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New! Classic Album Reissues!

New! Classic Album Reissues! is proud to offer 2 new CD reissues of classic hip hop albums: Special Ed’s Youngest In Charge (in a new Extended Edition), and Company Flow’s groundbreaking debut LP Funcrusher Plus!

Special Ed – Youngest In Charge (Extended Edition)
The re-release of Special Ed’s debut full length Youngest In Charge! Originally released on Profile records in 1989, Youngest In Charge boasts a track list that includes such Hip Hop classics as “I Got It Made”, “Taxing” and “Think About It” (remember the video with the hovercraft?). The album, produced entirely by Howie “Hitman” Tee, was released when Ed was just 16!

This expanded reissue features eight tracks previously not available on CD and is complimented perfectly with a 16 page booklet featuring extensive liner notes from Brian Colemen (author of Rakim Told Me and Check The Technique). The booklet also includes alternative images from the original photo shoot provided by the original photographer Robert Lewis.

Company Flow – Funcrusher Plus
If you’ve been jonesing for some groundbreaking late-’90s hip-hop that seamlessly weaves sci-fi references into agitprop and anti-capitalism, you’re in luck. Nearly a decade after the group went on hiatus, Company Flow sees its landmark (and only) LP, Funcrusher Plus, get the reissue treatment from Definitive Jux Records.

Already ahead of its time when originally released in 1997, Funcrusher Plus is widely recognized as one the most influential hip hop albums ever, shattering conventions with its musical complexity and uncompromising lyricism. Comprised of producer/MC El-P, MC Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len, Company Flow’s music rejected the conventional hooks and jazz/funk samples favored at the time, opting instead for jagged, lo-fi and punishing sonics crowned with confrontational and highly literate word-play and rhyme patterns.

May 01

Sage, B. Dolan, Buck 65 at SoundSet ’09!

Sage, B. Dolan, Buck 65 at SoundSet ’09!

Canterbury Park – Shakopee, MN

Rhymesayers Entertainment and Rose Presents bring you the second annual Soundset Festival: the official Midwest kick-off of the summer with over eight hours of the best independent Hip Hop music in one day. It all goes down at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN (rain or shine).

Confirmed artists for Soundset 09 include: Atmosphere, The Pharcyde, MF Doom, Brother Ali, Freeway & Jake One, Sage Francis with B. Dolan, Immortal Technique, P.O.S, El P with Mr. Dibbs & TMQ, Eyedea & Abilities, Abstract Rude + Aceyalone & Myka 9 = Haiku D’Etat with DJ Drez, Prince Paul, Buck 65, Blueprint with DJ Rare Groove, DJ Numark, Heiruspecs, Cunninlynguists, Blue Scholars, Sims of Doomtree, One Be Lo, I Self Devine, Awol One, Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak = Hand Over Fist of Doomtree, Toki Wright, Grieves, Unknown Prophets, Lil Buddy Mclain, Just.Live, Kristoff Krane, El Guante, Plain Ole Bill, BK One, King Otto, and DJ Nikoless.

With options of a main stage, Fifth Element stage, DJ tent with a national b-boy/b-girl battle, slow & low custom car show and 3rd Lair skate demo, Soundset is guaranteed to bring the fun for the whole family!

Tickets are on sale NOW to the general public through and Fifth Element. General admission tickets are $30 plus applicable fees (parking is included in ticket price), After Party and VIP options are also available.

Apr 20

Sage Francis & B. Dolan added to Rock The Bells 2009!

Sage Francis & B. Dolan added to Rock The Bells 2009!

B. Dolan and Sage Francis are scheduled to appear on at least 6 Rock the Bells shows this summer!

Check back for more details soon. Meanwhile check out the tentative  line up:

Chicago, IL
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Toronto, ONT
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Washington, DC
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Boston, MA
Date & Venue to be announced soon
New York, NY
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Denver, CO
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Los Angeles, CA
Date & Venue to be announced soon
San Francisco, CA
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Miami, FL
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Vancouver, BC
Date & Venue to be announced soon
Apr 13

They’re Back! Mac Lethal Re-issues In Stock Now!

