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The Strange Famous Megamix 2009! FREE DOWNLOAD!

The Strange Famous Megamix 2009! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Courtesy of XLR8R Magazine & DJ Pickster One comes the Strange Famous 2009 Megamix!  Featuring the work of Cecil Otter, B. Dolan, Sleep, The Returners, Curtis Plum, and Prayers for Atheists, all tracks in this 52-minute non-stop mix come from the SFR 2009 release schedule. Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD, and check out the full write-up from XLR8R here:

With Sage Francis at the helm of the Strange Famous brand, it comes as no surprise that the label’s artists—showcased in this exclusive mix—deliver a similar style of hip-hop—sharp, gritty, and unabashedly to-the-point when it comes to lyrical content. DJ Pickster One compiled the tracks for the Strange Famous Megamix 2009, and if you don’t know the work of Cecil Otter, B. Dolan, Sleep, The Returners, Curtis Plum, and Prayers for Atheists yet, you will be more than familiar by the end of this 52-minute mix. All tracks come from the Strange Famous 2009 release schedule, which means we can expect angst-hop albums galore in the coming months.

Strange Famous Megamix 2009
01 Cecil Otter – Duel
02 B. Dolan – One Breath Left
03 The Returners – From The Desk Of La2thebay
04 Sleep – Talk About It
05 Cecil Otter – The Poet is Rapist
06 Prayers for Atheists – Psalm for St. Paul
07 Sleep – Orchestra Of Strangers
08 Curtis Plum – Call My Cellphone
09 The Returners – First Kill
10 Cecil Otter – Sufficiently Breathless
11 B. Dolan – RSVP
12 The Returners – I Promise Feat. P.O.S.
13 Sleep – Hesitation Wounds Feat. Grayskul
14 Prayers for Atheists – Lot’s Wife
15 Sleep – Interlude
16 Curtis Plum – Indie Rocker
17 Cecil Otter – Black Rose
18 The Returners – She Just Thinks
19 Prayers for Atheists – Wrong Horse
20 Sleep – Lothar Feat. Del The Funkey Homosapien
21 SFR 2009 Outro

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD!

Jul 02



Prayers For Atheists have delivered their debut self-titled EP on Strange Famous Records, adding a touch of punk rock to the indie-hop label.

PFA’s debut is available now on CD or as a digital download!

Fronted by long-time SFR affiliate Jared Paul and punk rock journeyman Alan Hague, PFA delivers the well crafted and thought provoking lyrics people have come to expect from Strange Famous. Thrashing rapidly between mid-80’s hardcore punk, counter-culture victory anthems, and politically-slanted rap, PFA gracefully snakes in and out of genres while escaping lazy categorization.

Using creative concepts to address pressing topical issues, the music remains fueled by the message while the band demonstrates a sense of victory and hope. These songs are labor testimonials, dance jams, and anti-war hymns executed with heart, craft and integrity. This self-titled 8 song EP is a forceful opening statement for a group who intends on shaking things up while having fun doing it. It’s not macabre music. And it’s not cynical. That would be too easy.

With years of anti-war organizing and a storied career laden with protest arrests, Jared Paul has become somewhat of a modern folk hero within the under ground American counter-culture. His most notable run-in with the law happened during the 2008 Republican National Convention, where Jared was the victim of a mass arbitrary arrest.

Fans and supporters jumped to action, creating a fundraiser via, from which an attorney was hired and the case was eventually dropped. This particular victory is celebrated in PFA’s lead-off single, “Psalm for St. Paul.”

The full Prayers For Atheists EP is streaming now at PFA’s MySpace! Click here to take a listen.

01 Psalm For St. Paul
02 Patriarchy Presents
03 Coat Hanger
04 Tom Delay
05 Lot’s Wife
06 ROS
07 Bike Song
08 Wrong Horse

Jul 01

Sleep “Talk About It” Remix Contest! THE WINNERS!

Sleep “Talk About It” Remix Contest! THE WINNERS!

