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Sage Francis “Copper Gone” UK/EURO TOUR 2014

Please sign up for the mailing list on our front page to make sure you don’t miss any show or album announcements! —————————————————————————————————— ICELAND + CORK, IRL have just been added! There are 37 European dates in all (dates posted below.) I’m currently in talks with Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa for show bookings. […]

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My “COPPER GONE” album drops June 3rd!

Click HERE for pre-sale options. PRE-ORDER PACKAGES ARE NOW AVAILABLE HERE – – including options with SIGNED CDs, 2xLP COLORED VINYL, Cassettes, T-Shirts, Hoodies, and more! “Copper Gone is a massive emotional outpouring in rap form. The grit, grime, and brutal reality of being an independent hip-hop artist for decades all has been mashed into […]

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We are SO coffee mug official right now

FIRST…I can’t reveal the cover art for “Copper Gone” just yet, but what I can do is show you this selfie that I took this morning while standing on a mountain of scrap metal. Also, I can tell you that I’m listening to the mastered version of the album for the first time ever. I […]

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I’m the Guest Meteorapologist on JUICE RAP NEWS

Sage Francis is the guest meteorapologist on Juice Rap News!

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Official Video for “BLUE”

The official video for Sage Francis’ “BLUE” – inspired by discussions he’s had with war vets making a difficult transition into civilian life

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SICK TO D(EAT)H drops on Dec 12th!

SICK TO D(EAT)H is a 75 minute mixtape that drops on Dec 12th, 2013 exclusively through Strange Famous Records. It will not be available in any other store. MP3, CD, Cassette Tape, Shirt + Hoodie package deals are  AVAILABLE HERE. Before I give a the full breakdown of what’s on this mixtape and why, I’d like […]

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Breaking Badass

While standing at the merch booth at my show in Pasadena, I was griping to my friend Hugo about how I’d be missing the final episode of Breaking Bad due to my long flight home the following day. Moments later a cast member introduced herself to me and asked for pictures. Uhhhhhhh yeah. Cripes almighty. […]

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“Don’t Think” Remix Contest – And the WINNER is…

**UPDATE** What kind of name is Joeypresents and who the hell is this character anyway? Well…whoever he is and wherever he’s from, Mr. Joeypresents is officially the WINNER of the “Don’t Think” remix contest. CONGRATS, Sir Joeypresents! Choosing a winner was not easy for us. There were over 70 remix entries and many of them […]

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