They’re Back! Mac Lethal Re-issues In Stock Now!

An AUTOGRAPHED Re-Release of classic Mac Lethal! Out of print for years, SFR has these exclusive reissues from Black Clover Records available in very limited quantities.

Love Potion Collection 1 was an assortment of songs written in 2002/2003. My friend Sage Francis invited me to go on the Fuck Clear Channel tour, and since I didn’t have any sort of record deal at the time. Or album for that matter. I decided to find my favorite 14-15 tracks I had laying around, and press them up on a CD.

Love Potion Collection 2 was the exact same concept. Except these were my favorite 16 nomadic songs I had laying around, that I pressed to CD to sell on the P.O.S Is Ruining My Life Tour in 2006. Some people say this is my best piece of music in terms of lyric writing.

So Black Clover Records has decided to no longer make them “Out of print” and re-release these bad boys! Both have new packaging, brand new covers (LPC1 is my dad after running the Oakland marathon/ LPC2 is
me getting my haircut when I was 4 years old in my suede Adidas Campus shoes). Also, I autographed ALL of the cds before we shrink wrapped them. The autograph is actually INSIDE the shrink wrap. So if you decide to purchase 2 of them, you can save 1 for your collection, and listen to the other one.

I suggest you buy Love Potion Collections 1 and 2 together, get some popcorn, and go on a ride through my early 20’s as a rapper.” – Mac

Apr 09

New SFR Knit Hats Available Now!

New SFR Knit Hats Available Now!

The long-awaited first piece of SFR headgear is here!

Call it a knit hat, a beanie, a ski hat, whatever you please, it’ll keep you warm on chilly spring nights and in the dead of winter. The SFR logo in white with ‘STRANGE’ and ‘FAMOUS’ wrapped around the sides of a black hat.

100% Acrylic. One size fits most. Machine wash in warm water. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron. 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Click here to order yours!

Mar 31

SFRstore is being updated!

SFRstore is being updated!

The Strange Famous Records Online Store will be offline while we make some improvements. Please bear with us, we’ll be back soon. In the meantime, have a look around the rest of the magical Internet world of Strange Famous, or check out SFR on YouTube or MySpace. Thanks!

Mar 31

New Sage Francis & Prayers For Atheists T-Shirts!

New Sage Francis & Prayers For Atheists T-Shirts!

Brand new gear from Sage Francis, and the first official shirt for Jared Paul’s band, Prayers For Atheists!

The mystery man from Sage’s “Escape Artist” video reappears in wearable form, with the Sage artist image emblazoned with “Ain’t No Magic In The Breakdown” on back. Click here to check it out.

Locally printed on US-made American Apparel shirts, the PFA shirt boasts the Prayers For Atheists logo on front and the brand new SFR logo on the back. Peep game by clicking here.

Mar 22

Mac Lethal Original 11:11 Sessions CD Available Now!

Mac Lethal Original 11:11 Sessions CD Available Now!

Extremely Rare and EXCLUSIVE. “The Original 11:11 Sessions” CD.

The original version of Mac Lethal’s “11:11” contains 15 unique tracks that did not appear on the final version of his album released on RSE. In Mac’ own words, “While I am very proud of the version of 11:11 that came out in 2007, I have wanted the world to listen to this version for some time now. All of these songs were written in 2004. Death, humor, sensualism. 11:11’s original draft.” It’s understood that Mac Lethal is a prolific artist, so he can easily pump out an album’s worth of material in a month’s time, but it’s a shame that a collection of songs this good did not hit the store shelves. Thankfully, it is now available for those who know where to find it.

1. Absolutely Nowhere
2. Shotgun
3. Hammered In
4. Bloom
5. Toad
6. In My Dreams
7. Bareknuckle Chris
8. Oak Tree
9. Baby Powder (w/ Joe Good)
10. The Original Make-out Bandit
11. The Sketchbook
12. Halo
13. Tummy
14. Epilogue
15. Vanish

Mar 18

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