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Planet B-Boy DVD Now In Stock!

Planet B-Boy DVD Now In Stock!

With compelling characters and vibrant dance sequences, Planet B-Boy is set in the International world of B-boying, the urban dance more commonly known as break dancing. Weaving between the vivid backdrops of Osaka, Paris, Seoul and Las Vegas, unforgettable images frame the intimate stories of dancers who struggle for their dreams despite being misunderstood by larger society and even their own families.

Bonus features include a 30-minute segment “More on B-boying” with commentary by legendary breakers like: Ken Swift (The Rock Steady Crew, Seven Gems) Storm Trac2 (Starchild La Rock) Poe1 and Crumbs (Style Elements) Asia1 Mr. Freeze and more.

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Planet B-Boy is a 2007 documentary film that focuses on the 2005 Battle of the Year while also describing B-boy (commonly known as Breakdancing, although this term is disputed by some) culture and history as a global phenomenon. This documentary was directed by Canadian-American Korean filmmaker Benson Lee, shot by Portuguese-American filmmaker Vasco Nunes, and released in theaters in the United States on March 21, 2008. It was released on dvd on November 11, 2008.

Planet B-Boy features extensive footage of the dancers in competition as well as street performances and various rehearsals by the different crews from around the world. The narrative of the film centers on five particular crews (representing France, Japan, South Korea, and the United States) in their quest to win the Battle of the Year, and it includes multiple interviews with the B-Boys and their families. The film also includes interviews with German B-Boy and promoter Thomas Hergenröther (who founded the Battle of the Year competition) and legendary B-Boy Ken Swift of the Rock Steady Crew.

This film has been shown at numerous festivals around the world after originally making its debut on April 26, 2007 at the Tribeca Film Festival. Planet B-Boy has received many strong reviews and currently has a 91% rating at Rotten Tomatoes – with the consensus that “Lee’s dazzling documentary makes a compelling argument for breakdancing as an art form.”

Check out the trailer for Planet B-Boy:

Oct 26

Grayskul + Maker = Graymaker! CD + Signed Poster Available Now!

Grayskul + Maker = Graymaker! CD + Signed Poster Available Now!

Rhymesayers/Oldominon emcees JFK & Onry Ozzborn, better known as Grayskul, have teamed up with indie superstar beatsmith Maker to form Graymaker! The new album drops Tuesday, October 27th, and a special  package is available from!

While supplies last, every order from SFRstore will include an 11×17 Graymaker poster personally SIGNED by JFK, Onry, and Maker!

Click here to order your copy!

Click here for your free download of the first single, “Crazy Talk”!

Here’s what the supergroup’s record label has to say about the album:

“Jeffery Bautista, Michael Martinez, and Marco Jacobo bring to you GRAYMAKER, a Robert Plant meets RZA like project that’s destined for that classic territory of repeat play for years to come. GRAYMAKER is made up of two of the founding members of Oldominion and Rhymesayers Entertainment artist Grayskul, JFK / Ninjaface and Onry Ozzborn / Cowen plus super producer Maker of Galapagos4 / Glue. Grayskul and Maker have joined forces to bring to you an exclusive, limited edition, 11 song full-length CD titled GRAYMAKER brought to you by Taxidermy Records.

From song to song they take you on an expedition a journey that will get you high if your feeling low, It’s powerful enough to make you sit down and think. Shit! Might be strong enough to make you put down your drink. From track to track the CD moves from being woke-up by their kids early in the morning for cereal to dealing with addiction and then on to that old hip hop bravado, talking about being better then you! All the way to girls, being judged by your peers, faith, and fictitious wordplay exploring real life situations.

GRAYMAKER is easily one of the most straight up, in your face, strictly Hip Hop albums that Grayskul has ever brought fourth in their career. With the wardrobe that was provided by Maker Grayskul really had no choice but to come hard, and as real as life itself.

With both Maker and Grayskul being seasoned vets in this beautiful thing we call Hip Hop this collaboration is left sounding polished and matured in a way only matched by experience and trial. Collectively these 3 artist have stood tall with the likes of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Glue, Abstract Rude, Living Legends, Qwel, Ill Bill, Qwazaar, Awol One, P.O.S., Slug and many many others through collaborations, tours, handling of each others production and just straight standing side by side and punching a mark in the face!

GRAYMAKER is exactly the type of thing that is needed not only in Hip Hop but in the music world altogether. This New CD by Grayskul and Maker is a reminder that cadence, substance, taking chances, and just plain upping your SPIT and production is still OK to show and prove in this here music.”

Click here to order your copy!

Oct 20

Sage Francis, Sleep, Cecil Otter, B. Dolan NEW ENGLAND SHOWS!

Sage Francis, Sleep, Cecil Otter, B. Dolan NEW ENGLAND SHOWS!

The weather is getting colder, but SFR’s road warriors are just getting warmed up.

Sage Francis headlines not one but TWO New England shows this November, with openers Sleep of Oldominion, B. Dolan and Cecil Otter (of Doomtree)!

Then, Sleep of Oldominion (with DJ Zone) makes a rare East Coast swing and teams up with B. Dolan for a New England tour!



