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Happy SFR Anniversary, DanVsPip! + FREE 7″s!

Happy SFR Anniversary, DanVsPip! + FREE 7″s!

It’s hard to believe, but September 2 is the one year anniversary of dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s SFR debut album, Angles! To celebrate, Strange Famous Records is offering a FREE limited edition 7″ vinyl white label single with every purchase of an “Angles” CD!

Click here to check out pics of the vinyl and cop yours!

This is an extremely limited edition 7″ vinyl piece, with the Angles track “First Time We Met Musik” b/w “Unspoken Word Poetry”, from Scroobius Pip’s long out-of-print solo debut!

Each piece has a spray-painted ‘lesac vs pip’ logo in an array of colors (even more than pictured here)!

Don’t worry: if you’ve already picked up your copy of Angles on CD, you can still purchase the 7-inch separately here.

Each order will receive a randomly selected color logo.

Aug 27

Buddy Peace “Late Model Sedan” AVAILABLE NOW!

Buddy Peace “Late Model Sedan” AVAILABLE NOW!

Strange Famous Records’ secret weapon Buddy Peace takes you on a sonic odyssey with his official debut digital release Late Model Sedan!

Available on all digital sites NOW, or here at!

Journey along a highway littered with electronic hip-hop, fractured spoken word, hypnotic drones, and ferocious straight up beat programming, finished off with the type of fine American sparkle that only a UK production whiz could provide. Late Model Sedan is a mesmerizing when the needle hits 100 as it is while sitting proudly in the driveway, the rare instrumental epic that demands your attention from start to finish.

“Ample Champ”, the first single from Late Model Sedan, is available for FREE DOWNLOAD as the Clip of the Week on now!

Full Tracklist :

1.     ‘Buddy, You Look Sick…’
2.     ‘Datsun Gauze’
3.     ‘Hawkstring Corpse (Gooder Grief)’
4.     ‘Auburn Pelog Error’
5.    ‘Arcade Murderflash’
6.    ‘Rcdmrdrflsh’
7.     ‘Golden Block District’
8.    ‘Shortlands Road Suite’
A.     ‘Cherry Tree Recorder’
B.    ‘76, 79, 80’
C.    ‘Drama School 371’
9.    ‘Court Order Blue’
A.    ‘Chrome Porch Script’
B.    ‘Teleprompter Blaze’
10.    ‘Austin Funeral Stress Tapes’
11.    ‘Ample Champ’
12.    ‘Human Cadillac’
13.    ‘Steam Dashboard Intermission’
14.    ‘I Explode (Why Bomb, Why?)’

Click here to cop yours!


“Turntable genius and mixtape maestro Buddy Peace returns with his first official digital long-player, released on the Strange Famous label. Blending together supremely artful drum-sculpting with snippets of more abstract sounds (as well as a wide-ranging palette of vocal samples, this makes for one of this year’s more interesting and organically experimental hip hop instrumental suites. More so than on most albums of this ilk, Buddy’s music really takes you on a journey of some sort, but better still, along the way your travelling companions will be a dazzling array of beats, ranging from dark and jazzy, off-kilter figures (as on ‘Hawkstring Corpse’) to heavier, hiss-laden break treatments (‘Arcade Murderflash’). Expertly put together and inventive throughout, Late Model Sedan comes recommended to all open-minded hip hop heads.” –


Buddy Peace himself explains his SFR debut in the “Late Model Sedan Operator’s Manual”:

Buddy Peace
‘Late Model Sedan’
Operator’s Manual

There seems to have always been a radio on while I was growing up…

‘Late Model Sedan’ is the project that’s been sitting out in the garage (car-hole) since 2004. Years of collecting and sending away for parts, reading manuals, testing mechanisms and standing with arms crossed, looking puzzled down at the exposed motor that sneers back at me, chuckling at my mechanic skills. It’s been a long while in the making dammit.

Since all those years ago when I first caught rap radio broadcasts on a wood-look radio complete with two-pence piece jammed in the tuning display, the younger me was beginning to build on what would later be a burning fascination, obsession even, with American culture. The music, the films, the landscapes, the people – everything. And the cars… Wood paneled sedans, Chevys, Buicks, Cadillacs, the whole deal. I used to live near a place called ‘The American Car Centre’ which probably has something to do with it.

Years down the road, these obsessions remain and continue to grow, with the constant being hip hop music. Listening to it evolve over the years and learning how to appreciate other kinds of music (which took some time as back then I only responded to hip hop and heavy metal – you couldn’t tell me shit), I eventually grasped what I’d absorbed all the while and started DJing, which later led on to buying an MPC2000, later upgrading to the XL model. More gear followed.

