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A toy, a video, and a sausage mix

First things first, check out this “sage toy” a guy named Jay222 put together and sent over to me. This thing is diesel. It’s heavy and rugged. If it comes to life it will kick my ass. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about stuff like that a lot.

the toy was hand sculpted out of a polymer based clay called sculpey and hand painted with acrylic based paint.

If you want to check out more of this guy’s stuff the pictures are available at

Second things second, here is a fan video someone made of my song “Good Fashion.” Not only did the person not learn the words before making a video, but it’s awesome in all different sorts of ways. It’s truly entertaining to me and if you don’t like it then I guess we’re not cut from the same cloth. So eff off.

Fan video for \”Good Fashion\”

Last things last, here is a mix I put together because I felt like it. I call it “Tom Sawyer Sausage”

And final things final, B. Dolan and Jared Paul are on tour! Check them out so you can get learned on some stuff.



Mar 11

Slow Down “Ghandi”

I often receive messages from US soldiers from over seas. Sometimes they tell me how they feel like they were tricked into the service. Mostly they tell me about how they can’t wait to get home. Some of my friends from school have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It always makes me wonder how they perceive my music or my message. Ever since 9/11 I’ve been on an anti-war crusade, and that reflects in my music. However, art is always left to interpretation and sometimes people interpret my lyrics in ways I never intended. That’s not “right” or “wrong”…that’s just how it goes.

That being said, I’m very careful about the type of energy I throw out into the ethersphere when it comes to my art. I know that ambiguity can work against me, but sometimes there just isn’t any plain way of saying something without it being a 30 page term paper that no one would ever read. For the record, my song “Slow Down Gandhi” is about fly-by-night activists who get caught up in political fervor every election year and then they fall by the wayside when the party is over. Those people annoy me to no end and it’s a big reason why meant so much to me. At the risk of being a broken record, the motto stands true…”You vote with your wallet every day.”

Recently I received these photos from a soldier in Iraq. I assume it was meant as some sort of homage to my song or the idea of my song, but I can only hope that the homage is for the intended purpose of the song.

Dear Barack…bring ‘em home.

Mar 05

Underground as F*ck

When we say we’re underground/indie, I don’t think you all really understand how precise that description is.

I’ll make this short and then get to the pictures. But first I want to give a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who attended our basement show last night and to everyone who helped make this show such a great success. I was incredibly nervous about this show which is abnormal. I never threw a show like this. It’s something we had to build from the bottom up. Handling everything from sound system, door charge, stage construction, performance times, store management….I mean…EVERYTHING. And it all went off without a hitch which felt like something of a small miracle. The crowd was great, the performances were great, and everyone helped out where need be (right down to our girlfriends picking up the slack wherever necessary.) The sound was great. The venue (our office space in Pawtucket, RI) worked out really well. The crowd was respectful and supportive. Bam, bam, bam…awesomeness.

Massive ups to B. Dolan, Prayers for Atheists, Prolyphic, Shane Hall, Ryan G., Storm, Erich, and The Grant building for letting us throw our basement show. All photos by Amanda Goss.

Cross Colors hats are making a come back.

Cross Colors hats are making a come back.

Sage Francis and B. Dolan discuss chubby bumble bees.

Sage Francis and B. Dolan discuss chubby bumble bees.

Prolyphic takes the floor

Prolyphic takes the floor

Prolyphic applies ear plugs in the SFR office

Prolyphic applies ear plugs in the SFR office

Prayers for Atheists

Prayers for Atheists

Jared Paul and Cousin Tom from PFA

Jared Paul and Cousin Tom from PFA

B. Dolan looms over the crowd and crushes JTs adams apple.

B. Dolan looms over the crowd and crushes JT's adam's apple.

Shane Hall

Shane Hall

Storm Davis and Prolyphic

Storm Davis and Prolyphic

RI love. Thank you once again.

RI love. Thank you once again.

