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"All great truths begin as blasphemies," proclaimed the fiery playwright George Bernard Shaw. It's a sentiment that can be applied exponentially to the works of rapper Sage Francis and his exhilarating new album Li(f)e. Francis has never been afraid to provoke. As a result he is a sometimes polarizing and increasingly important figure in modern music. Adored by many, reviled by a few but never ignored and always essential, Sage Francis has emerged as the reigning agent provocateur of hip hop. Read more


“Crumble DEMO” – with drums & an additional verse

I’ve decided to share the demo version of my “Crumble” song which was recorded for my “A Healthy Distrust” album back in 2005. People who are familiar with the album version¬†will be surprised to hear the drums (I still think sound strange which is why they were ultimately removed) along with a bonus verse previously unheard before.

“They’ve said it every year, but this time it seems like…the end IS near and I’m in line to see the light.”
Sage Francis – “Crumble” DEMO – includes bonus verse by Strange Famous Records

There are a couple reasons why we removed the second verse on the AHD version. Once I removed the drums and built the “chorus” into more of a crescendo, it just made sense to have “Crumble” blend into the next song rather than revert back to another verse with no drums. Not only that, but I was already writing “Going Back to Rehab” which uses a similar phrasing about my eyes looking like sunsets. So…there you go. And here you are.

Missionary ain't a job. It's a position. So assume it.

In other religious news, no one has been able to figure out the tracklist for the Strange Famous GODCAST but the deadline to win the $500 prize is 5 days away. Let me give you some hints: Most of these songs can be figured out via a google search or apps like Shazam (which I don’t endorse or recommend in any way.) The rest of the material will not bear results using those techniques. One of the songs is a demo I received from someone in Colorado, the other is a demo from someone I received in Missoula, MT. One of the singers is someone I toured with in the past 5 years. I recommend some people team up and try to figure this stuff together.

Lastly, before the Rapture leaves me in charge of taking care of all your pets for the next 50 years, I’d like to give a hearty RIP to Macho Man Randy Savage. I was an avid pro-wrestling fan during his heyday and I will always love him despite the Slim Jim commercials. May he enjoy his reunion with the lovely Miss Elizabeth. OHHhhhh YEAHHhhhhh….It’s clear that he was a better rapper than most of the cats trying to rhyme these days. Certainly better than Debbie Harry.

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