Long story cut very short, the winding road leads to ‘Late Model Sedan’. The name’s been in the back of my mind since I started making music. I wanted to somehow incorporate everything I enjoyed listening to over time, with my own details carved into it and molded to my own specification. I wanted it to remain true to my mixtape history and blend it all into one sweeping experience, and cover the ground I knew I was capable of covering. Whether it’s spoken word, drones, straight up beat programming or micro-edits, I wanted to get it in there, and finish it off with a fine American sparkle while it sits proudly in the driveway (at this point in my life, I still can’t drive. I’m working on that…).

I like to think this will leave something with you, whether it is an overall picture in your mind or a phrase from within the layers of dialogue, or something else entirely. A passing car’s stereo… Or half tuned in radio waves from the older years…

It’s not the flashiest car on the block, folks. But as with most late model sedans, it’s built to last. I sincerely hope you enjoy. Drive safe yo.

written by Buddy Peace

Aug 17

New B. Dolan ‘House of Bees’ T-Shirts Available Now!

New B. Dolan ‘House of Bees’ T-Shirts Available Now!

A brand new B. Dolan shirt to commemorate the release of his new mixtape House of Bees Vol. 1 mixed by Buddy Peace!

Click here to order your House of Bees shirt!

Front graphic: “B. Dolan” and “House of Bees Vol 1” around Bee design.

Back graphic: “Sold the whole thing then forgot what it was, now you got no sting and you’re trying to start a buzz” with SFR and Knowmore logos and Bee design.

Available in Men’s sizes S-XXL on Mustard color Chouinard Heavyweight Short-Sleeve T’s

  • Pre-shrunk 100% cotton
  • 6.1-oz.
  • Ribbed collar
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Shoulder to shoulder taping
  • Double-needle stitching on neck, sleeve and bottom hem

Design by Irena Girlbot. Printed by ClassSick Custom, Pawtucket RI.

You can get your  FREE DOWNLOAD of House of Bees Vol. 1 and pre-order a copy of the SIGNED CD version today!

Aug 04

B. Dolan + El-P New England Shows!

B. Dolan + El-P New England Shows!

Strange Famous Records’ B. Dolan joins Definitive Jux head honcho El-P this fall on a three-show New England run!

The mini-tour will hit Boston, Providence, and Portland in October. Dates and venues are posted below, be sure to check back as additional details will be added as we get them.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

B. Dolan
Yak Ballz

121 Center Street
Portland ME 04101


Friday, October 09, 2009

B. Dolan
Yak Ballz
Poorly Drawn People

Jerky’s Music Hall
71 Richmond Street
Providence RI


Saturday, October 10, 2009

B. Dolan
Yak Ballz
Left Over Wine

Harpers Ferry
158 Brighton Ave
Allston MA 02134

Aug 03

New Solillaquists of Sound CD + EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUS ITEMS!

New Solillaquists of Sound CD + EXCLUSIVE FREE BONUS ITEMS!

EXCLUSIVE SFR PACKAGE! All orders from will receive an exclusive package including a copy of the new Solillaquists of Sound CD “No More Heroes”, a 13×19 No More Heroes poster & an instrumental CD version of the album! This offer is only available here at! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.


At their core, heroes are trailblazers, engulfed by a spirit that is unafraid to break outside the constraints of conformity to innovate and improve the space in which they exist. And their path is a rocky one – some of the greatest minds of our time have been plagued by the pioneer’s curse. All too often, the rest of the world greets these ahead-of-their-time individuals with a blind eye (or even worse, hostility). Unfortunately, tangible genius is rarely recognized until it is no longer with us.

With the release of their sophomore album No More Heroes (the second in a trilogy of conceptually-linked records for Anti-), Orlando-based hip hop quartet Solillaquists of Sound have accomplished the rare feat of creating a body of work that’s as palatable to the public as it is groundbreaking, imaginative, and rewarding to listeners looking for something more in the soundtrack to their lives.

Track List:
01. Marvel
02. Harriet Tubman pt. 2
03. New Sheriff in Town
04. Gotham City Chase Scene
05. Look
06. Popcorn
07. The Curse
08. Dolla Dolla
09. The Roots of Kinte
10. Fittin’ In
11. Death of The Muse
12. 4 People
13. Heroes
14. Solillaquy (The 4-Telling)
15. Bulletproof
16. No More Heroes (the illusion of silence)

Since the release of their 2006 Anti- debut As If We Existed Solillaquists of Sound have toured the country several times over, establishing themselves as a must-see live act. Having shared the stage with the likes of Sage Francis, Michael Franti & Spearhead, KRS-One, Bad Brains, Ozomatli, El-P, and Lyrics Born, the group has developed a rabid, grassroots following of listeners inspired by their outside-the-box musical aesthetic. And while much of that acclaim was rooted in the holistic vibrancy of their debut, No More Heroes is a stark departure from what some may expect from the group.

