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New Expanded Poster Selection!

New Expanded Poster Selection!

We’ve dipped deep into the archives and come up with a bunch of new-old super limited edition poster designs! Featuring artists like Sage Francis, Buck 65, Jared Paul (of Prayers For Atheists), Mac Lethal, Solillaquists of Sound, and more. Hang a bit of history on your wall from tours gone by, including the legendary Fuck Clear Channel and A Healthy Distrust Tours!

Click on the image of the poster for more details, or check out our entire poster selection here.

Sage Francis – “Non-Prophets / Mac Lethal / Dragon” Poster

Sage Francis – “Yellow 45 RPM Vermont” Poster

Sage Francis – “Live In Tucson with Solillaquists of Sound” Poster

Buck 65 – “Situation” Poster

Sage Francis – “A Healthy Distrust” Promo Poster

Sage Francis – “Live At Lupo’s 2003” Poster

Nov 03

WINNER ANNOUNCED for the “Dead Deer Diary” Remix Contest!

WINNER ANNOUNCED for the “Dead Deer Diary” Remix Contest!

“Dead Deer Diary” is patchwork of road-warrior tour tales set to a backdrop created by producer (and 2Mex’s tour partner) Ceschi. The original song appears on 2Mex‘s long-awaited Strange Famous Records debut “My Fanbase Will Destroy You.”

The time has come for us to pick the winner of 2Mex’s “Dead Deer Diary” remix contest which began over a month ago. It was incredibly difficult picking a winner as there wasn’t one particular remix that totally blew all other remixes out of the water. That’s not a knock on the contestants at all; it’s a testament to the collective talent that is now involving themselves in these SFR remix contests.

Oh yeah, so you wanna know who the winner is…

The winner of the “Dead Deer Diary” remix contest is a production duo from Kansas City, Missouri named BARBARIC MERITS.

High honorable mentions go to Dynamo414, Flawed Logic, LEIF(kolt) and Time Crisis who unfortunately have to share the runner-up position equally. Lastly, the “Unique Twist” Award has to go to Ocward Storms.

Obviously the opinions and preferences of 2Mex, Ceschi and Sage weighed heavily into the final decision, but the public votes, the number of song plays accumulated, and the amount of discussion generated by each remix via our Facebook page & messageboard were also put into consideration. As we mentioned previously, everyone who made it into the final round deserves recognition for the great work that they did and we are appreciative of the talent, time, and energy you all put into these remixes.

Massive congrats to Barbaric Merits. They came out of nowhere and surprised us with a well-crafted remix that breathed new life into 2Mex’s “Dead Deer Diary” song which is what earned them the crown this time around. Since Barbaric Merits didn’t receive many votes in our public polling we expect some complaints. Please, feel free to state your case but keep the whining to a minimum and give props where they’re due. Also, next time, make sure your remix or your friend’s remix is undeniably the best. That’ll make it a lot easier for us to judge.

The next SFR remix will be held very soon.  Please add us on Facebook and/or Twitter if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any announcements!

Oct 31

R.I.P. Eyedea

R.I.P. Eyedea

Today we mourn for the horrible loss of a brother and friend. Rest in peace Mikey “Eyedea” Larsen.

Your talents were unmatched and it’s clear that you left us much too soon. Our deepest condolences go out to Mikey’s family, friends, fans and everyone at Rhymesayers Entertainment. For info on the wake, tribute radio show and benefit show please visit:

To see Sage’s written tribute:

Oct 17

2MEX’s My Fanbase Will Destroy You CD is Available Now! FREE MP3!

2MEX’s My Fanbase Will Destroy You CD is Available Now! FREE MP3!

Legendary Los Angeles underground hip hop veteran 2MEX has broken his silence, returning from hiatus with the ultimate 2Mex album: My Fanbase Will Destroy You.

Click here for the SFRstore EXCLUSIVE  My Fanbase Will Destroy You
Orders placed at SFRstore are shipping now. The album will be in stores and at digital sites everywhere on October 26.

The record features 2Mex in the finest hour of his storied 15-year career. Over fifteen tracks, the gifted emcee showcases his charismatic, versatile flow, delivering razor-sharp observations and a signature lyrical wit over a varied selection ground-shaking and groundbreaking sounds from underground hip hop’s finest beatmakers. Appearances and production are contributed by Murs (Felt, Living Legends), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Busdriver, Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta), Ceschi, and many more. The album includes the lead single “Dead Hand Control”, produced by Owens and Deeskee (Shapeshifters).