Feb 28

SFR screenprint poster, podcast download, and RSS feeds

We should have these SCREEN PRINTS available for sale by Friday for the RI show.

SFR Showcase screenprint poster

SFR Showcase screenprint poster

Pete from a crew called Ghost-Town designed these for us and asked if he could print some up. He has a poster print place across from our office. The posters they do are sick. So big ups to him for putting this together on the fly.

there will be 200 limited prints, signed and numbered by Pete. Whatever we don’t sell at the RI show and the SXSW show will go up for sale on the website.


1) RSS feeds are now operational so subscribe to the artist blogs.

2) Almost every SFR artist has written a blog now. The one that has caused the biggest stir is B. Dolan’s open letter to Justin Timberlake. I think it’s brilliant in ways that haven’t even been discussed yet. JT fans think otherwise, but they’re entitled to their own opinion. Also, fuck em.

3) Here’s a free download of a SFR podcast that hasn’t even been POSTED yet. I’m giving this for free right now just to see who is or isn’t checking these blogs out:

It’s available only for a limited time, but we will be making each podcast downloadable from time to time. Stay updated, foo!

Feb 24

Prayers for Atheists show review

For those not in the know, Prayers for Atheists is a punk(ish) Providence band headed by Mr. Jared Paul.  You know, the guy who got in a heap of legal trouble for listening to music at the RNC (



People in Providence have seen Jared do his thing for over 10 years now, whether it was yelling into megaphones at protest rallies, organizing community events, or waxing poetic on slam stages (no def jam.) It wasn’t until recently that he joined up with a musical outfit that actually helps propel his lyrical intensity and expressive manic-ness in a way that enhances the overall message.

Alan Hague is the musician who stepped in and helped develop the songs with Jared, providing all musical elements in the studio recordings. Then came Dave Booth on drums and Cousin Tom on bass for the live show. Then came last night’s performance in Providence that proved that this Prayers for Atheists thing is steps above anything people have seen from Jared or Alan in the past.
The crowd at AS220 was packed, filled with some old faces and some fresh new faces. We all shared a similar reaction that went something like, “Holy shit…this is TIGHT.” Not that it should be a surprise, but it was a bonding experience between us all where we realized we were witnessing one of the first shows from a band that is making serious moves. All I can say is that this was one of the few moments where I looked at a friend of mine on stage and felt truly proud. And I know pride is a bad thing, but I felt it. I’ve been through so much with Mr. Jared Paul and now he’s fronting a band with songs that get me moving like I’m a fresh new face.

Lots of things are in the works for PFA. Jared Paul is about to leave on a spoken word tour with B. Dolan but when they return the Prayers for Atheists EP will be ready for release (half of the songs have been posted on their myspace page.) PFA’s next performance will be at our office space at the Grant in Pawtucket, RI on Feb. 27th along with myself, B. Dolan, Prolyphic and Shane Hall. Details are on the tour page.

To Jared Paul, Alan Hague, Dave Booth and Cousin Tom…fantastic job last night. It envigorated me.

Jared and Alan getting pretty for the camera.

Jared and Alan getting pretty for the camera.

Dave Booth

Dave Booth

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Feb 21

Inkymole art auction at the SFR basement show

Renowned visual artist and long-standing SFR collaborator Sarah “Inkymole” Coleman has just donated some very special prints toward our fund raising effort!

We’ve got 2 pieces from her “Dollface” series and 3 “If These Walls Could Talk” wallpaper prints.  One from each set will be raffled off at the show.  Also, one of each – specially signed by all Strange Famous Crew on site – will be made available via live auction hosted by myself, and SFR Forum hero, Messiah Carrey!!

*Inkymole’s limited edition “Dollface” screenprints are hand-finished and signed and numbered by the artist. Measuring 12″x12″, they are on high-quality deckle-edged paper, made in the UK – each one is unique.

