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US Soldier Tells Me He’s Been Living “The Worst Kind of Lie”

A man in the US Army sent me this photo of his LI(F)E tattoo just as the Iraq War was declared officially over. As this war was predicated on false information, I didn’t have to ask what he meant when he said, “I wanted to send you this because I’ve been living the worst kind of lie.”

Our brothers and sisters fight wars over seas and they’re told that it’s to preserve our freedom, but then they come home to see things like the National Defense Authorization Act have passed, stripping Americans of MORE civil liberties. The madness continues and Li(f)e goes on for now.

Please get home safe, sir.
-Uncle Frank

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Dec 17

Sage Francis plays Madison, MPLS, Chicago – FEB 2012

What better way for the midwest to spend their Valentine’s Day Weekend than with SAGE FRANCIS (accompanied by Kristoff Krane  & Metermaids!)  THESE SHOWS WILL SELL OUT, SO GET YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME!

*CHICAGO UPDATE* Dark Time Sunshine has been added to the bill!

Feb 16Madison, WI – HIGH NOON SALOON – Tickets at:


Feb 18Chicago, IL – BOTTOM LOUNGE- Tickets at:


If you are on Facebook, the events page for this tour is HERE. Please “attend” and share this event with friends. Thank you!

Dec 11

Sage Francis interview with OneThirtyBPM

Here is my interview with One Thirty BPM where they did a spotlight on Strange Famous Records.

Strange Famous Records

For our second issue of Label Spotlight, we caught up with Strange Famous Records front man and lead artist Sage Francis, who founded the indie label in 1996 as a way of self-releasing his own material.

One Thirty BPM: First and foremost, could you briefly describe Strange Famous as a label? How many artists and releases are credited to the label, and how would you define its ‘sounds’?

Sage Francis: When I began pressing my own music I decided to use the name “Strange Famous Records.” Because Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 05

When the Fun Stops

Fun times, fun times. Fun times, fun times, fun tiiiiiiiimes.

This drab pamphlet that they offer at casinos for people who have overextended themselves should also be offered at shopping malls. Heck, why stop there? Put them in schools, churches, banks, etc. There should be an old, crotchety man in a black hooded robe handing these out at the entrance and exit of all hospitals. I’ve been told that this pamphlet looks particularly fitting in my hand. Well, let me tell you something…I’m a survivor. I survived the big fun.

Always remember, never forget: “Slow and steady wins the race, fuckface.”

Dec 04

The Winner of the “Bad Things” Remix Contest is…

“Bad Things” (feat. Sage Francis) is off of the Metermaids album, Rooftop Shake. The redux version features B. Dolan. We held a remix contest for this version which resulted in a flood of amazing material submitted by producers who hail from all parts of the world. After sifting through all the submissions, weighing the pros and cons of each, and agonizing over the tiniest of details, the time has come for us to announce the winner. Before we do that, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated. As per usual, the talent involved in this contest made the winner incredibly difficult to choose. To read how we came to this decision, please read all the notes and explanations below. But without further adieu…

Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 27

“Best of Times” vinyl w/ handwritten lyric sheets


THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. WE SOLD OUT OF IT IN UNDER AN HOUR! I’m really glad that these pieces found nice homes. Thank you! We have another extremely rare item we’re about to announce at soon, so stay tuned.

The BEST OF TIMES 12″ is incredibly rare and totally exclusive to our online store. Each vinyl comes signed by Sage Francis along with one of Sage’s handwritten lyric sheets (the same ones featured in the Best of Times video.) We only have 13 in stock and once these are sold, they are gone forever.

SIDE A: 1) The Best of Times, 2) The Best of Times instrumental*
SIDE B: 1) Love the Lie, 2) Love the Lie instrumental

The music for “The Best of Times” is written by French composer Yann Tiersen. The music for “Love the Lie” is written by Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse.)

*When the LI(F)E album dropped in 2010, two hundred of these 12″ singles were pressed and distributed as a promo item to DJs in the UK. When Sage Francis toured the UK he was given a short stack of these vinyl singles to bring home, at which point he discovered a great error occurred at the manufacturing plant Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 22

My best friend growing up took 12 D batteries

D, muthafucka…D!!!

This was my best friend growing up. As soon as I saved up enough money from my paper route, my mom took me to the store so I could buy it. The dual cassette was its most important asset. I used it to Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 19

I’m an honorary member of Native Tongues. What…you mean I’m not?

I just finished 3 east coast shows; Boston, NYC & RI with the Metermaids and a mix of varying performers in each city.  The NYC show was at the legendary Irving Plaza which was amazing in itself, but what made the night most special to me was the artists who were in attendance. Eternia, the fiercest emcee to ever wear a skirt, was kind enough to open the show for us (joined on stage by DJ Boo and Range.) I hope this goes without saying, but they absolutely killed it. Eternia is a superstar and no one knows it yet. Great writing, delivery, performance, everything.

To my great surprise, Eternia is friends with Jarobi from A Tribe Called Quest. Her manager, Sav, hollered at him on twitter asking if he’d be interesting in coming out to the show. When I noticed that, I off-handedly mentioned that I would perform my rendition of ATCQ’s “Can I Kick It?” as I Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 08

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