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Sage Francis in ALASKA this weekend!

Sage Francis in ALASKA this weekend!

Are you interested in seeing where Sage Francis is performing this year? Then click on this link: Sage Francis shows already scheduled for 2011

Although Sage has stopped his rigorous tour schedule, he is still accepting select shows. He has upcoming shows in Alaska and Sweden. There might be a couple more shows added to his schedule by the end of the year so be sure to follow Sage on Twitter or ‘Like’ his Facebook page for updates.

Here are some new additions!

May 13 – Juneau, ALASKA at Marlintinis Lounge, 21+ONLY

May 14 – Anchorage, ALASKA at Tap Root, 21+ ONLY

The FB event page is

Feb 01

“Church of Love & Ruin” Tour receives big news coverage!

“Church of Love & Ruin” Tour receives big news coverage!

The Church of Love & Ruin has closed its doors after a successful four show run. You can still get a piece of show history from SFRstore in the form of LIMITED, “SIGNED & NUMBERED” SCREEN PRINT POSTERS AVAILABLE HERE

Hip-Hop, Vaudeville, New Orleans Bounce, Freakout Marching Band, Drag & Burlesque culture came together for the “Church of Love & Ruin,” featuring DJ BEESKNEES and VOCKAH REDU & THE CRU (both representing New Orleans), the WHAT CHEER? BRIGADE, and B. DOLAN headlining with a cast of SPECIAL GUESTS. Hosted by JAMIE & SISSY DEWOLFE (of Oakland’s “Tourettes Without Regrets” showcase), and featuring performances from Boston Drag Queen MS. NICHOLLE PRIDE. Those who witnessed will never forget the madness.

Check out this link to read the most comprehensive music journalism piece we’ve seen in a LONG time. THANK YOU, BOSTON PHOENIX!

Also, The Boston Globe has weighed in with some additional thoughts about what they call B. Dolan’s “Art of chaos.” Click HERE to read that. Extra bonus: there is a sneak peek video of B. Dolan with the marching band he is working with for these shows.


Jan 11

Discontinued SFR T-Shirts eBay Auction! NEW SHIRTS LISTED!

Discontinued SFR T-Shirts eBay Auction! NEW SHIRTS LISTED!

The THIRD round of SFR’s Discontinued T-Shirts eBay Auction has begun!

SFRstore is cleaning out the closets and listing some rare, limited edition pieces from years past, all starting at $10.

These are the last of the batch of each design, so grab them while you can! Very few left, so we can only offer the sizes you see listed. These versions will not be reprinted.

This first and second rounds have come and gone. We have additional designs listed now, and continue on until we’ve emptied the vaults. Watch this space for updates, and bookmark the SFR eBay Store!

Sage Francis “Conspiracy To Riot” Hoodie – size Small and XXL “Dissolve Exxon Mobil” T-Shirt – size XXL ORIGINAL “One Party System” Design T-Shirt – size X-Large

Prayers For Atheists T-Shirt – size XXL

B. Dolan “House of Bees” T-Shirt – size XXL

Buck 65 Girls T-Shirt – size Small

Sage Francis “When A Girl Writes Off The World” T-Shirt – size X-Large:

Jan 09

The SFR Really Big / Really Small T-Shirt Sale!

The SFR Really Big / Really Small T-Shirt Sale!

This sale ended Monday January 16, 2012.

We’re cleaning out our office space and clearing away stock to make way for some great new items in 2012! Now is your chance to get some classic shirt styles at our absolute lowest prices ever.

Here’s the catch: this sale only applies to sizes Small and XXL.

Don’t feel left out though: if you’re a medium who doesn’t mind your shirts hipster-tight, or an XL who can appreciate a little extra breathing room, you’re in luck: just buy a size smaller or larger than your regular size. And if you’re among the really big and really small portions of the population that we named the sale after, you finally catch a break – the SFR crew empathizes with the hassle of shopping at these sizes.

