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“LOST LOVES” by Sage Francis

“Lost Loves” is a song that literally took 20 years to complete. The first half was recording in 1991 and the other half was recorded in 2011. Thanks to my pack-rat ways since an early age, I’m now able to trade bars with my younger self.

Finalizing this song involved salvaging a 20 year old recording from a 2nd generation cassette dub, filling in the blank lines, and twisting what was originally a tale of unrequited love into a bizarre story about a man who thinks it’s appropriate to woo his lady with battle raps.

To top it all off, this is the long-awaited return of my nasty alter-ego, Xaul Zan…so don’t expect anything sweet. “It’s got to do with lots of lovin’ and it ain’t nuthin’ nice.”

The artwork for this digital single is by Pat Jensen.

If you wish to download this song, you can do so by clicking here.

LOST LOVES (lyrics):

I used to think of how lucky I was to be loved.
But I was too afraid to get blood on my glove.
Now I regret my feelings of that time.
‘Cuz in ’68, it wasn’t that bad of a crime.
I’d kick back, just chillin’ with my girl.
I wouldn’t share my nut. I was a selfish squirrel.
My actions were foolish, now that I think about it.
Even though her step-father allowed it.
I’d like to hold her hand then stare into her eyes,
Then boast about myself, then battle her with rhymes.
By that I mean…I wasn’t keen to the fact that,
There was no need…for all the beats in my backpack.
I felt like a winner. I took her out to dinner. Though…
I said, “First, you need to kick a flow.”
She wasn’t that type. I failed to understand.
But this is a pre-requisite when dating Xaul Zan.
I waited and waited. Took all I could stand.
She wouldn’t jam out with her clam out. Like I wasn’t a MAN.
And that’s the breaking point. I turned a push into shove.
That’s where I draw the line and she becomes just another lost love.

Another lost love.
One of many. Many and plenty lost loves.

I took some time out of the love scene,
To work on more raps that were crass and obscene.
It was a love break. It was a heart ache.
It was a masturbation marathon. How much can a cock take?
So…I entered the dance club do’,
Said, “Yo, who the fuck wanna cypher and flow!?”
And I’m BUGGIN’. Went and sat on a chair.
That’s when I noticed that the hoe from the first verse was there.
With the fresh gear. And the beautiful hair.
The big ole rear? “OH YEAH, OH YEAH!”
She turned around and said, “Let’s take a battle stance!”
Ready rock it steady with a def romance.
I was WIT this. You don’t GIT this?
Tears welled up my eyes as she riddled me with disses.
This ain’t a good start for me and my heart. I said “Fuck that!”
Stuck my credit card in her butt crack.
Then she was mine. Not to mention mighty, mighty fine.
She turned heads like a tapedeck. You know the time.
She was fast forward. She had no rewind.
She wouldn’t share her beats while she dubbed all of mine.
I got ganked. I guess that’s what you could call it.
Set fire to the glove tucked away in my wallet.
Man…what was I thinking of?
I draw the line and she becomes…another of my lost loves.

And that’s many. Many and plenty lost loves.
Another lost love.
One of many. Many and plenty lost loves.
Another lost love.
One of many. Many and plenty lost loves.

Feb 14

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