Driven by a more aggressive, in-your-face sound, No More Heroes is an engaging reflection of the times in which we live, powered by the visceral, predominantly synth-heavy beats of DiViNCi and the urgent vocals of Swamburger, Alexandrah, and Tonya Combs. Shedding the more outwardly cerebral approach of their previous effort, here the Solillaquists present a fundamental return to basics, a purified approach to their musicianship that’s still as engaging as it is well labored. The kid gloves are off; primal, energetic, and as passionate as ever, these songs represent a group at the apex of their collective virtuosity.

That virtuosity makes for a bedazzling display throughout the album. With a musical canvas fusing elements of hip hop, dubstep, prog-rock, afrobeat, folk music, and epic movie scores, the sound of No More Heroes is a blistering collage that never loses its identity, maintaining an underlying unified sound. Swamburger’s malleable raps and Alexandrah’s beautifully layered vocal harmonies find able company in this aural playground with components such as live horns, talk box-addled MPC sounds, strings, sinuous synths, spastic drums, and more.

But dig beneath the surface of the sleek and cold-veined sounds of DiViNCi’s production, and it isn’t difficult to grasp the Trojan Horse method that the group appropriated for No More Heroes. As pieces of a grander concept-driven album (in a time when such an ambitious effort is an all-too-rare entity), these songs all revolve around the theme of the hero; whether it’s lamenting the absence of the great heroes of our past (“Harriet Tubman,” “The Roots of Kinte,” and the Martin Luther King, Jr.-inspired “Bulletproof”) or renouncing the idea of a society being so dependent on heroes altogether (“Marvel,” “Heroes”), each track promotes a message of self-empowerment – a call of action to be your own hero.

A fitting sentiment coming from a collective who’s never shied away from giving back to the community. Case in point – J Dilla tribute “Death of the Muse,” featuring J-Live, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, and Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey (mother of the deceased influential producer) was made available for download in late 2008, with 100 percent of the proceeds going directly to Ms. Yancey, who’s been afflicted with both medical and financial turmoil in the wake of her son’s passing; featured the effort as one of their top news stories, and LA Weekly called the track “the most awesome song in the history of awesomedom.” Additionally, plans are underway to launch the Solilla Center 4 Creative Kids, a non-profit school designed to empower our youth with the knowledge of all things good for mind, body, and spirit.

The role of the pioneer may have a history of getting lost in the sands of time, overlooked by contemporaries only to be unearthed years later and recognized for contribution to the craft – but the Solillaquists of Sound stand a good chance of breaking that cycle. While the world at large waits for a caped figure to swoop down and right the wrongs of our society, Solilla is here to spread the message loud and clear that in the times in which we live, there can be No More Heroes.


Jul 27

B. Dolan & Buddy Peace Mixtape PRE-ORDER+FREE DOWNLOAD!

B. Dolan & Buddy Peace Mixtape PRE-ORDER+FREE DOWNLOAD!

“House of Bees Vol. 1” is the latest from B. Dolan of Strange Famous Records; a 50 minute compilation of unreleased songs, collaborations and remixes assembled by label-mate and UK producer Buddy Peace.  This mix will be offered to the public both as a free download and as a limited run of signed, purchasable hard copies, available EXCLUSIVELY this August 11 from Strange Famous online store (

Click here to pre-order the limited edition SIGNED CD!

Dolan’s writing and delivery here is by turns venomous and vulnerable, playful and possessed, and Buddy Peace has got the range and depth of production to match his lyricist’s every whim.  A number of producers and emcees show up for cameos, including Jackson of Grand Buffet, Curtis Plum, Prolyphic, Alias, Aupheus, and Strange Famous label boss Sage Francis, who lends verses to a number of these songs.

B. Dolan is currently touring the U.S. with the Rock the Bells tour, and is set to release Fallen House, Sunken City, an album produced entirely by legendary beatsmith Alias, on Strange Famous Records this winter.  Buddy Peace will be releasing a new LP, Late Model Sedan, digitally via Strange Famous Records on August 18.

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD of “House of Bees Vol. 1” courtesy of URB Magazine!