Here’s how to order:

1) Check out the available styles in size Small here or size XXL here
2) Decide which shirt(s) you would like to order from the list on the product page
3) Adjust the number of shirts (if you want more than one design) and click ‘Add to my cart’
4) List which shirt styles you want in the ‘Notes’ section of your order form during checkout

Click here to see shirts available in size SMALL

Click here to see shirts available in size XXL

PLEASE READ ALL INFO ON THE PRODUCT PAGES BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER! We can’t stress this enough. Sale price only apply to items selected from the ‘Really Big / Really Small’ product pages and added to your shopping cart. Sizes selected from the actual (non-sale) shirt product page will be at the regular price.

Jan 04

SFRstore Holiday Sale 2011!

SFRstore Holiday Sale 2011!

The SFRstore Holiday Sale is back! 

This year we’ve got more of our traditional package deals as well as specials and surprises in every department; from CDs to T-Shirts, Hoodies to Vinyl and more. ORDER NOW AND BEAT THE HOLIDAY RUSH!

Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest SFR holiday specials and news!

If you’re shopping for a friend or family member but you aren’t quite sure what to get them, we gladly offer GIFT CERTIFICATES  – online codes for easy use, plus a card for gift-giving that will be mailed to you. The lucky recipient can purchase whatever they want from our website!

ALL STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS CD TITLES $9.99 OR LESS! Our lowest Holiday Sale price ever!


Sage Francis’ “LIFE IS EASY” DVD now at our lowest price ever – only $11.99!

All CD & DVD purchases will come with a FREE Sage Francis “Road Tested” CD and an SFR sticker!

Check out all of our package deals here, including:

SAGE FRANCIS “Sick Of…Personal Journals” package deal – $34.99
1 SIGNED “Personal Journals” CD, 1 SIGNED “Sick Of Wasting” CD, 1 “Sick of Waging War” CD, 1 “Sick of Waiting Tables” CD, 1 Road Tested CD, 1 SFR sticker

SFR CREW package deal – $29.99
1 SCROOBIUS PIP “Distraction Pieces” CD, 1 2MEX “My Fanbase Will Destroy You” CD, 1 BUCK 65 – “Situation” CD, 1 CURTIS PLUM “Call My Cellphone” CD, 1 REANIMATOR “Music To Slit Wrists By” CD, 1 SFR sticker

METERMAIDS package deal – $19.99
1 “Rooftop Shake” CD, 1 “Nightlife” CD, 1 Metermaids sticker, 1 SFR sticker

B. DOLAN package deal – $29.99
1 SIGNED “The Failure” CD, 1 “Fallen House Sunken City” CD, 1 “House of Bees” mix CD, 1 “Fallen House” Instrumentals CD, 1 SFR sticker

SLEEP Of Oldominion package deal – $24.99
1 “Hesitation Wounds” CD, 1 “Christopher” CD, 1 “Riot By Candlelight” CD, 1 SIGNED Hesitation Wounds 11×17 poster, 1 SFR sticker

SOLE package deal – $24.99
1 “Bottle of Humans” CD, 1 “Selling Live Water” CD, 1 “Live From Rome” CD, 1 “Songs That Went Tin” CD, 1 SFR sticker

Select T-Shirts are on sale now for $12.99 – 14.99 or less


NEW “SAGE” Grey Zip Hoodie – only $29.99

Strange Famous Olive Zip Hoodie now only $29.99 (was $34.99)

Strange Femme Girls’ Zip Hoodie now only $32.99 (was $39.99)

Sage Francis “LI(F)E” Zip Hoodie – $29.99

– One Party System Hoodie – $29.99

Two ways to fill your chimney socks with Strange Famous goodness on the cheap:

*Stocking Stuffer Pack #1 – $6.99
1 Xaul Zan “Who Farted?” Whoopee Cushion / 1 SFR Angster Sticker / 1 SFR “Whatever Doesn’t Kill Hip Hop” Sticker / 5 Sage Francis “LI(F)E” Album Cover Stickers / 1 B. Dolan “Fallen House” Sticker  / 1 SFR Logo 1″ Button / 1 Buck 65 “Situation” 11×17 poster / SFR Roster 11×17 Poster / B. Dolan “Fallen House” 11×17 Poster – [this package will be shipped in a sturdy mailing tube – no folded posters!]

