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B. DOLAN Tours the UK, IRL, EU this September!

The tickets are booked, the merch is shipped, and the set is coming together.  We’ve got incredible surprises lined up for folks on this tour,  including a number of guest appearances and once in a lifetime collaborations along the way.  Dan Le Sac & Buddy Peace are two producers I’ve been working intensely with in […]

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The Matthew Rucker Incident

Briefly Revisiting the World of “Poetry Slam International” To Set An Old Record Straight WARNING: There’s a strong chance this blog will be of no interest to 90% of you, as it involves a scene you likely aren’t a part of and have minimal interest in. I’m posting this here, however, because I feel a […]

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Church Bulletin #3: Get to Know Ms. Nicholle Pride

When I’m not on tour or trying to promote something,  I make it a practice to never leave my house.  There’s people out there, y’know. Which is why it’s a testament to my good friend Madge of Honor (a performer you should know in her own right) that she somehow got me out of the […]

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Church Bulletin: Get to Know Vockah Redu & The Cru

Vockah Redu & The Cru were the last addition to the Church of Love & Ruin Tour, along with DJ BeesKnees.  Daniel of the What Cheer? Brigade brought them to my attention just as the tour was coming together.  During their numerous performance trips to New Orleans, members of the What Cheer? gradually became aware […]

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Church Bulletin: Get to Know Jamie & Sissy DeWolf

When we first met in 2002, Jamie Dewolf was drunk in front of  a theater.  As the doormen consulted each other about what to do, Jamie was making a spectacle of himself and some girl he was with.   A crowd of onlookers gathered, and Jamie proceeded to verbally dismantle his date in grand public […]

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Dream Journal #6

Dreamt I arrived to do a show at a venue I’d never visited before. I was working with this promoter for the first time, and immediately realized that he was some kind of high school drama teacher. But he was also a priest. For religious reasons, but also to fill the void left by his […]

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Apologies to Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand

Unfortunately, tonight’s show in Amsterdam will be the last on this tour for me. I’ll be unable to join Sage Francis on the remainder of his tour dates this fall, and will be flying home tomorrow to be with my family. In March of this year, right before I embarked on the most continuous touring […]

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Dissatisfied Customer vol. 1

To whom it may concern; I am writing in regard to an air conditioner produced by your company, the Goldstar M8003R. Sometime last summer the people across the street gave us this air conditioner, which had previously been sitting in their garage.  We were talking in their driveway and I mentioned the heat, and that […]

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