*The “If These Walls Could Talk” wallpaper prints were produced as part of Inkymole’s If A Girl Writes Off The World exhibition, which opened in 2006, touring to NYC and Providence in 2007. They formed the enormous backdrop to Sage’s one-off performance at the opening night in London one rainy night in October 2006. These high-quality inkjet prints are signed and dated by the artist.

All 5 pieces will be signed by the SFR crew in attendance at the show, and the 3rd and final remaining “If These Walls Could Talk” print will be posted for on-line bidding after the show!

Raffle tickets will be sold at the door and at the merch booth for $3 a piece:  $3 gets you one name in the hat and a chance to win one of these rare, limited edition prints- bidding for special SFR crew signed pieces will start at $20.

All proceeds will go to the “Jared Paul is Free but the Lawyers Cost Money” fund.

We’ll See You There!
Feb 27th at the Grant in Pawtucket, RI
Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Prolyphic, Prayers for Atheists, and Shane Hall.
All Ages/$10 entry/free parking/more on our tour page.

Feb 17


The SFR forum has uncovered a great wealth of religious excitement. I’ve been to churches like this…have you?

If puritans had their way, dancing would still be banned. But the puritans lost…and now we all win. Thank the Lawd.

Feb 15

How Punky Brewster Traumatized a Nation

No, Alan! NOOOOOOOooooooo...

No, Alan! NOOOOOOOooooooo…

Most people will be too young to remember this Punky Brewster episode, the Punky Brewster phenomenon, or Punky Brewster at all. It’s possible the videos I have linked below won’t seem as psychologically crippling as they were when they were first broadcast to an unsuspecting audience of children who were inundated by positive Punky Power week after week. All I know is that the nightmares continue.

In the mid 80’s, a Punky Brewester Halloween special entitled “Perils of Punky” aired during its second season. It was a two parter. The end of Part One had us shitting our Underoos due to a scary monster with a freakish scream popping up out of nowhere. That was more of a startle than anything else. However, when Part Two aired a week later, we were treated to more of a psychological scare as Punky’s friend Alan was presumably killed and turned into a head-mount zombie of sorts. Rotten teeth…face poking out of a rock…looking like the face was pealed off of Alan’s skull and reanimated somehow. It was a taunting, grotesque and horrifying thing really. Nothing about it made sense. There was a David Lynch quality about it which turned our safe, morally-supreme Punky Brewster universe on its head. Soon enough, all of Punky’s friends, as well her dog, were presumably killed or deformed by a mysterious evil spirit. By the end of the second episode, Punky does eventually vanquish the evil spit (you know…with LOVE,) but by that point the damage had already been done. I remember my 4th grade teacher, Ms. Maloney, standing in front of our class and denouncing Punky Brewster the very next day. Normally she would use that time to applaud Punky for saying no to drugs or something like that.

Thinking back on all of this in my adult years, I was left wondering if I had imagined or dreamed this whole thing up. It seemed too bizarre to be real. Thanks to the magic of the internets, I was able to seek out this Halloween episode on youtube. Alas, my fears and confusion have been confirmed. This first clip mainly just sets up the story. The only scary parts happen right at the end:

The scariest part of this next clip is at 4:10 (which is what stuck with me all these years):

It’s interesting how many people have left comments on these youtube videos, admitting to having had nightmares because of Punky’s perils. They too have wondered whether this whole thing was a figment of their imagination or not. We are bonding over our shared trauma. To those who still live in silent horror, I just want you to know that you’re not alone. I understand how difficult it’s been having no one to turn to…no rational explanations to be comforted by. If you believe that group meetings might help you deal with your PBTSD, I will look into organizing something.

Now that I look at a picture of Alan juxtaposed with a picture of me when I was a kid, I think I understand part of why this disturbed me so much.

Scary Alan

Scary Alan

Here's me before the trauma

Innocent Lil Sage

Love conquers all,
SAGE “also freaked out by Large Marge” FRANCIS


Feb 12

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