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Thoughts on HBO’s “Brave New Voices”

For a couple of years after I left the national slam scene, I stayed involved with the Brave New Voices festival. And for a year or two, that festival seemed on track to become everything I’d always imagined the “adult” slam could be. The first year I went as one of Providences coaches, and ended […]

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Movie Time with Benjamin II

Well, some folks have approached and messaged me saying they watched and enjoyed the movies I posted up last time, so that’s reason enough for a sequel I think … If you still haven’t seen the first batch, stop being a tool. See those movies. See these movies too. I’m only recommending the best of […]

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Hell yessssss. It’s on baby! My poem has single-handedly turned the tide of public opinion! I’m bringin deadly back (go head b. dolan) From How Can Justin Timberlake Still Objectify Black Women And Get Away With It? Someone please explain why Justin Timberlake continually gets a pass to fetishize and exploit the image of […]

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Evel Knievel’s last interview, given days before he died.

Someone gave this to me the other night in Dallas, and I hadn’t seen it previously.  Thought it was good enough to share here. Evel Never Dies Before anyone ever dreamed of the XGames, Evel Knievel bet his life on every performance By Pat Jordan The greatest daredevil who ever lived is half-lying in an […]

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New B. Dolan Video + Tour Starts Today!

“Here’s a fresh leak from B. Dolan’s DVD project, finally viewable after 2 years of recording, hunting down footage, and editing. This is the Evel Knievel performance that Dolan performed for a year before writing “The Skycycle Blues.” The main performance shown here, at the 2007 Paid Dues Festival, took place a few days after […]

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Movie time with Benjamin

I dunno.. what the fuck do people blog about. Wanna know some movies I like?  Ok here’s some movies I like. “My Best Fiend” by Werner Herzog An all time favorite right here.  Klaus Kinski is not fuck-with able.  Werner Herzog is his only equal.  Together they make sweet sweet german despair-porn.  Have I made […]

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B. Dolan & Jared Paul Tour Dates Announced!

Below is a partial list of performances and workshops “The Direct Democracy Tour” (Jared Paul & B. Dolan) will be presenting across the US this Spring. More dates will be announced in the coming weeks. If you have any University contacts, or solid promoters willing to make an offer, holla! Some dates may still be […]

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Funny story… breaking news

So, here’s a weird bit of scandalous information I’ve been hanging onto for a few months… It involves one of my tourmates, a sadomasochistic fetish community, and a prominent conservative politician you may know.  Titillated?  READ ON. Earlier this year, after playing an afternoon show in Chicago,  the tour i was on found itself in […]

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