Click here for your FREE DOWNLOAD of the first single “Dead Hand Control” featuring Maney Wilson, produced by Ikey Owens & Deeskee!

2Mex is infamous for keeping his fanbase satiated with an almost constant flood of releases, both as a solo artist and with his acclaimed group projects (including the seminal indie rap collective Visonaries and Look Daggers, his collaboration with Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta). My Fanbase Will Destroy You, however, took two years to create, and that extended period yielded a record that represents his multi-faceted skills in the most comprehensive and precise manner yet.

A break of this length was an astounding accomplishment for a man who is possibly the most prolific underground rapper ever, with over 35 CD releases in his catalog and too many guest appearances to count. The newly-discovered sense of focus for one project came about in part due to a discussion with Strange Famous Records label boss Sage Francis (a prolific underground legend in his own right), who signed 2Mex in 2008:
“One caveat of the deal was established from the start: this has to be the quintessential 2Mex album,” says Francis. “The best of the best. It will be the next level record. The ceiling breaker. It will be the only 2Mex album that is released in the year that it comes out.”

And so began the journey that led to classic-quality tracks such as the first single “Dead Hand Control,” the anthemic return-to-form pledge of allegiance “Back”, and the introspective “I Just Didn’t Know” (featuring Returners bandmate Stacey Dee). Organized Konfusion’s Prince Po shows up on “What You Know About,” a dedication to the under-the-radar greats that influenced a generation of hip hop. The strain of maintaining fulfilling, lasting relationships in the 21st century comes under scrutiny as 2Mex trades verses with Living Legends homie Murs on “Rollercoaster.” The subsonic bass crunch of “Press Your Luck” brings the new sound of underground Los Angeles to the indie rap masses.

As for the title of the record, 2Mex explains that it is exactly what it seems, a direct dedication to his supporters for the strength and love they have shown him throughout his career: “There’s a small contingency of hardcore fans that have kept me alive, kept my rent paid,” he says. “This record was made for them, for those who have believed, the people that have rolled with me forever, the ones with ‘2Mex’ tattooed on their body. I truly believe in them as much as they believe in me, and this album is for them.”

The complete track listing for 2Mex’s My Fanbase Will Destroy You:

01 My Intro Won’t Destroy You
(produced by Busdriver)
02 Dead Hand Control feat. Maney Wilson
(produced by Ikey Owens & Deeskee)
03 Back
(produced by Deeskee)
04 What You Know About feat. Prince Po
(produced by Life Rexall)
05 Dead Deer Diary
(produced by Ceschi Ramos)
06 Rollercoaster feat. Murs & Ariano
(produced by LDONTHECUT)
07 The Fun In Funeral feat. Deeskee
(produced by Deeskee)
08 Bluetooth Cyborg
(produced by Busdriver)
09 Career Suicide For Dummies feat. Busdriver
(produced by Busdriver)
10 Surveillance
(produced by Ceschi Ramos)
11 Press Your Luck feat. Nobody
(produced by DJ Nobody)
12 Jolly Rancher feat. Verble & Maleko
(produced by Busdriver)
13 There’s A Way
(produced by Single Helix)
14 AFC West feat. Busdriver, Riddlore?, Ngafish, Shaheed, Akim, Ellay, Khule, Wreccless
(produced by Deeskee)
15 I Just Didn’t Know feat. Stacey Dee
(produced by Deeskee)


A road warrior with over a decade of world tours under his belt, 2Mex will take My Fanbase Will Destroy You on the road this October on a trek that will find him reuniting with producer Ikey Owens and his band Free Moral Agents. Click here for tour dates and information.

Please read carefully! ALL pre orders will be held until the ship date. ALL other items in your shopping cart will also be held until the ship date. If you have items that you may want to receive sooner we suggest placing a separate order for those items.

Orders will ship on or before the release date of Tuesday, October 12, 2010.

Sep 28

Mac Lethal’s Love Potion 6 Available Now! An SFRstore Exclusive!

Mac Lethal’s Love Potion 6 Available Now! An SFRstore Exclusive!

An SFRStore exclusive: Love Potion 6 – Keep It Irish is the latest from Mac Lethal!

