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The Strange Famous record label is owned and run by its founder, Sage Francis. SFR is independently financed which means we are not indebted to anyone except for the fans who have supported us through the years. Integrity is a key element to our success so we expect to be held to high standards and ethical practices.

SFR began in 1996 when Sage Francis decided to stop waiting around for a label to “discover him.” He took matters into his own hands and began bootlegging his own recordings. It started with blank cassette tapes and the “high speed dub” function of one overworked tapedeck. Then came CDR burning technology (about 1 CD every 10 minutes.) Thousands of tapes and CDRs later, enough product was sold to invest in professional printing and label expansion.

Since those meager beginnings, Strange Famous Records has expanded in staff and taken on projects from the kind of artists that most labels would write off as too risky or too weird. “Strange” even. We’ve carved our niche and we’re proud to be part of this independent movement. Of course the download revolution has affected business, and the whole industry has been in a tailspin for the past 6 years or so, but we march on and continue to fight the good fight. That’s that. With the continued support of the fans, our roster will grow, our staff will grow, our catalog will grow and our services will grow.

“We’re at the fire. Where the hell are you?”


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Label Manager
Storm Davis (

Art Director
Irena Girlbot (

Web Developer
Danny Brown (

Publicity, Booking and Mail Outs
Benjamin (

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