01 Evel Intro
02 House Of Bees feat. Sage Francis
03 Paid Dues feat. Sage Francis
04 Lucifer
05 Heart Failure
06 Sea Legs feat. Sage Francis
07 Open Letter to J.T.
08 Joan of Arcadia
09 One Breath Left
10 Dear Lefty
11 Survived Another Winter feat. Prolyphic, Alias, Sage Francis
12 Vin Diesel feat. Curtis Plum
13 One Breath Left (Jackson of Grand Buffet Remix)

Jul 23

Sage Francis’ “Sick Of Wasting” CD + FREE DOWNLOAD!

Sage Francis’ “Sick Of Wasting” CD + FREE DOWNLOAD!

Sage Francis has released the 5th installment of his “Sick Of” mixtape series, SICK OF WASTING!

Sick of Wasting, a mix of songs spanning from 1996-2009, is available as a free download on various online portals including and here at


If you care to pay for music (no guilt trip) and own a physical copy of Sick of Wasting, we are offering signed copies for $9.99. This is an exclusive and limited item that will not be available in stores.

Sick of Wasting tracklisting:

1) Strange Fame (2009)
2) S.A.G.E. Bastard (prod. by Buck 65, 2009)
3) I Trusted You (beat by Buck 65, 2009)
4) Needle (beat and scratches by Buddy Peace, 2009)
5) House of Bees (feat. B. Dolan, beat by Buck 65, 2009)
6) Jaw of Steel (beat and scratches by Reanimator, 2009)
7) If I Go To Hell (demo, 1997)
8) Conspiracy to Riot (beat & scratches by Reanimator, 2008)
9) Be a Star (beat by Buck 65, 2007)
10) Sea Legs (feat. B. Dolan & Sleep. Scratches by Buddy Peace.
Additional vocals by Jared Paul and Curtis Plum. Beat by Aupheus,
11) Flashback 96 (home recording, 1996)
12) Masturbate Your Brain (AOI demo, 1997)
13) SFR Pays Dues (feat. B. Dolan & Prolyphic, 2008)
14) Pump (beat and scratches by Buddy Peace & Reanimator, 2009)
15) Revenge of the Ogre (interlude w/ Trinity)
16) Who Farted? prt 1 (courtesy of XAUL ZAN)

Jul 09

The Strange Famous Megamix 2009! FREE DOWNLOAD!

The Strange Famous Megamix 2009! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Courtesy of XLR8R Magazine & DJ Pickster One comes the Strange Famous 2009 Megamix!  Featuring the work of Cecil Otter, B. Dolan, Sleep, The Returners, Curtis Plum, and Prayers for Atheists, all tracks in this 52-minute non-stop mix come from the SFR 2009 release schedule. Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD, and check out the full write-up from XLR8R here:

With Sage Francis at the helm of the Strange Famous brand, it comes as no surprise that the label’s artists—showcased in this exclusive mix—deliver a similar style of hip-hop—sharp, gritty, and unabashedly to-the-point when it comes to lyrical content. DJ Pickster One compiled the tracks for the Strange Famous Megamix 2009, and if you don’t know the work of Cecil Otter, B. Dolan, Sleep, The Returners, Curtis Plum, and Prayers for Atheists yet, you will be more than familiar by the end of this 52-minute mix. All tracks come from the Strange Famous 2009 release schedule, which means we can expect angst-hop albums galore in the coming months.

Strange Famous Megamix 2009
01 Cecil Otter – Duel
02 B. Dolan – One Breath Left
03 The Returners – From The Desk Of La2thebay
04 Sleep – Talk About It
05 Cecil Otter – The Poet is Rapist
06 Prayers for Atheists – Psalm for St. Paul
07 Sleep – Orchestra Of Strangers
08 Curtis Plum – Call My Cellphone
09 The Returners – First Kill
10 Cecil Otter – Sufficiently Breathless
11 B. Dolan – RSVP
12 The Returners – I Promise Feat. P.O.S.
13 Sleep – Hesitation Wounds Feat. Grayskul
14 Prayers for Atheists – Lot’s Wife
15 Sleep – Interlude
16 Curtis Plum – Indie Rocker
17 Cecil Otter – Black Rose
18 The Returners – She Just Thinks
19 Prayers for Atheists – Wrong Horse
20 Sleep – Lothar Feat. Del The Funkey Homosapien
21 SFR 2009 Outro

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD!

Jul 02

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From the mind of B. Dolan, The MAKE RACISTS AFRAID AGAIN Hat is meant to express solidarity with those opposing racism, homophobia, and fascism worldwide.  Anywhere they rear their head, we will combat them.  It's that simple.

BRAND NEW STYLE FOR 2016, available in Men's & Women's fits! The One Party System T-Shirt is inspired by lyrics from the Sage Francis classic "Slow Down Gandhi".

Because you demanded it: brand new FLEXFIT HATS! Click here to see them all.

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