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Rapture averted!

RAPTURE AVERTED! I hope you’ve all thanked Macho Man Randy Savage for jumping off of heaven’s highest turnbuckle and knocking a most vengeful God out of commission. Macho Man took one for the team and I, for one, am grateful.

If I had the foresight, I would have set the GODCAST contest deadline for May 21. Alas, there are 3 days left to submit the answers requested in order to earn yourself $500. Since that mix was first posted, a few people have told me they’ve got it almost figured out, but only ONE person has submitted a tracklist. And…holy crap…he almost got it. He missed the mark on 2 demos and 1 spoken word track. Other than that, he pinpointed songs I was certain people wouldn’t be able to figure out. Which makes me think, there’s a very fair chance that I’ll be dishing out money to someone soon. Whether that happens or not, I’ll be posting the full tracklist along with the reasoning behind holding this contest on May 26th.

The $500 GODCAST by Strange Famous Records



B. Dolan is doing a show with me in Iceland on Sept 3, 2011. It’s been 10 years since I last played Reykjavik! Join the Facebook events page for details on this show along with all other upcoming shows I have.

Beyond the shows I have booked in Colorado, Sweden and Iceland this year, there are a couple other shows currently being booked for 2011. To ensure that you don’t miss any updates you should sign up for the newsletter on the homepage of

Dear Iceland volcanoes, you've met your match.


May 22

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