Harper’s Ferry
158 Brighton Ave., Allston, MA, 02134
Allston, MA
$15 in advance, $17 the day of the show

Click here for advance ticket purchases for BOSTON:


Jerky’s Bar
71 Richmond St, Providence, RI, 02903
$15 in advance, $17 the day of the show

Click here for advance ticket purchases for PROVIDENCE

SLEEP of Oldominion (with DJ Zone) / B. DOLAN


Granite State Room
Memorial Union Building
Free Admission for UNH, $5 for
non-students, 18+, Doors 8pm


The Big Easy
55 Market St
$7, Doors 9pm
with Brzowski+Graymatter


Cherry Street Station
491 N Cherry St 06492
$10, Doors 8pm, 21+
with Mizery Crew

Oct 19

SLEEP’s Christopher Re-Release + New Video!

SLEEP’s Christopher Re-Release + New Video!

SFR brings you two big Sleep announcements!

Sleep’s breakthrough album Christopher is back with an official SFR re-release featuring TWO PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED BONUS TRACKS!

Out-of-print for years, Sleep’s sophomore album returns, augmented by 2 casualties of the Hesitation Wounds sessions, “Bring It To Life” and “Sticks & Stones”, both produced by Zavala.

The new incarnation is available both on CD and as a Digital Download at!


The first official video from Sleep’s Hesitation Wounds, “Orchestra of Strangers”, is now available for your viewing pleasure. Directed by Trinity Webber, the clip can be seen as the Strange Featured Video on the front page of here.

Oct 18

NEW Educated Consumers Album Available Now!

NEW Educated Consumers Album Available Now!

Washington, DC-area duo Educated Consumers (emcee Seez Mics and producer t.E.C.K.) are at the forefront of the latest wave of underground hip hop future stars, gaining buzz across the US and beyond on road treks with the likes of Eyedea & Abilities (Rhymesayers) and Strange Famous Records’ Prolyphic, and through a series of top-quality releases.

Their latest full-length digital album, Hello Big Mama, is available now for download from here.


01 Hello Big Mama (Main Instroduction)
02 Instant Universal
03 Our Turn Our Time feat. K-Cromozone
04 Remote Control
05 Interlude
06 Merch Manipulator
07 Spoiling Pot
08 Listen Close Enough feat. Lauren Schreiber
09 Never Enough feat. Dezmatic
10 Identify
11 Seamless feat. K-Cromozone
12 Love Time Out
13 Better Letter
14 My Us feat. Storm Davis & Reason of Poorly Drawn People
15 Copy After Copy
16 Payrole feat. K-Cromozone

Also, check out the FREE DOWNLOAD of Educated Consumers’ Seez Mics with Prolyphic (SFR) and Cubbiebear on their new track “Fake Limps”, the Clip of the Week on the front page of!

Oct 14

Exclusive Sole & the Skyrider Band CD+Vinyl Drops Today!

Exclusive Sole & the Skyrider Band CD+Vinyl Drops Today!

Sole, the creator of such indie-rap classics as Bottle of Humans and Selling Live Water, is back with his second record backed by The Skyrider Band: Plastique drops today!

Order your special SFRstore package here!

This SFRstore package includes (1) Sole & the Skyrider Band Plastique CD, (1) Sole & the Skyrider Band Battlefields EP Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl, and (1) SIGNED Plastique poster, plus more!

To order the CD only, click here.

Please read carefully! ALL pre orders will be held until the ship date. ALL other items in your shopping cart will also be held until the ship date. If you have items that you may want to receive sooner we suggest placing a separate order for those items.

Orders will ship on or before the release date of Tuesday, October 13, 2009.

, the follow-up LP to Sole & the Skyrider Band’s debut of the same name, is Sole’s most cohesive, dynamic, listenable and interesting record to date.  In contrast to the apocalyptic imagery of the first record, this album adopts the Jean Beaudrillard idea that “when the spectacle took over, man ceased to be man.”  What’s more, Skyrider’s music finds itself more sparse and deliberate on this record.

The fact is the idea behind this album is less about politics and more about reflections on the postmodern mess that is the “me” generation. Sole bounces from the ironic to the iconoclastic, from the worldly to the deeply personal.  Unlike many previous recordings, Sole’s rapping is at the forefront and his lyrics are clearer than ever.  This is partly thanks to more immaculately composed music, and partly to Son Lux collaborator Doc Harril on the mixing boards.

Sole has spent the last two years living in a cabin in the midst of the Coconino National Forest in Arizona with no mayor, no phone lines, broken cell phone reception, just books and environmental canyon sprawl.  This return to analog life inspired much of the reflection found herein.  Everywhere man goes he is in conflict, and such conflicts are found throughout the album: the interpersonal, the political, the anti-social, the city, the desert, the industries and the anti-ideologies wherever they are found. Sole touches on everything from touring in a recession, media and war, race, rap, wildlife, space, identity politics and the insane tightrope one must walk to talk about such issues without sounding like a book report.

