WORKING MAN” by Prolyphic & Buddy Peace is in stores now!

We have the digital version and exclusive CD package deals available HERE.

Check out “Go Green”, the latest video from the album!:


PROLYPHIC (Providence, RI) was signed to STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS in 2005 when SAGE FRANCIS partnered up the introspective lyricist with his long-time production partner, REANIMATOR. The subsequent album, THE UGLY TRUTH, received critical acclaim even though it didn’t quite match the success of the auto-tuned raps it sat beside on the charts that year. That was 2008, and by today’s standards that’s practically a lifetime ago. 5 years later the snarling, pessimist emcee has emerged once again, this time with eclectic DJ/Producer extraordinaire BUDDY PEACE (London, England,) to answer the question: “Where has Prolyphic been?” The content of this new album makes it abundantly clear; “in the same hell as you.”

WORKING MAN takes the all-too-familiar tales of family turmoil, cancer scares, lack of health care, unemployment woes and then forges them into blue collar anthems. Buddy Peace’s obscure loops and dusty breaks give the musical backdrop a quintessential “golden age” throwback sound, while Prolyphic uses grim life experience as the launching pad for an exploration of realities that are bigger than one man’s experience. This is a collective experience and it comes across as such. We all know someone with cancer. We all feel the pinch of the bad economy. Now it becomes a matter of what to do with that frustration and how to address the bigger picture.

“Business As Usual” is the first single:

Prolyphic uses the personal approach and goes for the throat like never before. On songs like “DRUG DEALER” we hear about doctors pushing pharmaceutical products on his mother to treat her cancer, and why her ultimate decision was to refuse them.

Check out “Drug Dealer”, the first video from “Working Man”:

“SIX FEET HIGH” tells the story of his father losing the family business in the floods that overran New England a few years back. With his unique honesty in full view,  Prolyphic courageously tells the story of what it meant to rebuild everything from scratch without help from the Government, and why experiences like this have working class New Englanders “losing faith in the Democrats.”

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The first single, “BUSINESS AS USUAL,” has Prolyphic double-timing his vocals while weaving lyrics around a catchy, Buddy Peace bounce pattern. “DEATH OF THE BOOMBOX” is a playful posse cut that features SFR label mates SAGE FRANCIS and METERMAIDS. Songs like “FUCK BANKS” use clever metaphors which help to illuminate the reasons why everyone is so disgruntled over their paychecks being “held for ransom.” If the new generation of hip-hop fans are no longer interested in deriving meaning from their music, the intricate beat layering and masterful wordplay used throughout makes it more than worth the journey for them. However, in a musical climate where so much airtime is wasted on throwaway bars and the latest dance crazes, it’s refreshing to see a duo like this making brave, honest music.

“Working Man” is now available:


Mar 10



“SICK TO D(EAT)H” is the latest installment in Sage Francis‘ long-running and legendary mixtape series!

Exclusive SFRstore package deals, including packages with t-shirt and hoodie options, are available here.

This release is only available at!

“Sick To D(EAT)H” is a 75 minute compilation of rare recordings, remixes, demos and brand new songs will be available on MP3, CD and Cassette. Yes…we’re returning to the original analog format which kicked off this mixtape series back in 1999. It includes a download code this time through.

It features contributions by Atmosphere, B. Dolan, Buck 65, Buddy Peace, Cecil Otter, DJ EQ, Kurtis SP, Lord Grunge, No Bird Sing, Prolyphic, Reanimator, Scroobius Pip and many more. The full track list is below.

A breakdown of each track is available here: Learn From The Mixtapes Of Others.

Exclusive packages, including options with T-Shirts (in sizes for Men & Women) & Hoodies, are available here.

If you want to help spread the word about “Sick To D(EAT)H”, click here for a banner to share on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media pages. Thanks for the support!

In other news, we’re proud to announce that Sage Francis is currently recording his NEW ALBUM (title withheld for now) which drops in June of 2014, officially ending a 4 year hiatus. This will be followed by a world tour. More info on that soon.

For now, enjoy the free download of “You Can’t Win” (EPIC BEARD MEN!)