*Stocking Stuffer Pack #2 – $9.99
1 Reanimator “Music To Slit Wrists By” CD / 1 Sage Francis “Road Tested” CD / 1 SFR Angster Sticker / 1 SFR “What Doesn’t Kill Hip Hop” Sticker / 5 Sage Francis “LI(F)E” Album Cover Stickers / B. Dolan “Fallen House” Sticker / 1 SFR Logo 1″ Button / 1 Buck 65 “Situation” 11×17 poster / SFR Roster 11×17 Poster / B. Dolan “Fallen House” 11×17 Poster / 1 Xaul Zan “Who Farted?” Whoopee Cushion

All vinyl titles on sale are at our lowest prices ever. Most of the SFR vinyl albums have been AUTOGRAPHED BY THE ARTISTS to add a personal touch for this holiday sale.

Check our vinyl page here to browse the signed and limited edition vinyl!

Our most popular vinyl package ever is back: The Ultimate SFR Vinyl Package! only $34.99


– Any Vinyl purchase over $10 will come with a FREE 12″ of our choice.*
– Any vinyl purchase over $20 comes with a FREE Buck 65 “Situation” 2xLP.*
*excluding purchase of the SFR Ultimate Vinyl Pack

[all posters are sent in a heavyweight cardboard poster tube]

*SFR at SXSW 2009 Silkscreen Poster $14.99 (was $19.99) AUTOGRAPHED by Sage, B. Dolan, and Jared Paul of PFA! / Limited edition

*B. Dolan “Fallen House” Silkscreen Poster $9.99 (was $19.99) AUTOGRAPHED by B. Dolan & Alias! / Limited edition

*The Ultimate SFR Poster Package $19.99
– 1 SIGNED Sage Francis “Human The Death Dance” 16×20 poster
– 1 SIGNED Sage Francis “LI(F)E” Album Cover 16×20 poster
– 1 Buck 65 “Situation” Album Cover 11×17 poster
– 1 SIGNED Sleep of Oldominion “Hesitation Wounds” 11×17 poster
– 1 SIGNED B. Dolan “Fallen House” Album Cover 11×17 poster
– 1 SFR Roster 11×17 poster
– 1 BONUS POSTER of SFR’s choice

Follow us on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to keep up with the latest SFR holiday specials and news!

Nov 28

New & Exclusive FROM THE VAULT!

New & Exclusive FROM THE VAULT!

A recent trip into the depths of the SFR vault produced a grip of long-lost, near-mythic Strange Famous releases that were thought to be out of print for years. Check out vintage Sage CDs, plus a chance to own a piece of SFR video history with the “Earthmovers” jumpsuit!

Sage Francis – Dead Poet Live Album SIGNED CD

This CD was released in 2004 and only 1000 of them were pressed, making it an incredibly rare and highly sought after album. SFR stopped selling this album in 2006 but while going through our warehouse space we stumbled on a stack that were signed by Sage that same year. For more details, check out the product page here.

Sage Francis – Sickly Business SIGNED CD

Fourth to be released in Sage’s highly popular “Sick of” mix CD series, “Sickly Business” was released in 2004 and only 1000 of these were ever made. Due to it not being mastered, and because more official albums were about to be released, we decided to pull it from the shelves and let it be a limited item. Eventually, a few of the tracks from this mix were included on the “Still Sickly Business” compilation which combined tracks from “Sickly Business and “Still Sick” (both of which were discontinued.) For more details, check out the product page here.

