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The Good Cowboy

As I write this it’s 4 a.m. in Louisiana, and we’ve just checked into a roadside hotel after our show in Houston.  Tomorrow is a drive day, during which we’ve got 16 hours to go, en route to begin the final leg of the L(i)fe on the Road tour in Orlando.   The show’s have been […]

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Europe pt.2: Dole vs. The Volcano

Hello mutha, I’m writing this letter home from underneath a cloud of poison ash.  The kids here at camp seem friendly enough though, and the second leg of my European tour has come to an end.  Please send cheeseburgers and milkshakes, as it seems I’ll be living here from now on. Read on for some […]

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First Leg of the “Weight of the World Tour” is Over.

Here we are in Brighton, UK. Where it is raining buckets, everyone is nice, lots of people are gay, and the record shops are lovely. I’m playing the last show of this leg tonight at the Concorde2. Across the street is the English Channel. By now I have lost all sense of orientation in the […]

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Evel Knievel Defeats Nihilism in Seattle

Yes sir.  It’s heckler jumping time again. And, oddly enough, we once again found ourselves in Seattle doing it. This review comes to us courtesy of ‘Desert Penguin’ from the Strange Famous Forum. Only 2 dates left on the ‘Orchestra of Strange Tour’!  Sleep, B.Dolan and Cecil Otter in Boise, ID tomorrow and Reno, NV […]

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“Elvis is motherfuckin…Mufasa.”

I was recently sent a poem I’ve been looking for since hearing it years ago and wanted to pass it along. Its author, Jack McCarthy, is one of a handful of performance poets I’d recommend people check out. There’s a lot I could say about Jack, but suffice it to say that he’s the reason […]

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Interview/Tribute I did with Bruce Springsteen

Little interview/piece I did for their blog. If you don’t know, Twist & Shout is a dope record store in Denver. Check em out if you’re in the mountains. “You know, this Michael Jackson thing got us to thinking. Why don’t we ever pay tribute to our heroes when they are alive? I mean, why […]

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How to Handle Drunk Hecklers When You’re Fat and Wearing An Evel Knievel Suit Onstage: A Pictorial

I know a lot of people have been having problems with this, so I thought I’d present this pictorial to help demonstrate a method I’ve found useful. Step 1. Ask for a Volunteer from the Drunk Heckler Section. Step 2. Drunk Heckler now thinks he is at a magic show.  He is also now conscious […]

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Movie Time with Benjamin III: The Reckoning

Oh. Snap.  It’s that time again, kids!  Grease up your Netflix queue, Benjamin’s about to take his shirt off. 1. Twin Peaks: Season 1 Too obvious a suggestion?  Ehhh I dunno.  But I like to make sure we’ve got the basics covered.  If you haven’t seen the Twin Peaks series, you haven’t seen one of […]

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