“Talk About It” is the first single from Sleep’s long-awaited SFR debut Hesitation Wounds. The full length LP is in stores now!

The Sleep of Oldominion “Talk About It” Remix Contest had 43 entries in all. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

The panel of judges, led by Sleep himself, have selected their own winner from the pool. The ‘electoral vote’ goes to AUPHEUS!

Aupheus is a sick UK production mastermind who previously blessed us with the beat for the SFR posse cut “Sea Legs,” available on Sage’s Sick Of Wasting mixtape.

Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Aupheus Remix!

The public voting process was a lively and furious one, and, with a surprise last minute rally, the winner of the popular vote is DEATH IN A MINIVAN!

Allegations of voter fraud and demands of a recount have left the SFR staff wading in a sea of hanging chads, but come now people, this is some honor system ish. No elected officials will have us under their thumb in a hellish 8-year-aftermath. Chin up. Better luck next time.

Click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Death In A Minivan (I.A.M.) Remix!

Both winners will receive their own Hesitation Wounds First Aid Kit. Aupheus’ remix will be offered for free download as the Clip of the Week on the SFRstore homepage this week, with Death I.A.M.’s in the chamber for sometime in the future.

Thanks again to all who participated in the Sleep “Talk About It” Remix Contest! Hope to see your names again next time.

Jun 30

Sage Francis “Sick Of Wasting” T-Shirt Available Now!

Sage Francis “Sick Of Wasting” T-Shirt Available Now!

Celebrate the release of the latest in Sage’s line of “Sick of…” mixtapes with the new “Sick of Wasting” T-Shirt! Features the Sage skull design (as seen on the new CD cover) printed off-center in slate grey ink on the front, with SFR logo & “Sage Francis” on the right sleeve.

Printed on olive green 100% Cotton Gildan shirts by ClassSick Custom.

Available in Mens’ sizes S-XXL.

Click here to cop yours today!

Jun 09

NEW! SFR 2MEX T-Shirts Available Now!

NEW! SFR 2MEX T-Shirts Available Now!

Declare your support for the Mayor of the L.A. Underground! The first SFR t-shirt for new crew member 2MEX is a navy and white design on a fresh west coast-friendly aqua shirt.

Front is 2Mex’s SFR artist image with “Mayor of LA Underground” text.
Back is the SFR logo with ‘My Fan Base Will Destroy You’ text.

Printed on 100% Cotton American Apparel t-shirts, designed by Irena Girlbot.

Cop yours today here.

2Mex’s group The Returners has a brand new digital album available now exclusively at! Check it out here.

May 27

Cecil Otter’s Rebel Yellow In Stores Now!

Cecil Otter’s Rebel Yellow In Stores Now!

The official SFR re-release of Cecil Otter’s debut hits stores Tuesday May 19! Now featuring fresh, new digipak-packaging. Spread the word and let your friends in on what SFR insiders have known for some time now: Cecil Otter is a slept on beast of lyrics & beats.

Available for the first time in stores and through digital music sites everywhere!

or, you can cop it here through

What the press has to say about Rebel Yellow:

“8 out of 10″

“There’s really not a single bad track.”

“For anyone who misses DJ Shadow’s earlier, more organic sound, the music on Rebel Yellow is a treat, all booming, stuttering drums, delicately plucked acoustic guitars, keening choral voices, malevolent music boxes, and lush strings.” – Reveille Magazine

For more on Cecil Otter, click here.

May 25



After bringing the heat for so long on record, it was only fitting that SFR manifest its firey ways in the clothing world. And so, just in time for the hot weather, we bring you these brand new “I’m At The Fire… Where the Hell Are You?” Strange Famous Records T-Shirts, available in your choice of brown or red.

Featuring the image of bossman Sage Francis as the devil his’self on the front, and the latest incarnation of the SFR logo set aflame on back.

Design by Irena Girlbot, printed by ClassSick Custom on 100% Cotton Gildan T-Shirts. Available in Mens sizes S-XXL.