01 – STD INTRO – (2005, beat & cuts by DJ EQ)

02 – GIMME DAT(2008, beat by Buck 65)

03 – ZERO Demo(2009 “I was Zero” demo, beat by Buck 65)

04 – BLUE(2013, beat by Reanimator, cuts by Buddy Peace)

05 – SLOW D(EAT)H Demo(2009 “Slow Man” demo, beat by Buck 65)

06 – THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD TO ME(2013, beat by Prolyphic)

07 – VIVA LA VINYL(2013, beat by Reanimator, violin by Jolie Holland, cuts by Buddy Peace)

08 – YOU CAN’T WIN (2013, feat. B. Dolan, beat by Buddy Peace. EPIC BEARD MEN!)

09 – BREAKING 2BAD (2013, feat. B. Dolan, beat by Buddy Peace. EPIC BEARD MEN!)

10 – LET EM COME REDUX(2012, Scroobius Pip, Metermaids, Cecil Otter. Beat by Cecil Otter)

11 – DARK ARTS ABRIDGED(2011, “Art of Darkness” demo edit. Beat by MC Lars.)

12 – REHAB Demo(2006, beat by Paul Fava)

13 – HIGH STEP Demo(2006, beat by Eaters)

14 – THE PASTOR SLEEPS FINE (interlude, music by Reanimator)

15 – ORIGIN TO DESCENT(2013, beat by Buddy Peace)

16 – TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (spoken word, 1999)

17 – THERE IS A BETTER WAY(Lord Grunge on vocals & guitar)

18 – UBUNTU (WATER INTO WINE)(2012, beat by Adam248 & Sage)

19 – DON’T THINK Vs. REBEL YELLOW – (2013, No Bird Sing / Cecil Otter. Mash up by Bearpuncher Prime)

20 – BABY STAYS (LIVE ON BBC)(2010, guitars by Worgie and Yila)

21 – I DON’T KNOW (feat. Atmosphere, 2003 demo)

22 – KID PROFIT FREESTYLE OUTTAKES (1994 bedroom cypher)

23 – LIFE IS AN STD(1996 demo)

24 – YEARS Demo(2009, “16 Years” demo, beat by Kurtis SP)



Package deals, including shirt and hoodie options, available here.


Please read carefully! ALL pre-orders will be held until the ship date. ALL other items in your shopping cart will also be held until the ship date. If you have items that you may want to receive sooner we suggest placing a separate order for those items.

Orders for all CD or CD+ Packages will ship on or before the release date of Tuesday, December 12, 2013.
Orders for all digital download pre-orders
will be fulfilled on or before Tuesday, December 12, 2013.
Orders for all Cassette pre-orders
will ship on or before the Cassette release date of Tuesday, December 31, 2013.
Digital downloads included in all pre-orders (including Cassette pre-orders) will be emailed on or before Tuesday, December 12, 2013.

PLEASE NOTE: PRE-ORDERS for this item included a digital download.
For orders placed after December 12,
please email with your order number
if you would like to receive a download link for the mixtape.
We will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Due to the timing of the release date and the heavier-than-usual volume of holiday season mail deliveries,
we CANNOT GUARANTEE delivery of pre-orders before the Christmas holiday.
We will do everything in our power to ship orders as early as possible.

Mar 05

NEW Prolyphic & Buddy Peace 7″ VINYL!

NEW Prolyphic & Buddy Peace 7″ VINYL!

From Prolyphic & Buddy Peace‘s stellar 2013 album “Working Man” comes a LIMITED EDITION, SFRstore-exclusive set of 7-inch Vinyl records, featuring the singles “Business As Usual” and “Death of the Boombox” (with Sage Francis & Metermaids)!

Available in three colors of Vinyl (Translucent Gold, Mixed Marble Slate Grey, and Black) with three variant, hand-screenprinted covers (Metallic Gold, Red, and Black) on recycled chipboard jackets.

This is a hand-numbered run of 300 (100 per color), for purchase individually or as part of a SIGNED, FOUR-VINYL SET!

Select packages will include a FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD of Buddy Peace‘s complete “Working Man” INSTRUMENTALS ALBUM and a Prolyphic & Buddy Peace 2-sticker set created especially for this release!



Prolyphic speaks on the theme of “Business As Usual”:

“From pedestal to chopping block, more and more overnight music celebrities are being manufactured on an assembly line. They are pumped out to audiences at a greater volume than ever to catch fleeting fame and buzz in an endless cycle that promotes quantity over quality. Throw an artist out, and reel in the catch. If that artist doesn’t work, then try another, then another, and they keep the pop factory conveyer belts running like it’s “Business As Usual.”

