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“DEATH OF THE BOOMBOX” – Prolyphic & Buddy Peace feat. Sage Francis & Metermaids

“Death of the Boombox” is an upbeat, throwback posse-cut featuring verses from SAGE FRANCIS and METERMAIDS. This is the latest single from the “Working Man” album by PROLYPHIC & BUDDY PEACE, available now here:

While a majority of the Working Man LP addresses the bleaker issues of working class society, Death of the Boombox provides a playful detour, acting as an old-school throw down over the kind of boombap production that intends on blowing out cheap subwoofers. This isn’t a rehashing of the played out “hip-hop is dead” argument, nor is it a eulogy for the revered portable stereos of the past. It is an energetic return to a lost moment in time when sharing music with friends didn’t involve an internet connection. Songs were simply blasted throughout the neighborhood from two speakers perched on top of a b-boy’s shoulder. “Dig…put your back into it.”

Special thanks to Pat Jensen for the boombox funeral artwork.

May 21

SAGE FRANCIS – Zero Demo // produced by BUCK 65 // FREE DOWNLOAD!

ZERO DEMO is a previously unheard version of “I Was Zero” off of Sage Francis’ LI(F)E album ( As you’ll notice, it ended up being completely re-arranged and reworked by the time it was released in 2010. On this version you will hear the original beat that Buck 65 produced for it as well as an additional Sage Francis verse that was stricken from the album version. The artwork for this single was done by Falside, photo by Anthony St. James.

Strange Famous Records is offering this demo as a free download for a limited time as a show of thanks for all the fans and their continued support. THANK YOU!

Li(f)e is available on CD & Vinyl along with more options at

Full song lyrics are available at the SFR Soundcloud here.


Apr 12

B. Dolan – “Leaving New York” BUDDY PEACE Remix

This remix of B. Dolan‘s “Leaving New York” is the 1st peek of an album-length remix project that Buddy Peace did of Dolan’s “Fallen House, Sunken City” LP from 2010. In this song, Buddy lifts the original story of exodus and gives it a sweltering desert backdrop via some obscure psych-rock records. The nasty scratch outro serves as a clear warning: Strange Famous is out for blood this year.

This Spring feels especially notable for London’s Buddy Peace though, as it looks like the shadowy button-pusher and his endless crates are gearing up for an impressive release schedule. Last summer gave us HOUSE OF BEES VOL. 2, a mixtape collaboration with B. DOLAN that was easily among the year’s best, and SFR have just announced the April 30th release of “WORKING MAN”, Peace’s first ever official long player with RI emcee PROLYPHIC.

B. DOLAN hits the road this week, touring midwest US cities in support of “HOUSE OF BEES VOL. 2″ alongside acts like Sage Francis, Toki Wright, Mike Mictlan of Doomtree and Wheelchair Sports Camp. All dates and ticket links available HERE:

Mar 19

Prolyphic & Buddy Peace – “Business As Usual”


“Business As Usual” is the first single from the new Prolyphic & Buddy Peace album “Working Man”, which drops April 30 on Strange Famous Records!

More information about the project, including exclusive SFRstore Pre-Order Packages, can be found here.

Mar 13

B. DOLAN – “Love Will Survive (Extended Live Evel Version)”

As a special Valentine treat, SFR is offering a rare B. Dolan love song as a free “Clip of the Week” on the homepage of

B. Dolan’s “FAILURE” album is available on CD & MP3 at

B. Dolan wrote:

“I don’t have a lot of love songs in the catalogue, but this track is an often overlooked favorite of mine. When I wrote this it was my goal to make a sex rap about a cockroach, worshipping body parts like rappers do.

I recently found a discarded ending I wrote for this that didn’t make the cut, but reveals a bit more about how I was envisioning the whole interaction:

This ancient sister of mine, straddling the line
prodigal oddities returning across time
sort of like what happens when the continents collide
the room as wide as an eternity
i asked her to marry me
i asked her to murder me
i told her i was not worthy to serve at her feet
but please…. nourish me.
teach me how to live.
lift me off the battlefield, have mercy on me.
there is no war to win
becoming your nothing
isn’t that what love is?

and then i heard the flickering of wings
and since then i haven’t heard… anything.”

This version of the track is the extended version heard on the “LIVE EVEL” EP.

Feb 14

STRICTLY SCIENTIFIC (old school hip-hop mix by Aupheus)

FREE DOWNLOAD! Aupheus (UK, Strange Famous Records) provides his signature “doom-bap” touch on this mix of hip-hop songs released from ’85 to ’88. Some of these tracks are classics, others are more obscure, but all were all chosen by Aupheus due to their sparse production style which allowed him to layer additional soundscapes and give them a new, fresh twist. ENJOY!

“Strictly Scientific” track list:
* Stetsasonic ‎– Just Say Stet (1985) (Strictly Scientific Mix)
* Hurby’s Machine Featuring Antoinette ‎– I Got An Attitude (1987) (Frontiers of Science Mix)
* Jewel “T” and L.T.C. ‎– Believe It Or Not (1986) (Visionary Movements Mix)
* D.J. Polo & Kool G. Rap ‎– Rikers Island (1987) (Buzzsaw Chop)
* Joeski Love ‎– Pee-Wee’s Dance (1986) (Pee-Wee in Space Mix)
* L.L. Cool J – THE BREAKTHROUGH (1987) (Section 9 Mix)
* Fat Boys ‎– Are You Ready For Freddy (1988) (Cyberdyne Systems Mix)
* Public Enemy – Raise the Roof (1987) (Lost Details Mix)
* Run-DMC – Perfection (1986) (Quiet Minds Mix)

More music from Aupheus:

Jan 10

“SFR Deathmix” by Theory77

The SFR DEATHMIX by Theory77 is a gift from SFR to you. Thanks for all the support!

This FREE 36 minute mix by UK producer Theory 77 features his remixes of Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Sleep and Metermaids songs. He also lays down a verse of his own amidst a sound collage that is peppered with turntablism, interview samples and more.

Artwork by Phil Cooper.


Nov 19

Big Cats – “One”

“For My Mother” is a beautiful new album by Minneapolis producer, Big Cats. This album is a eulogy of sorts for his mother, Christi, whom he lost to ovarian cancer in 2010.
“She often used music to help her relax & take her mind off of her treatment. When she passed, I knew I wanted to create something in her honor.”
The “For My Mother” album is available on CD + Vinyl (both SIGNED) here: ForMyMotherLP 
Now download this single for free and share it with your friends and family!

Sep 28

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