Sage Francis – Still Sickly Business SIGNED CD

VERY FEW COPIES LEFT! We thought they were sold out, but managed to dig up a few more copies from deep in the SFR catacombs. Now SIGNED by Sage Francis! A combination of two discontinued tour discs (Still Sick… Urine Trouble and Sickly Business) with some new tracks thrown in. Released in 2005. For more details, check out the product page here.

B. Dolan “Earthmovers” Video Jumpsuit/Coveralls

These jumpsuits were worn in B. Dolan’s “Earthmovers” video! Though these are actual jumpsuits these are obviously a novelty item (unless you work for a construction company called Earthmovers) and they’re in low supply. For more details, check out the product page here.

Nov 09

New Expanded Poster Selection!

New Expanded Poster Selection!

We’ve dipped deep into the archives and come up with a bunch of new-old super limited edition poster designs! Featuring artists like Sage Francis, Buck 65, Jared Paul (of Prayers For Atheists), Mac Lethal, Solillaquists of Sound, and more. Hang a bit of history on your wall from tours gone by, including the legendary Fuck Clear Channel and A Healthy Distrust Tours!

Click on the image of the poster for more details, or check out our entire poster selection here.

Sage Francis – “Non-Prophets / Mac Lethal / Dragon” Poster

Sage Francis – “Yellow 45 RPM Vermont” Poster

Sage Francis – “Live In Tucson with Solillaquists of Sound” Poster

Buck 65 – “Situation” Poster

Sage Francis – “A Healthy Distrust” Promo Poster

Sage Francis – “Live At Lupo’s 2003” Poster

Nov 03

WINNER ANNOUNCED for the “Dead Deer Diary” Remix Contest!

WINNER ANNOUNCED for the “Dead Deer Diary” Remix Contest!

“Dead Deer Diary” is patchwork of road-warrior tour tales set to a backdrop created by producer (and 2Mex’s tour partner) Ceschi. The original song appears on 2Mex‘s long-awaited Strange Famous Records debut “My Fanbase Will Destroy You.”

The time has come for us to pick the winner of 2Mex’s “Dead Deer Diary” remix contest which began over a month ago. It was incredibly difficult picking a winner as there wasn’t one particular remix that totally blew all other remixes out of the water. That’s not a knock on the contestants at all; it’s a testament to the collective talent that is now involving themselves in these SFR remix contests.

Oh yeah, so you wanna know who the winner is…

The winner of the “Dead Deer Diary” remix contest is a production duo from Kansas City, Missouri named BARBARIC MERITS.

High honorable mentions go to Dynamo414, Flawed Logic, LEIF(kolt) and Time Crisis who unfortunately have to share the runner-up position equally. Lastly, the “Unique Twist” Award has to go to Ocward Storms.

Obviously the opinions and preferences of 2Mex, Ceschi and Sage weighed heavily into the final decision, but the public votes, the number of song plays accumulated, and the amount of discussion generated by each remix via our Facebook page & messageboard were also put into consideration. As we mentioned previously, everyone who made it into the final round deserves recognition for the great work that they did and we are appreciative of the talent, time, and energy you all put into these remixes.

Massive congrats to Barbaric Merits. They came out of nowhere and surprised us with a well-crafted remix that breathed new life into 2Mex’s “Dead Deer Diary” song which is what earned them the crown this time around. Since Barbaric Merits didn’t receive many votes in our public polling we expect some complaints. Please, feel free to state your case but keep the whining to a minimum and give props where they’re due. Also, next time, make sure your remix or your friend’s remix is undeniably the best. That’ll make it a lot easier for us to judge.

The next SFR remix will be held very soon.  Please add us on Facebook and/or Twitter if you haven’t already so you don’t miss any announcements!

Oct 31

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BRAND NEW STYLE FOR 2016, available in Men's & Women's fits! The One Party System T-Shirt is inspired by lyrics from the Sage Francis classic "Slow Down Gandhi".

NEW! B. Dolan's first live album "We Show Up" is here on SIGNED CD! B is on the road now - info on all upcoming dates here.

Because you demanded it: brand new FLEXFIT HATS! Click here to see them all.

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