“Death of the Boombox
is an upbeat, throwback posse-cut featuring verses from SAGE FRANCIS and METERMAIDS.

While a majority of the Working Man LP addresses the bleaker issues of working class society, Death of the Boombox provides a playful detour, acting as an old-school throw down over the kind of boombap production that intends on blowing out cheap subwoofers. This isn’t a rehashing of the played out “hip-hop is dead” argument, nor is it a eulogy for the revered portable stereos of the past. It is an energetic return to a lost moment in time when sharing music with friends didn’t involve an internet connection. Songs were simply blasted throughout the neighborhood from two speakers perched on top of a b-boy’s shoulder. “Dig…put your back into it.”

Both of these songs are from Prolyphic & Buddy Peace’s “Working Man” album, available on CD & MP3 Download here.


* The “Business As Usual” b/w “Death of the Boombox” 7″ Vinyl is an SFRstore exclusive item, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies
* DIY-style packaging featuring hand-screenprinted artwork on recycled chipboard sleeves, making no 2 sleeves exactly alike!
* Only 100 of each color Vinyl (Black, Translucent Gold, Mixed Marble Slate Grey) and 100 of each color jacket (Black, Metallic Gold, Red) were created.

Feb 20

NO BIRD SING signs to Strange Famous! Their SFR debut is OUT NOW!

NO BIRD SING signs to Strange Famous! Their SFR debut is OUT NOW!

Minneapolis-based 3 piece hip-hop band NO BIRD SING has signed to STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS!

Their new album “DEFINITION SICKNESS” is available worldwide now.

Order your copy on SIGNED CD or MP3 DOWNLOAD by clicking here!

photo credit: Cameron Wittig

Stand outs in the indie-rap haven of Minnesota, No Bird Sing combines the talents of emcee Joe Horton, drummer/producer Graham O’Brien, and guitarist/producer Robert Mulrennan. With “Definition Sickness”, the trio has maintained the integrity of their live-band roots while exploring a more produced sound that ranges from stark minimalism to lush expansiveness.

The first single, “DON’T THINK”, is a brooding track where Horton shares vocal duties with SFR label head SAGE FRANCIS.

Listen to “Don’t Think” featuring SAGE FRANCIS:

Other guests on the album include FIX collective cohorts Crescent Moon (Kill the Vultures) and Kristoff Krane, as well as Sadistik, Chastity Brown, James Diers (Halloween, Alaska), Aby Wolf, Adam Svec. and Molly Dean.

Check out the first video from the album, “AND WAR” featuring Molly Dean!:

NBS released their eponymous debut to critical acclaim in 2009. Their 2011 follow-up, “Theft of the Commons”, along with the US tour dates that followed, served to expand their loyal, burgeoning fanbase across the Midwest and beyond.

Their SFR debut,  “Definition Sickness”, offers a meditative commentary on modern life, owing much to leftist political theorists like Howard Zinn as well as Eastern-leaning philosophers like Alan Watts and Lao Tzu. Musically the dark, transcendent instrumentation of the record creates a rich and varied soundscape that will immediately entice fans of multiple genres. Repeat listeners will be rewarded by both the layered lyrical themes and the ear candy that’s provided by the nuanced sonic compositions.

“If you took away the vocals, you’d never know it was hip hop,” admits drummer/producer Graham O’Brien. “We’re just investigating the relationship between hip hop and other genres—taking the spoken, rhythmic word and putting it in other places.”

“That’s what creativity is,” vocalist Horton says. “It’s coming to this point where you don’t know exactly what you’re doing and having to figure out what to do. The second you’re not doing that, you’re just rehashing old shit.”