While Sole was communing with his inner Walt Whitman, the Skyrider Band relocated to Los Angeles.  While there, multi-instrumentalist William Ryan Fritch began working on film soundtracks and as a session musician while working on his solo projects.  John Wagner (drummer) and Bud Berning (producer) formed a new group with Telephone Jim Jesus called Furious Stylz. The trio have brought their dubbed out electro outfit up and down the west coast and have joined the rotation at the world renowned Low End Theory in LA.

Plastique opens with the line, “Now who am I?  Lost in GPS infinity” from the song “Children of Privilege.” Sole does his best to discuss our current epoch, “ridden with conspiracy, you can’t blame us…. raised in front of a TV, we just wanna be famous.”  “Battlefields,” featuring Markus Archer of the Notwist, is easily sole’s catchiest song. It is based on touring & the basic premise that “Art is war” on all levels, all over a catchy dubbish guitar melody.  “Longshots” is a tongue and cheek southern rap/punk song where sole professes, “I’m taking long shots, I got a long aim// my wife’s related to Muhammad she got a long name// we in the southwest cookin at the ranch// that’s where they tried to hang me but i broke the branch. “More” is Sole at his most transcendental; the chaos of nature over a catchy 5/4 standup bass track. The album ends with “Black,” a monster epic jam, where sole makes plays on colors and comes up with new definitions for color in a “post racial America…” “White is the color of death, charred black is the new spring condominium.”


  • #1 Children of Privilege

  • #2 Battlefields feat Markus Acher of The Notwist

  • #3 Longshots

  • #4 Nothing Pt 2

  • #5 More

  • #6 Pissing In The Wind

  • #7 Bait

  • #8 Mr Insurgent

  • #9 Black

Battlefields EP details:

Battlefields is the lead companion EP to the Sole & the Skyrider Band album Plastique.

This 12″ vinyl edition is limited to only 500 copies and is available for a limited time only through!


1.) battlefields (original) with markus acher
2.) this bad reputation
3.) cut off moon
4.) good bacteria
5.) battlefields (tobacco remix)
6.) black (b. fleischmann remix)

Oct 10

NEW! SFR T-Shirts & Xaul Zan Whoopee Cushions!

NEW! SFR T-Shirts & Xaul Zan Whoopee Cushions!

Sure, on the surface, these two items have nothing to do with one another. But when you dig deeper… nope, still nothing.

But the gang at SFR was so jazzed at the prospect of people wearing the new Strange Famous t-shirt while simultaneously slipping the new Xaul Zan “Who Farted?” Whoopee Cushion under their homies’ hindquarters, that we just had to unveil them in tandem. We were also excited to use the word ‘jazzed.’

The Strange Famous ‘Star Logo’ T-Shirt

‘SFR Star’ design printed on front with the SFR logo printed on the right sleeve in light grey ink on black 100% Cotton pre-shrunk Gildan t-shirts. Design by Irena Girlbot.

Click here to order yours!

Available in Mens’ sizes S-XXL.

The Xaul Zan “Who Farted?!” Whoopee Cushion

Xaul Zan bumrushed Sage Francis’ Sick Of Wasting mixtape and got the world wondering “Who Farted?”

Now, at long last, you can decide the answer.

These state-of-the-art pink Whoopee Cushions are the cutting edge in gas-noise-making technology, yet surprisingly simple to use: just fill with air, place on your unsuspecting chum’s seat, and let the hilarity ensue.

Minus any troublesome noxious emissions, of course.

Each cushion is emblazoned with the Xaul Zan logo, the SFR website, and “Who Farted?!” in Xaul’s own handwriting.

Click here to order yours!

Also available in a special package deal with Sage’s Sick Of Wasting Signed Limited Edition CD here.

Oct 06

New EP from Metermaids feat. Jared Paul of PFA! FREE DOWNLOAD!

New EP from Metermaids feat. Jared Paul of PFA! FREE DOWNLOAD!

SFR’s Brooklyn homies Metermaids have delivered a FREE 5-song EP called “Smash Smash Bang” featuring Prayers For Atheists‘ frontman Jared Paul!


Metermaids’ new EP “Smash Smash Bang” sounds exactly like its title implies: It’s five songs and fifteen minutes of smash-mouth, heart-on-your-sleeve release, the music landing somewhere between hip hop and garage rock.

Metermaids have made their name with the raw energy of their live show, including an eye-opening performance at the 2009 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival (among the likes of Smif and Wessun, Dead Prez, DJ Premier, and Pharoahe Monche), and “Smash Smash Bang” looks to capture that energy on record.

The EP is Metermaids’ first release since their critically acclaimed mash-up album “Nightlife in Illinoise,” which combined their 2008 album “Nightlife” with Sufjan Steven’s classic “Illinoise,” and landed Metermaids in the pages of The Village Voice and Playboy Magazine, as well as on influential websites like Spin.Com and Wired.Com, all while receiving over 10,000 downloads in two months.


1.  Blackout Baby
2.  Planes Down
3.  Shades Off (Featuring Jared Paul of Prayers For Atheists)
4.  Matchbooks
5.  Ghosts in the Radio

Metermaids’ 2008 LP “Nightlife” is also available at on CD and as a Digital Download.

Sep 30

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