May 22

Sleep’s “Hesitation Wounds” is IN STORES NOW!

Sleep’s “Hesitation Wounds” is IN STORES NOW!

It’s finally here:  Sleep’s long-awaited SFR debut has arrived in stores! You can still click here to lock down your copy with some exclusive Strange Famous bonus items today.

All orders purchased through will include an 11×17 Hesitation Wounds poster SIGNED BY SLEEP and a Strange Famous Records sticker!

Click here for the FREE DOWNLOAD of the official leak of Sleep’s “Lothar” featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien!

“This is an infinite love in its purest form. It’s not the norm but it’s all I know so here it goes.
This speaking from the heart tore my life apart to bleed for ya, I just thought you should know.” – Sleep of Oldominion from “Talk About It”

After a decade of trail-blazing across America and cementing his reputation as one of underground hip hop’s true buried treasures, SLEEP of Oldominion & Strange Famous Records are proud to announce the release of his third album HESITATION WOUNDS.  Due out June 30, the album combines the witty and shocking decrees from the mind of vocalist Sleep with a high-speed barrage of sonic thunder from a selection of indie hip hop’s finest beatsmiths.

The first single will be “Talk About It,” an old school-style cut displaying a dizzying flow produced by SFR labelmate Reanimator. Lyrically, Sleep takes a battle stance against manufactured artists while refusing to dilute his style or message for the sake of mainstream acceptance.

“Sleep can tear off syllables at a cheetah’s pace like Aesop Rock or Busdriver, but even his fastest rhymes make sense.” – XLR8R

Hesitation Wounds is a vivid and intense journey through the psyche of one of underground hip hop’s longest tenured and most promising emcees.The follow-up to Sleep’s acclaimed 2005 LP Christopher, the album features guest appearances by Del tha Funky Homosapien, Grayskul, and boasts the production credits of Reanimator, Zebulon Dak and Smoke. Constructed from a mix of samples, live instrumentation, and a myriad of styles that all assist in the storytelling of a lifelong hip-hop veteran who has much more to offer the game than brag raps. This is real life in all its complexities, compressed into 13 solid tracks, and delivered in a way that only Sleep could do.

A co-founder of the Oldominion crew, a conglomerate of hip-hop artists based out of the Pacific Northwest, Sleep and his people have been putting it down for Seattle and Portland for the past decade. Hesitation Wounds displays an new level of strength in songwriting and the signature style that earned Sleep a devout following in the underground scene.

Click here to order your copy of Hesitation Wounds!

The complete track listing for Hesitation Wounds:

01 Intro (produced by Pale Soul.)

02 Day Dreamer (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One, horns by Ross Liquid, additional vocals Toni Hill.)

03 Talk About It (produced by Reanimator.)

04 Who to Point the Finger At (produced by Reanimator.)

05 Ginelli (produced by Samix, scratches DJ Z-One. Horns by Ross Liquid, Lambs Bread and Jamzels. Additional vocals by Toni Hill and Scott Preston.)

06 Spent (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One.)

07 Orchestra of Strangers (produced by Leon West, featuring Toni Hill.)

08 Hesitation Wounds (produced by Zavala, featuring Grayskul.)

09 Commercial (produced by Pale Soul.)

10 Lothar (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One, featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.)

11  Get It (produced by Smoke, scratches by DJ Z-One.)

12 So Far Away (produced by Samix, scratches by DJ Z-One, additional vocals by Toni Hill.)

13 Roll Call (produced by Zavala.)

May 19

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From the mind of B. Dolan, The MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN Hat is meant to express solidarity with those opposing racism, homophobia, and fascism worldwide.  Anywhere they rear their head, we will combat them.  It's that simple.

BRAND NEW STYLE FOR 2016, available in Men's & Women's fits! The One Party System T-Shirt is inspired by lyrics from the Sage Francis classic "Slow Down Gandhi".

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