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FREE ALBUM from Onry Ozzborn “NO HOAX”

SFR is proud to offer this new Onry Ozzborn “No Hoax” album FOR FREE. The track you see here is called “Home Sweet Home” in case you want to sample 1 song before downloading the ENTIRE ALBUM by clicking here.

This free download is in promotion of ONRY’s upcoming album on Fake Four Inc. called “Hold On For Dear Life” (dropping on Jan 25th) which you can pre-order here.
You may know Onry Ozzborn from such musical outfits as Dark Time Sunshine, Grayskul, and Oldominion. To learn more about this artist and his upcoming solo album please click here. Otherwise, enjoy the free download of the “No Hoax” album. Much thanks to Onry & Fake Four for allowing us to host all of this great music!

Dec 27

Sage Francis – And Some Batteries

During the Christmas of 1982 my parents put a tape recorder on the floor, pressed the record button and let it run as I opened gifts. The gifts ranged from an electronic noise machine to an E.T. card game (hey, it’s better than the E.T. Atari game.) Recently, as I was going through my tape collection, I found this recording and discovered that it provided me a zip-line to a time when Christmas was magical and batteries were in high demand. I edited the audio and placed it over some ambient music provided by Ben Kordus.

2010 was brutal for almost everyone I know. There’s been a lot of loss, struggle and change. That’s not to say that 2010 didn’t have its beautiful moments as well. It certain did, and I’m glad to have shared those moments with people I care about. Let’s all plan on having a happy and successful 2011 by taking better care of ourselves while looking out for each other.

All the best,
Uncle Sage

Discussion about this track is happening at

Dec 16

B. Dolan – 50 Ways (Paper Planes Remix) Live In London

While listening to this song, check out the “Weight of the World Tour” Wrap-Up piece B. Dolan wrote for Urb!

This song is a live recording of B. Dolan performing his song “50 Ways to Bleed Your Customer” over M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” instrumental during a show at London’s Scala (September 16, 2010.) This performance was recorded by Dan le sac and is being offered as a free download for a limited time. Many thanks to all the fans around the world who showed support at the shows this year!

“50 Ways to Bleed Your Customer” was originally produced by Alias for B. Dolan’s album FALLEN HOUSE, SUNKEN CITY.You can get it directly from us here as part of our Holiday Sale (CD, double Vinyl LP, or MP3.)

Nov 30

William S Burroughs – Thanksgiving Prayer

One of the few traditions that SFR holds is when we feature this poem by William Burroughs on the front page of our site every Thanksgiving. Of course Thanksgiving is a great time when families get together and give thanks for all that they have. Heck, it’s one of the only times of the year when I get to eat a good home-cooked meal, and for that I am very thankful. However, as many of you know, Thanksgiving is also a time when a lot of Americans puff out their chest with pride while taking part in a tradition that they barely understand. For the record (and for your drunk Uncle Steve,) European settlers “discovered” America and then decimated an entire population of people who once shared a rich and beautiful culture. It is believed that there are no full-blooded Native Americans left. How’s that for “giving thanks” when these are the folks who taught the settlers how to survive through the harsh New England winter? Righto!

A couple weeks ago my Grandmother and I attended a celebration of the fall harvest which was led by Native Americans from our local Pokanoket Wampanoag community. They told their own version of (what the main speaker kept referring to as) HIS-story. Most of what was said isn’t anything I hadn’t heard before, but one factoid she dropped that stunned me is how their language is dead. No one knows how to speak any of the Native American languages anymore. Sure, they remember some words, but not enough to hold a conversation. Marinate on that while you and your loved ones converse over your turkey dinner.

It’s nice to have people like William Burroughs who use their art to remind us of the atrocities our country was built upon. There is much that still needs fixing and I think it’s good to use this holiday as a way to remember that. 2010 has been an emotionally turbulent year for myself and many of the people I care for, but the dust is beginning to settle and for that I am thankful. Enjoy the company of your loved ones this holiday and may your “Thanksgiving Prayer” be one that speaks a little bit of truth.

Best wishes,
Sage Francis

Nov 24

2MEX – Back

2MEX – Back

Legendary Los Angeles underground hip hop veteran 2MEX has broken his silence, returning from hiatus with the ultimate 2Mex album: My Fanbase Will Destroy You. “Back” is the second single from the album, produced by 2Mex’s longtime collaborator and Returners producer Deeskee.  The new CD is available now here and the digital download of the album can be found here.

Oct 22

2MEX – Dead Hand Control

Legendary Los Angeles underground hip hop veteran 2MEX has broken his silence, returning from hiatus with the ultimate 2Mex album: My Fanbase Will Destroy You. “Dead Hand Control” is the first single from the album, produced by 2Mex’s Look Daggers band mate Ikey Owens (of The Mars Volta) and Deeskee. Vocalist Maney Wilson is featured on the hook. An exclusive pre-order of the new CD is available now here!

Sep 28

2MEX – Factor’s 2Mex Megamix

The official Strange Famous debut album from 2Mex is close… very close. But before we give you the future, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to school you on the past.

SFR homie (and supa-deejay-producer) Factor has put together a 17-minute megamix with tracks spanning 2Mex’s vast catalog to get you up to speed on the life of this Los Angeles legend on the eve of his new record.

Here’s the tracklist and the original release the songs appeared on:

1. Love Fights Back (Songodsuns 12″)
2. Falcon Gentle (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
3. Greener Grass ($martyr)
4. Paranoia Sheik (Mindclouders)
5. Doctors, Drums and Danger (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
6. Offering (Dj Nobaby – Soulmates)
7. Audible Angels (Visionaries – Galleries)
8. Baby I Aint’t Joking (2mex)
9. The Return Of Fernandomania (B-Boys In Occupied Mexico)
10. Minors Into Fire (Over The Counter Culture)
11. Mental Illness (Factor – Lawson Graham)

2Mex’s SFR debut My Fanbase Will Destroy You is coming sooner than you think.

Sep 16

Sage Francis – Makeshift Patriot

Makeshift Patriot was written and recorded by Sage Francis one month after the 9/11 attacks. It was offered as a free download before appearing on multiple compilations and ultimately finding its home on the “Known Unsoldier…Sick of Waging War” CD. This song is a response to how irresponsibly the media treated the events of 9/11. Many of the lyrics are actual news reporter quotes. The audio of the crowd cheering was a field recording Sage took at ground zero 5 days after the attack. The goal of this song was to open up a discussion about things most people were thinking to themselves but too afraid to talk about with others. We operated under an umbrella of fear and xenophobia. 9 years later, a couple wars later, a few civil liberties stripped from us later, it seems like there’s still much to be done in the way of communication, understanding and acceptance. “Don’t waive your rights with your flags.”

Sep 10

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