All Songs Written by No Bird Sing

Vocals & Lyrics by Joe Horton
Guitars & Keys by Robert Mulrennan
Drums by Graham O’Brien

Produced by Graham O’Brien (except where noted)

Recorded by Adam Krinsky
Mixed by Adam Krinsky & Graham O’Brien at Bellows Studio
Mastered by Huntley Miller at HM Mastering

Additional engineering by Robert Mulrennan & Graham O’Brien
Additional vocal production by Joe Horton

01 Breathless f. Chastity Brown
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Cello by Michelle Kinney

02 Apogee f. Aby Wolf
Produced by Robert Mulrennan
Co-Produced by Graham O’Brien

03 Reality Hunger f. James Diers
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Co-produced by Robert Mulrennan

04 Target Practice f. Kristoff Krane
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Co-Produced by Robert Mulrennan

05 Flag Waver
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Cello by Michelle Kinney

06 Boom Day f. Crescent Moon
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Organ by Joe Horton

07 Heaven and Other Drugs
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Co-produced by Robert Mulrennan, Joe Horton

08 Rapture Muffin f. Adam Svec
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Co-Produced by Robert Mulrennan, Joe Horton
Rhodes by Joe Horton
Piano by Adam Krinsky

09 And War f. Molly Dean
Produced by Graham O’Brien

10 Vinestar f. Sadistik
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Additional vocals by Aby Wolf

11 Fashionable Cannibal
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Bass by Casey O’Brien

12 Don’t Think f. Sage Francis
Produced by Robert Mulrennan
Co-Produced by Graham O’Brien

13 Friday
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Co-Prouced by Robert Mulrennan
14 Freedom Slave
Produced by Graham O’Brien
Bass by Casey O’Brien


Cop yours here!

Jan 09

The SFR Holiday Sale is going on NOW!

The SFR Holiday Sale is going on NOW!

The SFRstore Holiday Sale 2015 is OVER. Thanks for all of your support & hope your holidays were great! We’ll see you next year!

This year we’ve got more of our traditional package deals as well as specials and surprises in every department; from CDs to T-Shirts, Hoodies to Vinyl and more.

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B. DOLAN package deal
1 “House of Bees” CD – YOU CHOOSE THE VOLUME!!! – please note Volume 1, 2, or 3 at checkout
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SFR CREW package deal
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METERMAIDS package deal
1 “We Brought Knives” CD, 1 “Rooftop Shake” CD, 1 “Nightlife” CD, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

SLEEP Of Oldominion package deal 
1 “Hesitation Wounds” CD, 1 “Christopher” CD, 1 SIGNED Hesitation Wounds 11×17 poster, 1 SFR sticker, 1 SFR 1″ Button

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HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the heavier-than-usual volume of holiday season mail deliveries, we CANNOT GUARANTEE delivery of Holiday Sale orders before the Christmas holiday. We will do everything in our power to ship orders as early as possible. We recommend placing International orders before December 1 and Domestic orders before December 10 for best chance of delivery.


Dec 01

NEW dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip album AVAILABLE NOW + New T-SHIRTS!

NEW dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip album AVAILABLE NOW + New T-SHIRTS!

After a 3-year hiatus, dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip have returned with their third group effort, “Repent Replenish Repeat”!

The digital version of the album is available now from SFRstore here.
Also available on iTunes, Amazon, and all major digital stores!

The Strange Famous Records release of the album features an EXCLUSIVE bonus track,
available only on CD & Digital versions in North America!

Click here to order your CD copy!

The digital version dropped October 7, 2013.

The first single & video from the album is “STUNNER”!:

Check out the second video for “GOLD TEETH” featuring Flux Pavilion!

The third single from the album is “You Will See Me”:

The official US tracklisting for “Repent Replenish Repeat”:

01 Stunner (3.59)
02 Nightbus Sleepers (3.27)
03 Terminal (4.10)
04 Heroism (3.26)
05 Porter (4.56)
07 Gold Teeth (3.23) [feat Flux Pavilion]
08 Entity (3.22)
09 Stiff Upper Lip (3.23) [feat Itch]
10 You Will See Me (5.34)

Click here to order your copy!
* * * NOW AVAILABLE * * *

Official SFR “Repent Replenish Repeat” T-SHIRTS

featuring an incredible screenprinted version
of Paul Jackson’s cover art!

Check out the close-up photos of the graphic below
and click here to order yours!


Oct 02

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BRAND NEW STYLE FOR 2016, available in Men's & Women's fits! The One Party System T-Shirt is inspired by lyrics from the Sage Francis classic "Slow Down Gandhi".

NEW! B. Dolan's first live album "We Show Up" is here on SIGNED CD! B is on the road now - info on all upcoming dates here.

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