This 11-track disc is only available direct from Mac or here at Strange Famous! Limited to 500 copies, this collection won’t be released for digital download until all CDs have been sold, and only a small slice of that CD pie is up for grabs from SFR. Get yours now before they’re gone 4-eva.

Click here to order your copy.

Track Listing:
1. Irish Funeral
2. Neck Cracker
3. The Gas Station
4. Delusional
5. Rattlesnake vs. Mongoose
6. How to Build a Warhead
7. Godzirra
8. Toys
9. Mean Jab 2: Revolutions: The Unauthorized Prequel Version of the
Sequel UnCut Director’s 3D Deluxe Criterion Edition
10. Wooden Heart
11. Cover My Tracks

Sep 20

New Sage Francis Video for “Love The Lie” from LI(F)E!

New Sage Francis Video for “Love The Lie” from LI(F)E!

“Love the Lie”, the second video from the album “LI(F)E” by Sage Francis , is out now! The song is co-written by the late Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse. Many thanks to Jim Foltice for putting in the long hours to make this stop-motion video happen. ENJOY it and spread the love. Life. Love. GOD… Click here to check out the video for “Love The Lie”!

Also, available now: Sage Francis’ “Li(f)e” album, now on marbled red vinyl!
Limited to 500 copies, this collector’s version of the record comes SIGNED by Sage himself, and is only available at All copies of the DOUBLE Red Vinyl will come with Deluxe Package extras, including stickers, buttons, posters, and more! Plus, FREE digital download of the album (download card within the LP)!

Sep 09

New (Import Only!) dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip CD + Vinyl Available Now!

New (Import Only!) dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip CD + Vinyl Available Now!

The new dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip album! The record is unavailable in the U.S. and is an import-only item, but Dan & Pip were kind enough to send over a grip of copies of both the CD and Vinyl versions for us to sell here at SFRstore. The vinyl version comes with a CD of the album inside the cover! Get ’em while they last.

Moving away from the ‘indie’ sound of their debut record, 2008’s ‘Angles‘, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip’s second album features a much more dance-oriented production. Spoken word poet-turned rapper Scroobius Pip’s completely unique lyrics and delivery are as present as they were on ‘Angles’, although Dan Le Sac’s production now has clear drum ‘n’ bass influences, and incorporates elements of dubstep and electro. ‘The Logic Of Chance’ is preceded by the single ‘Get Better’.


1. Sick Tonight
2. Five Minutes
3. Cauliflower
4. Great Britain
5. Get Better
6. Inert Explosions
7. Stake A Claim
8. Beat, The
9. Last Train Home
10. Snob
11. Cowboi

“The technical wizardry and backing beats on Logic Of Chance cannot be underestimated, they do more than back the ‘singer’, they enhance the album. Undeniably though what makes Logic.., as well as its predecessor, is the supreme brilliance of the lyrics. To compliment Pip (and misquote John Cusack), he is somewhat loquacious, garrulous, verbose and chatty……and God bless him for that. A true wordsmith with verbal dexterity, Scroobius Pip is a national treasure. The Logic Of Chance demands to be heard and placed immediately on repeat.” –

Dan & Pip’s SFR debut ‘Angles’ is now available on import-only VINYL! Click here to check it out.

Aug 04

El-P’s …Burninhellmegamixxx3 CD Available Now!

El-P’s …Burninhellmegamixxx3 CD Available Now!

El-P and Gold Dust proudly present El-P’s brand new instrumental record Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3! Another unique release in the artist’s catalog. In the tradition of Company Flow’s Little Johnny From The Hospitul (1998), El’s own Collecting The Kid (2005), and more recently Weareallgoingtoburninhellmeggamixxx2 (2007), Hell3 is a fully realized suite of instrumentals that continues to exemplify the producer’s versatile, otherworldly, futuristic and wholly original sonic worldview. Free track here.

01. Take You Out At The Ball Game
02. Whores:The Movie
03. Meanstreak (In 3 Parts)
04. DMSC
05. Drunk With A Loaded Pistol
06. Time Won’t Tell
07. Secret Police Man’s Ball
08. I Got This (El-P Remix) Redux
09. Jump Fence, Run, Live
10. He Hit Her So She Left
11. Driving Down The Block (El-P Remix) Redux
12. Honda Redux
13. How To Serve Man (Stripped)
14. Contagious Snippet (Wilder Zoby Feat. El-P)
15. Eat My Garbage 2

Click here to get your copy!

Aug 01

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